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Ganesh Chathurdhi Celebrations -2012 Photos

[nggallery id=68]. On the occassion of VINAYAKA CHATHURDHI – Sanjeevini Peetam   conducted  HANUMAN PICTURE COLOURING COMPETITION for 200 childrens (2 Batches) at V.M.A Hall {A/C}, West mambalam. Samuhika Pathri Pooja (Pathri means Leaves), 21 Varieties of Leaves Pooja , Ganapathi Bhajana, Hanuman Chalisa Parayanam Akanda Harathi, and also parents & childrens  participated in pooja.  Ganesha… Read More »

Laksha Archana from 1-1-2013 to 10-1-2013.

[nggallery id=93]. FROM K. SANKARA NARAYANAN – MYLAPORE CELEBERATION OF HANUMAN JAYANTHI 2013 AT SUBA MANGALA ANJANEYAR TEMPLE –MYLAPORE. Performance of Laksha Archana from 1-1-2013 to 10-1-2013. With the blessings of Lord Suba Mangala Anjaneya, the Laksha Archana was performed from 1-1-2013 to 10-1-2013 (Ten days) starting from 6 PM to 8 PM regularly .… Read More »

Sri Krishna Jayanthi & Mathaji Birthday celebrations 10-8-2012

Santhi pooja for the past years. Mathaji on her completion of 54 years on 10.8.2012, will distribute sarees to 54 ladies. Saree distribution at 10a.m at Sanjeevini Peetam,  BHAGAVATH GEETHA  Parayana , Rama bhajans, Hanuman Chalisa parayanam and discussions on spiritual topics with devotees will take place. Prasadam distributed. [nggallery id=64].

Guru Pournami (Guru Poornima ) – Maharshi Veda Vyasa Jayanthi 12-7-2014 (Guru Pooja Photos)

Telugu                                         English  [nggallery id=163]. ************************************************ Guru Pournami (Guru Poornima ) – Maharshi Veda Vyasa Jayanthi 21-7-2013 (Guru Pooja Photos) [nggallery id=110]. Guru Pournima  celebrated at sanjeevini peetam on 21-7-2013 Sunday, 6 to 8pm. Special Pooja For Maharshi Veda… Read More »

Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swami (Avathara ) Jayanthi Celebrations Mathaji @ Devotee Bala Chander House, 2-5-2015

15 of 7,866     ఓం శ్రీలక్ష్మీనారసింహాయనమః ఓం శ్రీలక్ష్మీపతే కమలనాథ సురేష విష్ణో యజ్ఞేష యజ్ఞ మధుసూదన విశ్వరూప బ్రహ్మణ్య కేశవ జనార్ధన వాసుదేవ లక్ష్మీనృసింహ మమ దేహి కరావలంబమ్.. [nggallery id=224] ***************************************** SRI LAKSHMI NARASIMHA SWAMY Avathara (Swathi) NAKSHATHRA pooja 10-3-2015 held at sanjeevini peetam. 108 Cashewnuts Ashtothra Pooja, Tuesday Pooja – Chalisa Harathi [nggallery id=213]   ***************************************** SRI LAKSHMI NARASIMHA SWAMY Avathara (Swathi)… Read More »

Sita Navami 15-5-2016 — Mata Sita Jayanthi 30-04-2012

The character of Mata Sita is like a guide for all ladies. It is observed on Vaishakha Shukla Navami . In the year 2012, it will be observed in 30 th April . Married women observe this fast for the peace and happiness of their marital life. Every women wish to live life on the… Read More »

Sri Vasavi Matha’s Jayanthi Celebrations 1-5-2012

    [nggallery id=52]         Vasavi’s life is worth remembering, because of her faith in non-violence religious values and her defense of status of women. She becomes immortal as she has been mainly responsible for the propagation of reputation of Vysyas throughout the world. Vasavi who had rejected worldly pleasures won the minds of   Vysyas and the… Read More »

Akshaya Thrithiya Celebrations 2-5-2014,

Akshaya Thrithiya Subhakankshalu 28-4-2017…… In my perspective, Akshaya Trithiya means “It’s not buying or getting something but donating others what we have”-Hanuman Mathaji   _____________________________________________________________   [nggallery id=157] HARIHI OM, On this day of Akshaya Thrithiya , dated 2-05-2014, one of the great auspicious days, Sri Vishnu Ashtotram Pooja was performed to the Lord Krishna… Read More »

Hanumath Mandala Deeksha 25-04-2013, 30-9-2014,22-4-2016.

2017 Hanuman Deeksha Praramba date 11-4-2017 @ Peetam Hanumath Mandala Deeksha  22-4-2016 [nggallery id=315]. _________________________________________________ Hanumath Mandala Deeksha 30-9-2014 Lord Hanuman’s Janma Nakshathra pooja was excellent with Viboothi, Abhishekam, Pushpa Archana, Akroot Astothram and Alankaram fantastic. Two Devotees Kandaswamy and Swadesh came from Mumbai to take Hanuman Deeksha from our beloved Mathaji. They expressed their… Read More »

SREE RAMA NAVAMI —– Celebrations 2012, 2013 , 2014 & 2016

“నన్ను నేను”, “నిన్ను నీవు ” తెలిసికోవడమే ఆధ్యాత్మికం. మా ధ్యేయం : ఆధ్యాత్మిక అవగాహన – హనుమాన్ మాతాజీ. Our Motto:Spiritual Awareness & Hanuman Consciousness–Hanuman Mathaji Sri Rama Navami  15-4-2016 [nggallery id=313]  & Sri Sita Navami  15-5-2016   The character of Mata Sita is like a guide for all ladies. It is observed on Vaishakha Shukla Navami . In… Read More »