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By | August 15, 2011
I feel extremely happy in thanking all the devotees who write about their true, original and wholehearted experiences during their visit to Sanjeevini Peetam , in the column “Devotee talks”.
       These are 100% true words, which one can experience as they start surrendering to Lord Hanuman, without any lies and  exaggeration . It is so encouraging for us to read all your various versions , how you  all are  trying hard to follow my guidance and slowly  trying to get  closer to Hanuman.      Surrender to him completely, utilise the one and only tool ”Hanuman Chalisa” and without your knowledge, you can see your feed back in ”Devotee talks”.   I too would like to thank Lord Hanuman, for making me  his true devotee, helping me out of my difficulties, making me set up this Peetam and bringing it up in a very successful way.
       With Lord Hanuman’s blessings to all of you.   Your’s MATHAJI


I will always cherish that moment when I’d first met Mathaji. It was more than 12 years back, when I sat in front of her, feeling completely worthless and unfit to live. I was so deep in sorrow. But Her counseling was so comforting, that very soon I felt that life was after all worth living. Compared to the challenges what Mathaj had faced, mine was nothing! She then imparted to me a ‘POKISHAM’ called ‘Hanuman Chalisa’. After I started chanting it 11 times everyday, my family soon became united. Slowly but steadily, sorrow was replaced by joy and laughter! I regularly attended all the Poojas conducted by Sanjeevini Peetam. Mathaji always explained every detail of the Poojas, why and how it is conducted. During one such pooja, She shared Her ‘treasure’ with the devotees. It was ‘The MOST POWERFUL MALAMANTRAM’. By chanting it 5 times everyday, Id experienced many miracles. But in spite of all this, I was very immature at that time. Rather than placing my trust on Lord Hanuman, I depended only on Mathaji for everything. Every time I faced a challenge, I would get disappointed immediately and call up Mathaji, expecting Her to solve it for me! 
But Sanjeevini Peetam’s discourses on Lord Hanuman enlightened me in many ways. Mathaji always says, 
“If you have to please Hanuman, you have to BECOME Hanuman!!”
It was then I started identifying and rectifying my flaws. I also realised that it was I who has to face my Karmas. Mathaji can only guide me 
After this realisation, I felt ashamed of myself for disturbing Mathaji unnecessarily.
I stopped whining about my problems to Her and surrendered to Lord Hanuman. I approached my obstacles with more clarity and patience! 
I also learnt to ‘light a candle than to curse the darkness !’ 
I was able to identify miracles.
Miracles never came gift wrapped to me! 
At first, they always appeared like disasters!
To quote one example was when my son, a general proficiency student, just scrapped through his 12th board exams. When my family members asked me, ” You did Homams, parayanams and fasted for so many days. What’s the use? Now who will give him an Engineering seat?”
I waited…
Then the miracle happened! 
Among his friends who scored very well, my son was the first one to get an Engineering seat without any hassels!
And that too inside the city itself!
I did not ask Hanuman to grant what I wanted for my son.
I simply accepted what He gave.
When we entered our house compound after my son’s admission…
there He was, a monkey out of the blues, sitting in our garden! It looked at us, then plucked a sapota fruit from our garden, ate it and went away.
Today, my son enjoys college life to the fullest! No stress and no outside food.
Last but not the least, now my family believe that Hanuman definitely has answered my prayers! 
I can quote many miracles like this.
I try my best to follow all what Mathaji has preached. Now, to me,
My home is ‘My Sanjeevini Peetam.’
Hanuman Chalisa is ‘My THAAYATHU’ 
And Hanuman Malamanthram is ‘My DIVINE YANTHRAM’
And I have placed Mathaji in my Heart! Whenever I want to be blessed, I just imagine Her Lotus Feet and bow down. 
Equipped with all these, I am a more confident person now. Today, I lead a successful life, a house for myself, a respectable profession and enough money for my needs. 
Hanuman keeps me so busy that time is the biggest challenge now. 
But I will never give it as an excuse and compromise my services to the Lord! 
Now I too perform Tuesday Poojas, chant all the mantras which Mathaji has shared on whatsapp and facebook.
…. because I believe in Miracles!
If I were to give excuses for time and doing service to God, then I would only stay where I’d started!!
Jai Jai Bajarangabali!!


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  1. Sudhakar Nagavarapu

    Harihi Om Mathaji,

    Good to conduct on the birthday occasion to children’s
    motivating towards devotional service.

    Harihi Om,

    Sudhakar Nagavarapu

  2. RukmaniSathyanarayana

    We had wonderful competition day held on 28/07/2013 as per plan without any hiccups. Thanks to the Mathaji, Venugopal and others who planned ahead to conduct the event smoothly. Also we should thanks to the committee members,participants and parents who did wonderful support for whole day. At the end of the session the inputs from Mathaji ‘s Gyan unforgettable in life (3- Rama, Krishan and Govinda).


  3. Shanthi Nithyaraman

    Hariom Mathaji,

    Hanuman Jayanthi celebrations was excellent, Lord Hanuman alankaram was excellent through out the day , when I entered Sanjeevini Peetam I was very tired because only before that day I completed Chemotherapy 1st cycle and I was thinking whether I can able to sit and chant Hanuman Chalisa.
    After entering peetam, Mathaji told she kept 108 Coconuts after completing each time 1 cocunut will be offered to Lord Hanuman, I was having a great fear, whether I can able to chant or not, everybody started chanting Hanuman Chalisa with Mathaji’s guidance, I don’t how to express I felt a great vibration I don’t even feel tired. Mathaji gave the opportunity for every individual to say Hanuman Chalisa and it was dedicated to every individual, I was in fear that whether I can able to chant Hanuman Chalisa loudly or not because of my health condition, suddenly while chanting 11th time Mathaji asked me to start by showing her eyes, I don’t know how I started chanting and how I completed its all the great powers of Lord Hanuman, through out the day my energy was excellent and I said Hanuman chalisa loudly, even today I am thinking how I was sitting through out the day without having any food with full energy it is all Miracle of LORD HANUMAN.
    I want to convey everyone that MATHAJI’s Sayings that if you surrender fully you will know the vibrations of Lord Hanuman, that day I felt the Vibration and feel proud that I attended the POOJA at Sanjeevini Peetam – I once again thank you Mathaji not only for me but for each and every one who attended pooja you gave not only the opportunity for every individual but also the fully energy and blessings of Lord Hanuman .
    I once thank you and your family members for the great service towards society without any expectations , I will also pray to Lord Hanuman that your family Members should always stay healthy, wealthy with prosperity to serve more.

    Hariom- Thanks to Lord Hanuman

  4. Prasad & Vatsala Kateelkar

    Hanuman was looking gorgeous on Hanuman Jayanthi at Sanjeevini Peetam on 2nd June 2013. HE was adorned with glittering crown and silver ornaments from head to toe. We felt like admiring him the whole day. Hanuman was decorated with colourful flowers, and Saffron Dwajas. Mathaji’s dedication, thoughtful planning with the help of Venuji’s team has done a wonderful decoration of Hanumanji . We can go on praising Hanuman’s appearance entire day. Mathaji family’s dedication towards Hanumanji is a lesson to all of us. I feel I learn and follow some advices of Mathaji and there is still a long way to reach Mathaji’s expectations.

    Devotion and Dedication of devotees can only be seen at Sanjeevini Peetam. Surprisingly all of us were sitting 7 ½ hours continuously chanting 108 Hanuman Chalisa without a break. Mathaji’s advises in-between were giving us energy and strength and we never felt tired. When Mathaji said we have crossed 100 times and only 8 more are left , we felt we want to continue more.

    Our family life improved a lot after coming to Sanjeevini Peetam. I put my burden on Hanuman and look at Hanuman’s eyes that say “WHY FEAR WHEN I AM HERE”.

  5. Sarala Mahalaxmi

    Hari Om,
    My joy knew no bounds when I read on this website that we are going to chant Hanuman Chalisa 108 times. Finally, when I sat before the Lord, I couldn’t believe myself I was actually there! I was so excited and eager to start.

    Before starting, when Mathaji announced that we can always drink water if thirsty, eat a little prasaadam if hungry, or even drink electral if giddy, I became tensed and anxious. I looked around and noticed that all had come well prepared with their waterbottles full and placed right before them. So, I rushed my husband to buy me a bottle of water. I realised we were gearing up to climb a steep mountain without knowing what we are going to see once we reach the top. I thought to myself,
    Will I be able to do it?
    Will water do or should I need to prepare myself with electral?
    But I was determined and eager to start. By the 2nd time of chanting I felt cramps in my leg. ( Oh my God! Now what? I thought to myself ) I steered my mind away from my cramps and focussed only on The Lord. By the 5th time or so, the cramps reduced and after that there was no sign of it!

    We went on and on chanting joyously and whole-heartedly, our energy levels only building up each time. I had no clue as to how many times we had finished chanting I looked up at the people seated befoer me. There were both young and old… deeply absorbed in their chanting As I glanced at their water bottles placed before them, I suddenly felt a strong vibration in me! The bottles remained FULL as they had brought it!
    We kept chanting and chanting. Suddenly it thundered and rain poured!
    It was then I felt Lord Hanuman!
    When we had finished chanting 108 times, without the slightest discomfort, distraction, hunger, thirst or throatpain WE ALL FELT LORD HANUMAN!

    Yes. We had at last climbed to the top of the steep mountain. And what we saw was BLISS! It was Heaven! Now we were more energetic and vibrant than before!
    For a person like me who couldn’t withstand even 2hours of course work without getting tired or hungry, I couldn’t believe myself that I had chanted 108 times Hanuman Chalisa continuously!!
    Today morning, when my son – who, for some strange reason has been suffering from sleeplessness all these weeks, got up and told ” Ma, guess what? I have never slept like this before! I wish that I could sleep like this everyday!!”..
    Once again I felt The Lord!
    To feel what we felt, one has to experience it to believe it! Needless to say, all the credit goes to Mathaji and Her family.
    I once again thank Mathaji for giving us all this wonderful opportunity. She and Her family members have tirelessly worked day and night for our sake and without any expectations, so that we may experience what we had experienced!

    ThanhYou Mathaji!
    ThankYou Lord Hanuman!!

  6. kamala

    It is a great experience to chant 108 times chalisa by sitting in ekasana position.At first I thought it is impossible to sit in one position and chant the chalisa
    so many times during this hot sun. But I rememeber you predicted that the day will
    be cool, should be cool, must be cool. The same thing has happened Amma. I believe that Lord is in you but no where else. Your VAKKU has come true and made the
    entire auspicious event a great memorable and vibrative. YOU ‘R’ GREAT AMMA.
    The Alankaram done was very attractive. While chanting chalisa I was totally in different world by visualising the entire picture of Hanuman Chalisa in my mind. Sathakoti pranams to the great writer Sant Tulasidas. He has given this boon to us to reach the almighty in a simple way through chanting this chalisa. Mathaji and our vibrative sanjeevinipeetam is leading us to the path to know the truth of life and reach the ultimate eternal goal. YOU ‘R’ SIMPLY SUPERB MATHAJI.

  7. Prasad & Vatsala Kateelkar

    Rama Navami Celebration at Sanjeevini Peetam was excellent. Hanumanji’s decoration by Mathaji was superb. Mathaji’s advise to all devotees to chant RAMA NAMA makes you fortunate to gain self-experience and Blessings of Hanumanji. The simple and valuable advise is “Whenever you get time to write Rama Nama, with finger on your hand or body. It is not necessary that you need a paper and pen always to write. Anytime, anywhere when you get time, just write Rama Nama with finger on your palm, hand or body;
    Definitely our sins get washed away and accumulate God’s Blessings for a blissful life.
    Golden words by Mathaji :
    Practice What Rama followed in his Life
    Practice What Krishna Said in BHAGWAT GITA

    HARI HI OM!!

  8. Shanthi Nithyaraman


    Yesterday’s Sri Rama Navami Pooja was excellent, especially Elakka MALAI with beads is fantastic.

    Mathaji Explains on various procedure about Rama Namam, Rama Rajyam, Ramdas history, Ramayana and we chanted Rama Raksha Stotram & Bhajans fully session went around 2and half hours, I would like to share few points discussed on SRI RAMA NAVAMI;

    Sri Ramaraksha Stotram (also known as Rama Raksha Maha Mantra) is one of the most powerful Mantras, Literal meaning of Ram Raksha means ‘Protection given by Lord Rama (to us)’. One who sincerely recites it and understands its meaning, he receives faith that Lord Rama protects his mind & prepares it to know the Ultimate Truth, which gives immense Divine Protection to the recite as well as hearer. Sri Rama Raksha Stotra was composed by the Saint Budha Kowshika (Rishi). By chanting the Sri Rama Raksha Stotra, we are humbly requesting Lord Sri Rama to protect us from all kinds of troubles and calamities that are to befall on us and also bless us with health, wealth, prosperity and success. It is also believed that by chanting this great Stotram, we will be able to help ourselves to get rid of all the problems. Devotees please start chanting Sri Ramaraksha Stotram daily, this Stotram is readily available at website both readable version and audio –

    Mathaji explained about the effect of Chanting Rama Namam- Chanting Rama Namam is equal to chanting Shasranamam of Sri Maha Vishnu, this is an accepted doctrin. It is highly effective and people should chant this Namam “ SRI RAMA” no of times as you wish the more you chant the more good things will happen. Only those who do it knows its golden effects which Mathaji attained. There is nothing parallel or equal to it, please do and start doing daily at your convenient time and place no time/ place are restricted and see the amazing effect in your life.
    Ram Nam has great powers which one can’t even think of. It is believed that chanting this name will accolade you with success. People who believe in Sri Ram should chant his name whenever they get time and they will, within no time, find peace and happiness within themselves.
    The preference given to Ramanama is that it relates to an ideal man (Uttamapurusha), whom it is easy to approach and appreciate; it helps advance the purificatory process; it effects release from the snares of tempting allurements; it lifts the devotees to the stage of realization; it lends them support to dwell in bliss

    She also explained about RAMADAS
    Ramadas (Gopanna) popularly known as Bhadradri Ramadasu or Bhadrachala Ramadasu Ramadasu was appointed as the Tahsildar (revenue collector) in the court of Qutub Shahi Sultan Abul Hassan Tana Shah. He discharged his official duties earnestly and collected revenues due to the Sultan. Ramadas finished the reconstruction of the temple SRI RAMA TEMPLE in Bhadrachala with six hundred thousand rupees collected from land revenues – without the permission of the Abul Hasan Qutb Shah. He was dismissed from his job for misusing the Sultan Abul Hasan Qutb Shah’s revenues and was imprisoned, during that time he made lot of Keertana’s. After 11–12 years of imprisonment, Lord Rama decided that his devotee’s suffering had reached its pre-ordained ending. Lord Rama and Lakshmana, disguised as two young warriors, entered the bed-chambers of the Sultan Tana Shah in the middle of the night. They presented themselves as Ramanna and Lakshmanna and gave the king six lakh gold coins imprinted with Rama’s own seal in return for the spent six lakh silver coins. The Sultan was bewildered at the presence of these charming but strange youngsters in his inner quarters at late night irrespective of tight security. They demanded and obtained on the spot, a written receipt for the money. The receipt was shown to the jailer who released Gopanna the same night. The next day, both Gopanna and the Sultan realized what had happened. Gopanna did not care much for his release but was inconsolable at his not having seen his Lord even with all his devotion while the Sultan was visited by the Lord. The Lord then appeared to Gopanna in a dream and explained him the real reasons for his actions and promised him salvation at the end of his natural life. The king was convinced that what had happened was a miracle of Lord Sri Rama. He returned the entire money to the Bhadracalam temple.

    We gained lot more knowledge and information not only that but also an easy way to attain LORD, only few things I have shared and sincerely request you all to chant RAMA NAMA, last but not least I want to share one more valuable point she said is RAMA CHESINDHI CHEIALLI, KRISHNA CHEPINDHI CHEIALLI means what ever SRI RAMA showed affection towards his FATHER, MOTHER, BROTHER, WIFE and SOCIETY we have to be such affectionate to others, and KRISHNA told GEETHOBADESAM to Arjunan that has to be followed, if we follow these two in spiritual manner definitely we will not have any problem.

    Thank you MATHAJI, only yesterday I came to know all about this and lot of knowledge other than this discussed is not shared but after attending SRI RAMA NAVAMI pooja I felt very happy.

    Shanthi Nithyaraman

  9. Prasad & Vatsala Kateelkar

    Well ! Today’s Hanuman was in his own “SUNDARAVANM”. Lively with Green environment and Decorated overall with green medicinal plant leaves – such as Neem, mango and Erukkam leaves, variety of flowers, Tulasi Madam. Nobody would have imagined a garland made of raw Mangos combined with Red Beeds decorated Hanuman and he looked awesome. Mathaji’s creative mind and devotion to Hanuman was very much visible through Hanumanji decoration. Sweet Pachadi prepared with eight medicinal herbs on Yugadi day was simply superb. At Sanjeevini Peetam all devotees performed Hanuman Ashtothram with raw mangos. Mathaji’s discourse on Bhagwat Gita Chapter-12 was excellent and very simple to follow by us in our life. Mathaji wished that whenever we go out of home we should chant “OM SHRI ANJANEYA NAMAHA, OM SHRI PRASANNA ANJANEYA NAMAHA. By this prayer, Hanumanji definitely protect us from accidents and evil things.
    Hari Hi Om

  10. kamala rao

    MahaShivaRathri pooja celebrations are excellent in our SanjeeviniPeetam. I am so lucky enough to visualise Abhishekam of Lord Shiva very close by. Amma, you have
    performed the pooja with all our offerings to the Lord. This shows selfless dedication
    towards the almighty to make him shower the blessings on all of us whosoever are present there at that time. Especially Red Cabbage carved into Lingakaram is amazing. Hats off to your creativity Amma. This proves that the super power is Omni present everwhere,everytime and in everything. Also you showed that every object is embibed with the power of almighty. The song of Matha Bhagawad
    Gita sung by you is awesome. I felt like tears breaking out of my eyes. EXCELLENT. And also the Navadhanya Abhishekam performed to Spatika Lingakaram appeared to me very auspicious. By doing this Sarva Graha Dosham
    will be rectified. We are also lucky enough to have it as a Prasadam from you.
    I have spread the seeds around my house. Nowhere in normal temples we get this
    Navadhanyam after Abhishekam as Prasadam. Iwas in a different world throughout the time when I am in Peetam watching the pooja performed by you.
    When I saw you live doing the Hanuman Bhajan so vigorously, I felt that Hanuman
    has given his whole vision to you Amma. I am not finding the words to describe about the pooja. It is the great opportunity for me to be a part of the pooja performed in our Peetam. Thank You Very Much Amma. Last but not the Least,
    I observed the system of pooja, purpose of doing all these, you are asking the boon of blessings to shower on all those present over there. That I was very much impressed. So only you are able to directly visualise the Lord Hanuman and get the blessings from him. Loka Kalyanardham only you are mainly concentrating. I like it.
    So I am also praying sincerely to the almighty to shower his blessings on you, on
    chy.Hanuma, chy sow.Lavanya and her family, especially healthy and proserous 100 years of life to my dear chy. Maruthi , the Bala Hanuman.
    satha koti namaskarams to Amma,
    from KAMALA.

  11. vatsalaprasad

    Maha Shivrathri Pooja Alankaram was superb on 10-3-2013. Mathaji’s creative mind and unique imagination with Red Cabbage garland was done easily and simple manner with Lavanya’s support. A Lingam has been created out of Red Cabbage. To our eyes it is only a cabbage. By carving Lingam out of Cabbage Mathaji conveyed the message that GOD is within ourself.
    By following simple advises of Mathaji, our life has changed a lot and more improvements are foreseen in future. We have a sense of feeling that Hanumanji is always with us and protects us. How much ever your difficult problem be, it will be solved very smoothly and easily by Hanuman’s grace and chanting Hanuman Chalisa gives us confidence in achieving success. Those who come to Sanjeevini Peetam go home with Blessings from Hanuman and Happiness. Live God exists in Sanjeevini Peetam.
    Mathaji explained the significance of Maha Sivarathri and the Importance of FIVE LINGAMS where one can attain Moksha. This was beautifully translated by Venuji and understood how and why these places are important to attain Moksha.
    Vatsala Prasad

  12. shanthinithyaraman


    Yesterday’s MAHA Shivarathri Pooja was excellent, innovation of lingam, mala with red cabbage was extraordinary, after a long time we had an oppurtunity to be there in Peetam for more than three hours and performed abishekam / flower offerings to Lord made us feel veryyyyyyyyy happy, thanks Mathaji

    Explanation for Rama Nama, Rama Saptham and Rama Bhanam was excellent Mathaji, we are blessed to know a lot about Maha Shivarathiri and also the Place and meaning of Srikalahasti (The name of the place comes from three animals, Sri (spider), Kala (snake) and Hasti (elephant) who worshipped Shiva and gained salvation here)

    This ancient temple dedicated to Lord Siva is one of the five Panchabhootha stalams (temples celebrating Lord Siva as the embodiment of the five primary elements), air (wind) being the element in this case; the other elements being water at (Thiruvanaikaval), fire at (Annamalaiyar Temple, Thiruvannamalai), earth at (Ekambareswarar Temple, Chidambaram Temple) that Siva embodies.

    There is a lamp inside the inner sanctum that is constantly flickering despite the lack of air movement inside. The air-linga can be observed to move even when the priests close off the entrance to the main deity room, which does not have any windows. One can see the flames on several ghee lamps flicker as if blown by moving air.

    Also explained about Kannappa At Sri Kalahasti, Thinnadu (Later became Bhaktha Kannappa)

    We have gained lot of knowledge as well as lot of energy, and I am very proud to attend the pooja. We once again thank you Mathaji,

    Shanthi Nithyaraman

  13. vatsalaprasad

    11-2-13 February Nakshtra Puja photos are very good. Decorated with dry fruit figs and Hanumanji looks great. Also THANKS FOR Rathasapthami Blessings.
    Hari Om. Vatsala & Prasad.

  14. giri jani

    Om Sairam
    We are really blessed on the NEW YEAR DAY by receiving your blessings and by seeing the Homam photos. Really Mathaji Hanuman is in your House. The speech which you gave was really very god, you have narrated your personal life which will be rememebered and followed by us. I assure you Mathaji that I wil try to do ONE GOOD EVERY DAY and will not hurt any person on the ohter hand I will just SMILE at him and proceed with my work.
    Thank You Mathaji.
    Really we are BLESSED to be part of you.
    Really we are BLESSE


    Hari Om, Amma,
    we have seen the photos of shanti homam. they are very vibrative. the way you
    performed the homam , the dedication towards the system is excellent. Amma,
    I could see some images of the Lord Hanuman in certain pictures of homam. I got
    tears in my eyes automatically. One was the image of sitting position of Lord Hanuman as if he is in front of Sri Rama Pattabhishekam Utsavam. The other
    image was Hanuman is facing towards Panchamukha Anjaneya Swamy with the
    tail emerging out of the flame. It was amazing. I thought along with you we are also under the Anugraha of Lord Hanuman . Thank you very much Amma, for
    giving us this wonderful experience when watching snaps of Shanti Homam.

  16. Shanthi Nithyaraman

    Harihi om,

    Panchamuka Hanuman Shanthi Homam photos are excellent, no words to say about the Lord Hanuman dance over the fire, that too 16th Photo his eyes are visible, Mathaji I dont have words its really a new year delight, we are blessed.

    Thanks Mathaji
    Jai Shri Ram


    Hari Om , Mathaji,
    photos of vimshatibhuja Anjaneya photo was very nice and Hanumadvratam
    slide show was also very nice. though Icant perform d pooja , Ifelt that the pooja
    is performed by me. Ihave seen d same pooja of 2011 , performed by 108 couples
    in the banana gardens. Amma ,Iheard your voice chanting d Mantras and Ashtotram
    vibrantly and felt that Iam also a part of perfoming d pooja. Thanq very much Amma for d feelings I felt during d watch of d programmes in web. I feel that all
    my problems will solved by worshipping the Lord Hanumayya and lead me to the way to serve him and enlighten the other people in our society as far as possible.
    Amma, a dear friend of mine is in a major problematic situation. can Idiscuss
    over phone tomorrow at nine in the morning. show her some remedies , so that she can overcome and face it.
    Jai Hanuman Ki, Om Namo Vayu Nandanaya Namaha, Hari Om

  18. P Srinivas


    Hanumathvratham photos are very nice. Especially Vimshathibhuja Avataram is excellent. Though we have not come to Dusi, we enjoyed viewing the colourful and devotional photos. thank u mathaji & family members for giving this opportunity.
    Jai Rama Lakshmana Janaki, Jai Bholo Hanumanki,


  19. mohan rao

    Respected Sir,

    Many Many thanks for your sending messages to me.
    I am a Telugu person from ORISSA, receiving your email messages and
    knowing about all.
    It is very much helpfuls to me. Kindly continue the same.

    Thanks for U.

    Yours sincerely,
    P.Mohan Rao

  20. Shanthi Nithyaraman

    Hari om,

    Hanumath Vratham photos are excellent, though we were not able to come to Dusi, we are blessed to see the photos taken there, Vimsathi Bhuja Anjaneya swami photo is excellent.

    Thank you Mathaji

  21. priyasuresh

    Harihi Om,
    Hanumath Vratham – Super, simple celebration by Mathaji at Kancheepuram and by me at my place. After seeing the photos, the way i have done the vratham at my house is allmost similar. Mathaji’s celebration would have definitely been completely in detail. I had cut short 2 steps from the procedure given by Mathaji. In my view, if you don’t know how to proceed with a few steps, leave it off and proceed with whatever you know perfectly. I have celebrated this vratham to my utmost satisfaction. But, i found something missing, must be because He did not give me an indication of blessing. In Sanjeevini Peetam, Hanuman gives instant blessings to Mathaji after performing every pooja. I have seen this every time. When you don’t receive such a blessing after your pooja, it hurts your sentiments.” May be there was some fault in my pooja, may be He expected more, have i received His blessings”, questions like these came up in my mind. I think Mathaji will clear my doubt. All said and done, a happy experience. Because of Mathaji’s guidance i have started doing more Hanuman pooja’s at home. A whole, new experience in my life. Harihi Om.

  22. Bindu Srinivasulu

    Harihi Om!!
    I & my family performed Hanumath Vratham Pooja as guided by our Amma(Mathaji). When ever I perform Lord Hanuman’s pooja I get a call from unknown person during the pooja. It makes me feel that Lord Hanuman itself intimates me I AM THERE. We have a power cut from 10 to 12pm everyday, due to Christmas there was no power cut and I was blessed to perform the Pooja delightedly. Have faith in HIM and chant Hanuman Chalisa atleast once in a day anytime & anywhere.
    Jai SriRam !! Jai Bhajarangabali !!

  23. priyasuresh

    Harihi Om,
    Bhagavath Gita – when ever i see the book and try to read and understand the meaning of a single line, i have felt that it is an impossible task to understand as to what Sri Krishna wants to exactly convey. Due to lack of patience to analyse and re-read, i eventually close the book saying,”let me look into it tomorrow.”But that tomorrow never comes again. When i heard Mathaji saying the slokas with so much liking, interest, energy, i came to know regarding her love for the Gita. And what an explanation!, simply superb. She has put in so much of effort to analyse, understand and practically relate it and convey it to common people so effectively, you feel like hearing more and more. After listening to her, my mind set has changed slightly and i too want to put in serious effort in learning Gita. W hen she who is also in the family line like all of us could achieve so much, why not we come out of our usual frame work of mind ( we can’t ) and make a beginning. When you see her confidence, you too feel nothing is impossible. But we are too lazy to put in that basic effort. Mathaji said one golden sentence ” Not everybody can touch the Gita, only if you are blessed you can read the Gita”. All of us who were present definitely had the blessing to touch the book, listen to the wonderful explanation by Mathaji and get Gods blessings. I will definitely try my level best to read and understand. Harihi Om.

  24. V.P.Janakiram

    Blessed Mother,
    We had a wonderful experience yesterday (23rd December, 2012) on Gita Jayanthi day. Your explanation important verses and after colpletion of each chapter was really thrilling and educative it will really help everyone who attend yesterday to live a noble and holy life. Especially your practical explanation on 12th Chapter regarding how we should live. We clearly understood that we should earn our living in honest and straight forward method and devote our time in doing good things and help others by means of which we can come close to god. Your guidance that we should plan our daily routine without wasting time and allot sufficient time for various activites including prayers and meditation is really a good eye opener to all. Many people do not know the importance of Gita such discourses will really help the people to improve their morality, character and change their living pattern.
    People are really blessed with your company.
    Thank you Mathaji

  25. Nivedhitha Vijayakumar

    Hari Om 🙂
    Myself and my parents saw the December Nakshatra Pooja photos. Felt very happy and blessed to see Hanuman in Peanut Alankaram though we missed to see Hanuman in Peanut Alankaram in Sanjeevini Peetam. Hari Om..!

  26. Shanthi Nithyaraman

    Hari Om,
    After seeing the details of Hanumath Vratham provided by Mathaji, I want to take the opportunity and convey everyone that as she said Hanumath vratham too has 5 stories and I am the living experience out of 5 stories mentioned by Mathaji and I am proud that because of participating and doing pooja in Last Hanumath Vratham at DUSI – I am blessed with BOY BABY and the major issue I had was a very big disease (CANCER) and that does not affected my Child at all “ITS PURELY GOD’s GIFT attained by me through MATHAJI”, this I have already mentioned in Devotee talk, added to it I want to add one more point as Mathaji told “The benefits of this parayanam will reach all those who have captured a place in my heart. So, this the reason for not meeting anybody. You would have observed” – YES I have experience that without going to Sanjeevini Peetam and meeting Mathaji, and thinking of her and Lord Hanuman my problem got solved. I am proud Mathaji – as you said I think I have captured a place in your heart.

    All devotees please do this Vratham as guided by Mathaji and 200% sure you will get the blessing of Lord Hanuman.

    Jai Shree Ram

  27. priyasuresh

    Harihi Om,
    Extremely cute Hanuman with groundnut mala. Very neatly done. Mathaji, you look very peaceful without the usual tension. Thanks for giving all of us also an opportunity to perform Nakshatra pooja at our places. This is a small step for us to learn. Even though i have not said slokas to your extent, there is definitely some mental satisfaction that i have obeyed your guidance, which will undoubtedly be beneficial. I must thank Lord Hanuman too for blessing me to do pooja in my house, because without Him saying YES this is not possible. I see it this way. Harihi Om.

  28. V.P.Janakiram

    Blessed Mother,
    Thank You, for your EYE OPENER on Dhanur Masam greatness, this will really create awarnes among the youngesters why marriages, and other function are not carried out during Dhanur Masam and Asthmi and Navami days on those days also we are to deveotee our full time towards Lord Krishna and Lord Rama.
    As guides by you we performed pooja with tweleve varities of flowers and neviyadham at 12 noon. The Pooja was perfomed by my wife Girija and I chanted Hanuman Claisa at that time in my Office. I also requested one of my colleague who is also devotee of Hanuman to chant Hanuman Chalisa at that time.
    We believe under your able guidance and with the Blessing of Hanuman we will have a Happy, Health and Prosperous Life.
    With Your Blessing
    Janakiram. V.P.

  29. Srividya Sagarikka

    15 Dec 2012

    Hare Rama Hare Rama

    Rama Rama Hare Hare

    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

    Krishna Krishna Hare Hare.

    Aanjaneyah Swami ki Jai.

    Pujasri Mathaji,

    We are very blessed to receive all your peetams news and information about your peetam activities and pooja’s, auspicious days etc.. We are very thankful for the same.

    As and when we receive your mail regarding pooja’s , we try to do the same at our place whenever we can. The 12-12-12 Dwadasa namavali pooja which you had mentioned…we got the opportunity and blessings of Lord Hanuman to do the same.

    We arranged to do the same as per your instructions by starting the pooja at 12hrs12min12sec by lighting 12 wick lamps in mud ‘’ägalvilakku”; 12 neivethiyams/prasadams as offering to God; 12 varieties of flowers to do the pooja and 12 fruits also we offered to God. We decorated Sri Anjaneya swami photograph with flowers along with Sri Rama’s photograph. We recited the Hanuman Dwadasa Namavali and offered one variety of flowers after every chanting followed by the neivedhiyam. Like this we did 12 times and at the end we offered mahneivediyam and arathi and finished the pooja. We then read the 12th chapter of the Srimad Baghawad gita.

    Thank you mathaji as in my house we had called our relatives and we did a collective prayer and we felt very happy the whole day.

    Mathaji- we have a small request…..since your peetam and all your disciples offer pooja to God everyday and that too collectively… please pray for my sisters daughter-Bala Upasana who is 11yrs old and studying in 5th standard….she cannot walk and my sister has to carry her everywhere and do all her work. All doctors say that she will walk but it will take time. She has a muscle spasm and has got problem in her hip that she cannot balance her body and walk. My sister right from first year when this problem was diagonised is giving her physiotherapy and treatment every day without fail. Doctors say that all is ok and not to worry and she will walk. Please pray for her.

    Also for my brothers son who is 4yr old- Bala Shrivatson and he also has a problem in his leg…club feet turned insdie. It was diagonised during pregnancy itself and as soon as he was born within 10days his feet surgery was done and made straight. He can walk and run and do everything but his ankle bone in the x-ray is bent inside. Doctors say it is a very small corrective surgery which has to be done now again and nothing to worry. Please pray for both of them to get well soon. They say that collective prayer will definitely have a good result.

    I recited Sri Hanuman Chalisa 7 times daily and completed 100 times. Iam going to start again. Please pray for both the children.

    Jai Sri Hanuman.

    With kind regards

    Mrs.Srividya Giridharan

  30. Lakshmi V

    thk u for your kind information on the pooja to be done on 12.12.12.
    we have followed that…..

    Mrs. Lakshmi Vishwanathan

  31. P.Mohan Rao

    Respected Mataji,

    On seeing your website today, I felt very much happy and interesting to join as a devotee in your 1 lakh chalisa group.

    My details:
    P.Mohan Rao
    GUNUPUR (Odisha) India

  32. manas ranjan dash

    Dear Mataji,
    I am Manas ranjan Dash from Orissa.I am staying at navallur,chennai.
    I am in serious problem regarding my career and health.I need your
    tell me the procedure to reach you,
    Thanking you

  33. Vijayalakshmi Krishnan

    12-12-2012, 10:05 AM .
    I read your website Mathaji.
    The photos are fentastic.
    Mathaji, make me also a member for Anumanchalisa group.
    Kindly advise me what todo….
    Awaiting your reply Mathaji.
    Vijayalakshmi Krishnan

  34. Vijayalakshmi Krishnan

    12-12-2012, 9:44 AM.
    Namaskarams to Mathaji.
    I was lucky enough to attend the Tulsi Pooja held during December and able to get the slokas and Tulsi plant. I am happily doing the pooja and chanting the slokas given.
    Mathaji, I phoned up today and got the information that how to perform todays 12.12.12 pooja. Thanks. I will follow it at my home. I want to follow you mathaji and like to come for Nakshthara pooja too. Kindly include me.
    Kindly advise me what i have to do to join the pooja/
    I like to hear your sadsangam too mathaji.
    Thanks in advance. —
    Vijayalakshmi Krishnan

  35. Lony Mohanty

    Jai Sri Ram
    Namaste Sanjeevini Ji,

    This is Lony Mohanty Currently working in Hyderabad.
    I am a Lord Hanuman Devotee.I came to know about you from internet.

    I am very very pleased to see your website and gained lots of information on Lord Hanuman.Thank you very much for sharing such informations.

    I want to join your Trust and need your Guidance .

    Please let me know the process for this.

  36. P. Venkatesan, Loyola College, Chennai

    On Dwadasi namavali day, my wife has to attend lakshmi pooja elsewhere. So she arranged everything and requested me to come home at 12 o’clock to perform hanuman dwadasi pooja. I did so and I opened the net to chant namavali from Peetam website (Because I don’t have the namavali in tamil). I was totally disappointed since my internet failed. However, I kept it open.
    A miracle happened. Exactly, at 10th minute after 12 o’clock, the net functioned and I performed the pooja with the chant of namavali by Mathaji. After the pooja, I sat on the internet to give my comment. The Net failed and it opened only on the next day (thursday).

    Another satisfaction: I felt Mathaji was in my pooja because of the audio operation of her chant of the namavali.

    I was totally contended on 12th.

    Hari Om

  37. priyasuresh

    Harihi Om,
    Wow, what a way to perform pooja to Lord Hanuman. It is a treat for the eyes to see the Lord being worshipped with 12 varieties of fruits, flowers and lamps, at our houses. I am extremely thankful to Lord Hanuman first because without His permission i couldn’t have performed His unique day pooja at my house. Secondly thanks to Mathaji for sharing this with people all over the world. Hanuman’s blessings will definitely reach all those who have looked into this net, accepted it, followed it and performed pooja. By following Mathaji’s guidance we are the one’s to be benefited. There is so much of unheard information She is conveying to one and all, which is extremely useful, showing us a way to accumilate punyam and a chance to understand what our ancestors tried to convey. The importance of each month is becoming clearer with Her constant updates. I feel happy i can answer my children’s doubts to a certain extent because i am getting educated spiritually only now. There is so much of happiness when i ask my mother and sisters too,to follow whatever Mathaji says. Sanjeevini Peetam is an eyeopener to the young and old. Thank you Mathaji for everything. Harihi Om.

  38. priyasuresh

    Harihi Om,
    Super, super Ksheerabdhi Dwadasi photos. The importance about Tulasi Matha which Mathaji told us and the beautiful, song of Tulasi taught to all of us by Mathaji with her melodious, soft voice which can be heard repeatedly were all super on that day. But we as devotees need to improve drastically as her students and pay more attention to what ever important matters she conveys to us, because whatever she tells us are all new, important and highly informative and completely spiritual, linking it with our practical life and telling us the benefits we get when we implement its importance in our daily lives. Only when one attends Mathaji’s pooja’s and listens to her talk attentively without forgetting whatever was told or goes through this website earnestly, will be able to answer questions asked by her to test us. This applies to me also. Showing improvement will prove beneficial for all of us. Thank you Lord Hanuman for showing us this beautiful path. Harihi Om.

  39. Shanthi Nithyaraman

    Harihi Om,

    Yesterday’s Nakshatra Pooja was excellent, that too with 108 Cauliflower alankaram, Lord Hanuman seem to be stunning with all his jewels. Mathaji’s explanation towards Tulasi & Amla was excellent, only yesterday we came to know so many specialities of Tulasi and Amla.

    After my MAJOR surgery I am attending this pooja first time today, Today I am alive and attending Pooja its all because of Lord Hanuman’s blessings under the guidance of Mathaji, She prayed a lot for my Surgery and this is my second birth which was given by Lord Hanuman and Mathaji. Simply saying thanks will not be right word, but to surrender myself to Lord Hanuman and to render service will only be the best way of showing my faithfulness to Mathaji, She always tell believe him fully and surrender your problems to him, don’t think about the problems and be happy Lord Hanuman will take all your burdens, that saying has come true in my life, today I am free from my disease its all really a miracle happened to me and I am the living example, please go once to Sanjeevini Peetam not only for your problems but also for your happiness and Meet Mathaji, 200% sure you will be relieved from all your stress.
    Please chant Hanuman Chalisa.

    Jai Shree Ram

  40. priyasuresh

    Harihi Om,
    Lord Hanuman was looking gorgeous with all the abishekams and decoration done to Him and ofcourse with 108 cauliflowers.Abishekams were performed to a beautiful Shiva Lingam made from a single marble stone. Mathaji says, Lord Shiva and mainly Tulasi are worshipped during this Karthika masam.The significance of lighting a amla lamp for Tulasi is – like Lord Shiva has 3 eyes, all human beings have 2 nostrils and an opening inbetween the eyebrows. The nostrils are used for inhaling and exhaling, which changes every 1 hour. The 3rd opening opens either in the early morning or at the time of sunset. The smoke which comes from an amla lamp after it switches off, when lit in front of a Tulasi plant in the evening, enters this 3rd opening, is supposed to be very good for our health. Amla not only has medicinal propeties, but spiritual importance too. Mathaji, an excellent guide for many of us is highly intelligent, is well versed in all topics apart from spirituality. She is a genius on a whole. Once she starts talking, the only thing you want to do is, listen to her attentively. Doubts do not arise in our minds, since they get cleared as and when she talks. Even though Mathaji has the feeling that we do not ask her doubts, the truth is that we do not think deeply like her since we are only in the preliminary level of understanding spirituality. Her simple and effective talking has taught us so many things. She is a perfect guide. Follow her guidance, receive Hanuman’s blessings and i am sure there will definitely be a lamp glowing in our lives too. Harihi Om.


    Hari Om,
    visited Hanumanji and Mataji in the peetam. the moment I Stepped in felt the vibrations of lord Hanuman and tears came from my eyes. I felt that all my problelms will vanished away . seeing Mataji face , felt the same vibrations and had her blessings. I feel like visiting Hanuman Ji as many times as possible. I pray the lord to shower his blessings on this world to be in peace. I will open the website of peetam once in a day and have the darshan of Lord Hanuman and Mataji .

  42. priyasuresh

    Harihi Om,
    Photos on Karthika Vana Bhojanam are superb. What an excellent way to utilise and celebrate this Karthika masam. I didn’t know an Amla tree has so much of importance, spiritually. I wish i join Mathaji’s celebration next year. Even though i missed the celebrations, i am waiting to attend the successive celebrations at the Peetam. Attending Mathaji’s unique celebrations gives one tremendous pleasure and happiness and you get to learn so many things. It is only because of Lord Hanuman’s blessings, we are receiving His blessings through the net, even though not able to attend few celebrations.Harihi Om.

  43. Prasad & Vatsala Kateelkar

    We wish your Family & You all the best and pray God to make your new year
    very pleasant and enjoyable
    with all the blessings from OUR DEAR HANUMAN.

  44. kanama

    I am in big trouble . I am trying to get back someone who once loved me truly . I am doing every possible thing to get him, but somehow whatever I do misfires . Everyone has turned against me . I am not able to solve it. I am reading Hanuman chalisa and writing Jai Sri Ram. Day by day my agony is increasing . I am feeling so helpless . I strongly believe in my prayers . But I get scared when elders say no one can change fate . Please tell me what to do .

  45. priyasuresh

    Harihi Om,
    The meaning of Deepavali told by our Mathaji is beautiful. This thought is completely different and makes you start thinking whether you have followed any one step also through out these years of our life. The feeling of happiness comes if we have been doing useful and helpful things for every Deepavali, if not our guilty concious starts pricking us after reading this explanation. All the festive explanations given by Mathaji is an eyeopener for us to keep on improving our character for the better, to pass on this information definitely to our children and close one’s and ultimately to gain punyam. The word papam and punyam used by Mathaji in all her explanations makes one scary and realise how much of our lives we have wasted, because i feel there has been no one who gives us such rare and golden information which is extremely useful to one and all. If we follow this, we are gainers or else definitely loosers. Thank you Mathaji again for thinking so brilliantly for our sake. Harihi Om.

  46. Sankara Narayanan

    Respected Mathaji

    I would like to kindly share my experience happened yesterday (31/10/2012) in the Hanumar temple that I do pooja daily.

    As all know that heavy storm hit Chennai yesterday, many trees even fall at many places in city. There was great impact of the storm in our temple also.

    A lady vegetable vendor normally will keep the vegetables in baskets and trays daily inside the temple and she will take it every day morning for selling purpose. Yesterday, the vegetable baskets (weight more than 5 to 10 kilos) fell down from table because of the strong wind and a big metal sheet from nearby cow shed flew in air and fell in front of temple. There was heavy impact of strong wind everywhere. I am telling these things just as an information.

    Now coming to the point, I will lit deepam (mud villakku, not closed) daily around 7 oӍlock in the morning in the temple, chant Hanumar Chalisa, do some nivedhanam and aarathi, and lock the temple and go to office. Then evening I will come again from office and do archanai, abishegam, etc., This is my daily routine. To my surprise, though heavy storm was hitting the city at that time, the deepam I lit yesterday (31/10/2012) morning was continuously glowing until evening when I opened the temple by 6 PM.

    In addition to this, water came inside the temple because of cracks in the roof since it is an old building and water stayed like a pond inside temple to some distance. The wonder here is not even a single drop of water was on Hanumar idol and no water about 2 to 3 feet from the idol. As swamy is Vayuputhirar, this is not a great thing for Him, but I am writing this to just let people know the power of Hanumanji. I really got wondered on seeing the glowing deepam and shed tears.

    Harihi om, Jai sriram, Jai hanumar

    Thanks and regards
    Sankara Narayanan

  47. RukmaniSathyanarayana

    This is 3rd consecutive month am missing nakshatra pooja. However the pooja performed and alankaram of Lord Hanuman’s was really nice. As mathaji’s diwali message, we all take oath not to burn crackers.

    Wish you all advance “Happy Diwali Subhakankshalu”

    Jai Hanuman

  48. Bindu Srinivasulu

    Harihi OM!!
    I & my family(25 members) went to Mangalore trip on 25th-Oct.Even though I missed Nakshatra pooja
    on 26th-Oct but i was blessed & very happy to see 15-feet Lord Hanuman’s idol at Gokarnatheswar Temple in Mangalore on the same day.Another incident, as there was an unexpected crowd at Kukke Subramanya Temple, we didn’t get the accomodation for nearly 2hrs,then I & my daughter & others started chanting Hanuman Chalisa, when we finished chanting we got a call from my brother, who informed us that we got the accomodation. So have faith in Lord Hanuman & chant Hanuman Chalisa atleast once in a day anywhere & anytime.
    Jai Sri Ram!!
    Jai Bhajaranga Bali!!

  49. Bala chandar

    Harihi om Though our Venu anna said there will be simple pooja but our hanuman looks very grand.
    S. Balachandar

  50. priyasuresh

    Harihi Om,
    GOLDEN MOTHER- this is definitely our Mathaji. My elder daughter who is 17 years had back pain since 2 days. This worried me a lot. My family doctor said it was vitD deficiency and she needed medication for 12 weeks. I called up Mathaji and told her about this problem. Her reply was that she had sent a friend request to my daughter just 1 hour before my call. She said that she had seen my daughters photo in facebook and there was absolutely nothing wrong with her back, but the problem for this pain starts from her right hand. When i just observed her right hand, it was the cell phone. I was completely taken aback regarding Mathaji’s diagnosis. My daughter has the habit of sending messages continously with her right thumb which has been the reason for the pain. Mathaji’s simple suggestion was not to use anything with her right hand for 4 hours to remove the back pain. Even though my children don’t listen to my advice, they will never ignore Mathaji’s advice. Mathaji’s command and soft words have so much effect with children. After this, Mathaji immediately wrote down 4 effective points to be conveyed to children through facebook about the over useage and strain of fingers leading to different pains affecting their health. To me, Mathaji is God sent. Please do not ignore her advice. Do take them seriously and do not repent later. Though not a doctor, she is a doctor to most of us. Nothing to beat her perfect and timely help and remedies. Thanks to Lord Hanuman for her srishti. Gods happiness will be unimaginable and He will have the complete satisfaction of creating atleast one beautiful person, our Mathaji, who is perfect in all angles. Thankyou very much for removing my tension. Harihi Om.


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