Hanumath Mandala Deeksha 25-04-2013, 30-9-2014,22-4-2016.

2017 Hanuman Deeksha Praramba date 11-4-2017 @ Peetam

Hanumath Mandala Deeksha  22-4-2016



Hanumath Mandala Deeksha 30-9-2014

Lord Hanuman’s Janma Nakshathra pooja was excellent with Viboothi, Abhishekam, Pushpa Archana, Akroot Astothram and Alankaram fantastic. Two Devotees Kandaswamy and Swadesh came from Mumbai to take Hanuman Deeksha from our beloved Mathaji. They expressed their view that they have seen so many places,after seeing our Website only their mind accepted to take Hanuman Deeksha for five days.

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Hanumath  Deeksha  Ceremony  At  Sanjeevini peetam  25-04-2013 (Chaithra Suddha Poornima).
Mathaji giving Hanuman Deeksha to the devotees.


Hanumath Mandala Deeksha 6-04-2012

Hanumath  Mandala  Deeksha  Ceremony  At  Sanjeevini peetam  6-04-2012 (Chaithra Suddha Poornima).  Mathaji giving Hanuman Deeksha to the devotees.

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Deeksha kankanam, Deeksha mala, Deeksha vastram, Deeksha mantram, Deeksha Aasheervadam.  All these 5 will be given to Devotees taking Deeksha. After mandala deeksha (40 days), on Hanuman Jayanthi 15-5-2012 Tuesday Pushpa Yagam will be conducted at Sanjeevini Peetam and special pooja for Deeksha persons will be performed and important items liked by Swami– coconut, bananas, cow ghee, sindooram, harathi karpooram, Thulasi dhalam– all these items will be tied in a Orange cloth ( kashaya vastram) into an Irumudi and placed on the head. All of us together will leave for Tirumala, have darshan of Lord Govinda and then go to Hanuman’s birth place Jabali Hanumath Kshetram and conclude our Deeksha.

Hanuman Deeksha-Mathaji Talk : Telugu | Tamil | English




Hanuman Deeksha viramana at Japaali (Tirumala)


Jai  Sree Ram

Jai Bhaja ranga bali

Jai Rama Lakshmana Janaki Jai Bolo Hanumanki.

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