Chiluka Danchuta ( Churn’ n Pound ) 31 st year Ksheerabdi dwadasi Celebrations, Tulasi Damodara Kalyanam, 23-11-2015.

By | November 26, 2015

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Ksheerabdhi Dwadasi  2014 – Churn ‘n Pound
On a particular context during the war between Devathas  and  Danavas, it happenend that they ought to churn the ocean of milk with  Adisesha as a churner.We are much aware of the happenings during that event.  Based on the above incident, we have to pound the mixture of sacred cow milk  and jaggery with the help of sugarcane on that auspicious day. While churning,
droplets of the mixture will spill out.  We have to bow ourselves to make the droplets to spill on our head. It is definite that such droplets that shower on our head, lead us to acquire heavenly birth and  prosperous life.
“Words From Sasthras”  known as Churn ‘n pound.
Since our ancestors are following such traditional and cultural events, our Hindu culture is still  progressive. One need not worry that there is an exhaustion in our Hindu religion. If one practices Bhagvad Gita, there will be spontaneous  transformation in religion and nation when our traditions are followed according to the present Yuga or Time.
“Religion means Sathvik Guna”. All our tradition and culture are very much
fascinated to  foreigners who follow and attain eternal  happiness.
Salutations to the followers of our Hindu traditional culture.
Yours Hanuman Mathaji…

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