Maha Sivarathri Celebrations & 68th Prathishta 24-2-2017 @ Kanchi




Sanjeevini Peetam – SIVARATHRI CELEBRATIONS 2017….
On the eve of celebration of Sivarathri on 24th February 2017, Mathaji arranged a trip to
Jalagandeswar temple on a hill at Mamandur near Anjanamma Land, Dhoosi. We had the
opportunity to join Mathaji.
The temple including the cave temple was constructed about 1500 years before by Narasimha
Pallava King. A Nayakar family has taken further efforts around 250 years before in making facilities
for devotees to have the Darshan of Kalabhairavar and Jalagandeswar. Everyone was given the
chance to do abishekam to Lord Shiva here. Shri Jayaram Nayakar, aged about 75 years and the
present third generation member of the nayakar family has taken initiatives in building the temple
arch from the main road, performance of special Pooja on many occasions like Amavasya, Pournima,
Pradhosham etc. This temple is also famous for GIRI VALAYAM at the foothill for a 3 km distance.
Keeping the 68th Hanuman Chalisa Prathista stones under a tree shade in the hill top, Mathaji held
a bhajan in the presence of many villagers, who have admired the engrossed spiritual empathy of
After our Prayers here, Mathaji took us to the Anjanamma Land. It is amazing that the construction
work of the Bhagavath Geetha Prayer Hall for about 1500 Sq. ft and the Pedestal of Chthurbuja Vaikunta
Hanuman temple is in excellent progress. She has taken all of us with our civil consultant Mr. V.P.
Janakiram into confidence related to the construction work in the presence of the builder. Mathaji
spent a couple of hours in deep discussion with us on various aspects of Anjanamma land including
the ways and means to meet with the deficit in funds.
Around 5.30 pm., Mathaji took us to Yeri katha Anjaneyar zone for Abhisekam, Alankaram and
bajan with a pleasant look of the Sunset with its reflection on the glittering surface of the lake.
We reached home around 10pm with pleasant memories.
Our PRANAM to Mathaji for all including hospitality.
Prof P. Venkatesan – 94441 03752

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