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I feel extremely happy in thanking all the devotees who write about their true, original and wholehearted experiences during their visit to Sanjeevini Peetam , in the column “Devotee talks”.
       These are 100% true words, which one can experience as they start surrendering to Lord Hanuman, without any lies and  exaggeration . It is so encouraging for us to read all your various versions , how you  all are  trying hard to follow my guidance and slowly  trying to get  closer to Hanuman.      Surrender to him completely, utilise the one and only tool ”Hanuman Chalisa” and without your knowledge, you can see your feed back in ”Devotee talks”.   I too would like to thank Lord Hanuman, for making me  his true devotee, helping me out of my difficulties, making me set up this Peetam and bringing it up in a very successful way.
       With Lord Hanuman’s blessings to all of you.   Your’s MATHAJI


I will always cherish that moment when I’d first met Mathaji. It was more than 12 years back, when I sat in front of her, feeling completely worthless and unfit to live. I was so deep in sorrow. But Her counseling was so comforting, that very soon I felt that life was after all worth living. Compared to the challenges what Mathaj had faced, mine was nothing! She then imparted to me a ‘POKISHAM’ called ‘Hanuman Chalisa’. After I started chanting it 11 times everyday, my family soon became united. Slowly but steadily, sorrow was replaced by joy and laughter! I regularly attended all the Poojas conducted by Sanjeevini Peetam. Mathaji always explained every detail of the Poojas, why and how it is conducted. During one such pooja, She shared Her ‘treasure’ with the devotees. It was ‘The MOST POWERFUL MALAMANTRAM’. By chanting it 5 times everyday, Id experienced many miracles. But in spite of all this, I was very immature at that time. Rather than placing my trust on Lord Hanuman, I depended only on Mathaji for everything. Every time I faced a challenge, I would get disappointed immediately and call up Mathaji, expecting Her to solve it for me! 
But Sanjeevini Peetam’s discourses on Lord Hanuman enlightened me in many ways. Mathaji always says, 
“If you have to please Hanuman, you have to BECOME Hanuman!!”
It was then I started identifying and rectifying my flaws. I also realised that it was I who has to face my Karmas. Mathaji can only guide me 
After this realisation, I felt ashamed of myself for disturbing Mathaji unnecessarily.
I stopped whining about my problems to Her and surrendered to Lord Hanuman. I approached my obstacles with more clarity and patience! 
I also learnt to ‘light a candle than to curse the darkness !’ 
I was able to identify miracles.
Miracles never came gift wrapped to me! 
At first, they always appeared like disasters!
To quote one example was when my son, a general proficiency student, just scrapped through his 12th board exams. When my family members asked me, ” You did Homams, parayanams and fasted for so many days. What’s the use? Now who will give him an Engineering seat?”
I waited…
Then the miracle happened! 
Among his friends who scored very well, my son was the first one to get an Engineering seat without any hassels!
And that too inside the city itself!
I did not ask Hanuman to grant what I wanted for my son.
I simply accepted what He gave.
When we entered our house compound after my son’s admission…
there He was, a monkey out of the blues, sitting in our garden! It looked at us, then plucked a sapota fruit from our garden, ate it and went away.
Today, my son enjoys college life to the fullest! No stress and no outside food.
Last but not the least, now my family believe that Hanuman definitely has answered my prayers! 
I can quote many miracles like this.
I try my best to follow all what Mathaji has preached. Now, to me,
My home is ‘My Sanjeevini Peetam.’
Hanuman Chalisa is ‘My THAAYATHU’ 
And Hanuman Malamanthram is ‘My DIVINE YANTHRAM’
And I have placed Mathaji in my Heart! Whenever I want to be blessed, I just imagine Her Lotus Feet and bow down. 
Equipped with all these, I am a more confident person now. Today, I lead a successful life, a house for myself, a respectable profession and enough money for my needs. 
Hanuman keeps me so busy that time is the biggest challenge now. 
But I will never give it as an excuse and compromise my services to the Lord! 
Now I too perform Tuesday Poojas, chant all the mantras which Mathaji has shared on whatsapp and facebook.
…. because I believe in Miracles!
If I were to give excuses for time and doing service to God, then I would only stay where I’d started!!
Jai Jai Bajarangabali!!

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  1. Anu says:

    Namaste Mataji,

    Mataji i wanted to know whether i can bring hanumanji’s murti at home n worship. I have stopped eating non-veg but my husband eats non-veg. Is it okay if we worship Hanumanji’s murti at home. Eating onion n garlic is okay na? Does it require certain rules n regulations to do hanumanji murti pujan at home? Kindly clear my doubts Mataji.

    Sashtang Namaskaram at Mataji’s Feet

    Ur Child

  2. Anupama says:

    Hello Mataji,
    I am from Mumbai. I was initially worshipping Hanumanji and also had a dream of him. I want to become a great devotee of Hanumanji. N also i want to get ur blessings n deeksha but it wont b possible for me to come to Chennai. How will i get ur blessings n deeksha mataji? Please suggest me how do i go about with my daily prayers to Hanumanji to please him n become a great devotee of him? Please reply in English Mataji.. i dont understand tamil/telugu. N how do i contact you from Mumbai?

  3. anu santhu says:

    namaskaram mathaji,

    My name is santoshi anupama(vysya),from vijayawada,i had seen ur sanjeevini peetam website and happy to see all your moments with hanuman and i am one of the devotee and i want to be the most ever devotee and how to get succesfull by doing the prayers plz suggest me and i am graduate female student kindly provide me.

    • hanuma says:

      Harihi om, anu santhu – Hanuman Bless you ma. Chala santhosham, Up coming Programes mail vasthundi, Follow avandi, manchi palithalu untayi,
      “Naa manase website – website nenu” Pilisthe palike daivam hanumanthudu,chant hanuman chalisa, Nithyananda prapthirasthu, – Mathaji

  4. giri jani says:

    Om Sairam
    Very Good Morning.
    Thank you for your regular inspiring messages for the uplift of the Human Beings.
    Really we are gifted to be in your relationship.
    Really Lord Hanuman will bless us for your inspiring messages and prayers.

  5. Sandeep Damre says:


    i just saw i m late sorry still if can accpet my entry

    In our quest to make eco friendly Ganesha and at the same time use a different material to make our Ganesha idol this year we have used bread.

    This is a small way in which we can contribute to the environment. In the past 14 years we have used fruits, vegetables, flour, puffed rice, papier mache, paper origami etc to name a few. Even our children actively participate in this process.

    sandeep & meena damre
    A404, Aryaman Awas, Opp Sai Mandir, Ramdevnagar, Satellite, Ahmedabad
    M: +91 9727587910

    sandeep damre

    Studio 60
    Shop No. F-24, Aryaman Awas,
    Opp. Sai Mandir,
    Ramdevnagar, Satellite,
    Ahmedabad, Gujarat
    M: +91 9727587910

    “Ignoring climate change will be the most costly of all possible choices, for us and our children”

  6. Pandarinathan venkatesan says:

    Ganesha chathurdi celebration – 29-8-2014
    Jai bhajaranga Bali – Mathaji
    Harihi Om,

    Initiation of any activity is done by anyone of us with a prayer to the prime Lord Ganesha, who wrote Mahabharata as Vyasa Rishi described it.
    On the occasion of Vinayaka Chaturdhi on Friday,29th August 2014. Mathaji – the intimate friend of our Global friend, performed the festival in a grand manner. Mathaji is known to do different things differently. The multifaceted celebration is as follows :-
    * Abhishekam to Lord Ganesh of Gomedhikam.
    * Archana with 27 varieties of leaves medical and religious importance, depicting all the 27 birth stars that embraces all her devotees.
    * Conduct of “Line Drawing Competition” among children and distribution of prizes, thereby inducting and inducing the spirit of art with devotion in them and promoting Hindu culture for the upliftment of human values.
    * Mathaji’s daughter, Mrs. Lavanya Balaji’s incredible contribution is the Idol of Lord Ganesha with paper mesh and clay and the output was completely unique (Lord in a relaxed way raising his trunk to take laddu prasad) because this posture was unseen anywhere.
    *Mathaji’s daughter-in-law, Mrs. Suvarchala Hanuman, has shown her spirit of originality in making Lord Ganesh portal on a thermocoal sheet with Navadhanyas.
    * Mathaji’s daughter, Mrs.Lavanya Balaji’s another performance of Himalayan heights with her Kerala Mural art of Lord Ganesh.

    Sun rises and Sun sets everyday but efforts of Mathaji remains immortal in the minds of every devotee. Her care at every micro level with zeal of contention and joy is beyond any comparison.
    Yours sincerely
    Dr.P.Venkatesan,(Retd)UGC Professor Emeritus in Zoology
    Loyola College,Chennai

  7. vishwanadh raja says:


  8. Sheela says:

    Namaste mathaji, Recently I came across ur website. I simply love it. Pranam for ur great service Bless us too. Everyday I also read hanuman chalisa. I am also interested in chanting hanuman chalisa sankalpam program. I don’t if still u have that. And one more thing mathaji. These days my son 9 yrs doesn’t pay attention on anything. Becoming very stubborn , lazy, negative thinking. Does sit at one place. Just running around all the time. So worried abt him. Kindly pls suggest what to do. Any Pooja. Mantra. Etccc. Pls help me mathaji. And also I would like to know abt balarista dosha nivarana Pooja. Can I do it for my kids. But I cannot come personally. I live in USA. So. Pls help. Thank u. Sheela

  9. cinthia kasali says:

    Hello new friend,
    My name is Miss cinthia,i got your email address today when i was browsing in google directries and it please me to have communication with you

  10. P.Venkatesan and Uma says:

    We will try our best to what Rama did and what Krishna said.

    P.Venkatesan and Uma

  11. anant says:

    Respected Mathaji

    Art depicted of little Sri Krishna is very attractive and fascinating touching the heart of devotees the moment it is seen. May Lord Krishna bless her (Lavanya) in her endeavours.

  12. Kishore Gautam. says:

    Respected Matha ji
    Dhanayavad matha ji for your guidance . Can we also do the honey abhishekam tomorrow i.e. 13-08-2014 between 12 to 1.00 pm while chanting the Hanuman Chalisa. Can you mail me the Arath(meaning) of Hanuman Chalisha.

    Warm regards,

    Kishore Gautam.

    Sent from my iPad

  13. Vikram Bangar says:

    Dear Mataji

    Jai ShriRam Jai Hanuman

    I am Vikram from Pune. Yesterdary I called on your contact no. To take your blessing. Vengopalji asked me to put mail

    I am devotee of Hanumanji. Currently facing lot of problems in life.
    Mairrage is not happening. Career is not progressing. Facing obstacles in all fronts of life.

    Details are
    Date of birth: 05.08.1983
    Time 11:02 AM


  14. Brij Kishore Brijwasi says:

    Brij Kishore Brijwasi

  15. Pandarinathan Venkatesan says:

    May Lord Hanuman be always with you through out your happy life so that your horizon diffuses into the life of your devotees (like me and Uma) forever
    Uam conveyed her respects to you on this blessed day



    Puttinaroju subhakankshalu. Hanumayya meetho sada ellappudu toduga mee vennanti unto, mimmalni inka ento unnatha sikharalaki teesukellalani asisthu, marrinni ilanti subha vasanthalu jarupukovalani koruthu, hanumayya yokka katakshala jadi vanalo eppudu tadusthu undalani aasisthu maria okka sari maa andari tarupuna MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY AS YOU WISH. IT SHOULD BE A GREAT DAY FOR U AND FOR ALL OF US MATHAJI.

    Ellappudu mee sevalo

    Sanjeevini Peetam.

  17. K.A.R. Sastry 9701229688 Hyderabad says:

    Respectful Mathaji

    I wish you on this happy occasion of your birth day and pray Jai Veer Hanuman to bestow on you healthy and long healthy and prosperous life to be in the service of Lord Hanuman and guide us

    K.A.R. Sastry 9701229688 Hyderabad

  18. Sarla Sekar says:

    Wish You a Very Happy Birthday.
    There is one more reason to rejoice today.
    Manish’s college is opening today with an Orientation Programme.
    So, on this special day, bless him and us Mathaji.
    The only gift we can give You is ‘To Follow Your words and be true to it.’


  19. Vatsala & Prasad says:



    Prasad & Vatsala.

  20. Kishore Gautam says:

    Respected Mathaji,

    Aap jiyo hajaro saal , saal ke din ho pachas hazar.
    Many happy returns of the day.
    Happy Birthday Matha ji.
    Jai shree Ram. Jai shree Hanuman.
    Warm regards,
    Kishore Gautam.

  21. Kishore Gautam says:

    Respected Matha ji,
    Thanks for your margdarshan.

    Kishore Gautam.

    Sent from my iPad


    Sanjeevini Peetam Aadi Amavasya Pooja 26-7-2014.
    Auspicious day for Hanuman – Amavasya Pooja 26-7-2014


    The Crystal ShivA LingAM has been decorated on a

    Silver pedestal and 100 yEARS OLD Eka Mukha Rudraksha

    kept for Navadhanya Abhishekam.
    Sprouted Navadhanyam abhishekam was performed by

    Mathaji. Later Mathaji asked the devotees to perform

    abhishekam by chanting Eshwara Dandakam continuously.

    After Puja was completed, Mathaji explained the

    importance of Navagraha Santhi Puja and Maha

    Mrutyunjaya Mantram.

    1. Bengal Gram is offered to Jupiter or Guru or

    2. Wheat is offered to Sun or Surya
    3. Horse Gram is offered to Ketu
    4. Green Gram is offered to Mercury or Budh
    5. Rice is offered to moon or Chandra or Soma
    6. White beans is offered to Venus or Shukra
    7. Black Sesame is offered to Shani or Saturn
    8. Chic peas or Chickpea is offered to Mars or

    9. Black Gram is offered to Rahu
    Above Pulses are cleaned and soaked in water overnight

    before abhishekam day.
    On Amavasya day at the auspicious time abhishekam is

    performed to Shiva Lingam OR Eka Mukha Rudraksha with

    the sprouted pulses (Nava Dhanyam).
    After Abhishekam, the sprouted Nava Dhanyam must be

    given to Cows in Temple or Goshalas.
    This Navadhanya is one of the most important item

    for many Hindu pooja rituals. The nine grains are

    offered to Navagrahas during the pooja –
    Mr. DURGA PRASAD KATEELKAR B.A., – 99623 48947
    Sanjeevini Peetam Committee Member.

  23. Saraswathy Gopal says:

    Respected sir/Mathaji
    I would like to be an member and kindly let me know the upcoming events.Pranams to your holy feet.
    Thank you.

  24. Anusha Yata says:

    jai shri ram..jai hanuman… plz let me know y it is only betwen 12 to 1 noon?? is it amrutha gadiyalu?

    • hanuma says:

      Hanuman Birth TIME 12 to 1 — The auspicious and opportune time in a day is called abhijit lagna a little later to noon time. This Abhijit Lagna nullifies all doshas and becomes auspicious. Anusha Yata** GOOD QUESTION * Hanuman Bless you – Jai Bhajaranga bali. – Mathaji

  25. Janakiram says:

    Om Sairam
    Mathaji Lord Hanuman will bless all your activities.

  26. Shanthi Nithyaraman says:

    I am really blessed Mathaji, Mathaji has done special pooja for me and also she gave Rs.10,000/- for my first treatment I thank you Mathaji, also Ms.Bindu Committee member of Sanjeevini Peetam she also gave me money for my treatment

  27. Sarla Sekar says:

    Hari Om Mathaji,
    What transformation of our Earikatha Anjaneyar! We can see the other ear fully!
    This itself is a blessing for your sacred mission. We wish you ALL THE VERY BEST to accomplish your Sankalpam.

  28. P Venkatesan says:

    May Anjaneya be with you.

    Yours sincerely
    Dr.P.Venkatesan,UGC Professor Emeritus in Zoology,(Room No: JS 05) Zoology block II floor, Loyola College,Chennai

  29. Partho says:

    Jay albelisarkar thank you for the invitation and pray to the lotus feet of radharani for the sucess of yougna. I am right now in Vrindavan. Wish all sucess. Dondovat pronam on your feet. Your loving child Partha.

  30. K.A.R. Sastry says:

    Divine Mother

    I request you to kindly enrol as member in hanuman chalisa group I do hanuman chalisa parayana regularly

  31. girish says:

    Jai Mataji…
    My name is girish I’m struggling in my family matter …I’m in tension to much very difficult in life please Mataji help me bless wife and always having argument at last that went in the court for divorce I only apply in angry mood but I love my wife I want live with her appyly..I divorce her coz she always ask me give divorce and she leaving me and going for small small things I fet up tiered and In angry mood I sent notice but I DNt want divorce I want live with her apply Mataji..but nw she don’t want me she is not looking at much face she is not talking with me no call and meseage..plz Mataji..make us together we Maried 3yrs ago always misunderstand fight in small small issue plz Mataji.I want peaceful life and want live with my wife happy I believe god Hanuman..I pray every day..
    Plz me I’m in serious situation I’m mising my wife..make us together happy couple..jai Sri Hanuman ..
    Jai.. matadi

  32. madhu swaminathan says:

    Respected Mataji,


    today i am completing my sankalpam.. of chanting hanuman chalisa for 108 times.. daily for 11 days..

    Please give us your aasiwaadams.. we are tying for a child for almost 1 year now.. kindly bless us mataji..

    our names and nakshatrams:

    Mr kartick shankar—- moolam–dhanusu rasi

    Mrs madhu kartick—-mirigasheersham– mithuna rasi..

    thanks and regards

    madhu & kartick

    • hanuma says:



      1. Anjana sutha Devesa Kesari Priya nandana
      Dehi Me Thanayam Seegram Sarva Bhagya nidhim Prabho |

      2. Praaleya Dhyuthi Bimba Koti ruchira Prespardhi Dheha Prabham
      Bhaswath Rathna kirita mandala mani vyakeerna ganda shtalam
      Vaame vyadhibi rowshadham nigala bhinnam tathkare dhakshine
      Bibraanam Hanumantha mujwala tatithkoti prabham samsraye|

  33. omkar krishna says:

    My name is OMKAR. I’ve seen your website and i’m interested in joining the group. This is my e-mail ID.Please add me to the group.
    I have some queries about peetam. Please tell me to whom should I ask them.

  34. Kishore Gautam says:

    Respected Guru Maa,
    Ram Ram Jai Shree Hanuman
    I am interested to join Peetam.
    Please advise and bless me
    Subject: Membership – interested to Join Sanjeevani.peetam
    Reply ASAP
    Jai Sree Ram, Jai shree Hanuman,
    Kishore Gautam
    Purohitan Street, Upper street,
    Nahan. District Sirmaur,
    Himachal Pradesh – 173 001

  35. Mathaji says:

    Harihi om – Jai Sree Ram – Jai Bhajaranga bali – Jai Jai Hanuman Chalisa

    ” Nasai Roga Harai Saba Peera – Japatha Niranthara Hanumatha Veera ” Chant This Manthra daily 108 times – 40 days – Hanuman 100 % Bless you – Sure – Mathaji – Jai Rama Lakshmana Janaki Jai Bolo Hanuman ki Jai Jai

  36. Raghavachari S Nambi says:


  37. Bhumaiah Velthapu says:

    Jai Hanuman…

    Thank you very much for all the information…


    Bhumaiah Velthapu

  38. hanuma says:

    29th year Hanumath Jayanthi Celebrations (23.5.2014)
    Hanumath Jayanthi that falls on vaishaka masam was performed in grandeur by Mathaji in Sanjeevini Peetam premises. All the rituals Mathaji has mentioned in the pamphlet displayed in the Peetam website were carried out with high dedication by Mathaji followed by her devotees.
    The decorum of Hanuman with lakhs of jasmine flowers adorned with 108 hauman flags was blissful. Devotees gathered in a grand scale to take the Akanda Haarathi shown at the end of pooja.
    Our Mathaji’s dream was to do Bhagavad Gita Parayanam of 18 chapters on this auspicious day and it was fulfilled.
    In her conclusive remark, Mathaji said that chanting Rama nama in any form- Hari hi Om, Ram Ram , Hanuman Chailsa or SriRam jayaram – brings the Lord to your heart with his joy and any prayer anyone places before him at that time is fulfilled and he sanctions what you want. There is no age, sex, caste or creed to do the prayer since our existence in this earth is quite uncertain and our life should be devoted to get his blessings. The ultimatum to human life is to follow Dharma with happiness, peace and joy so that our presence should be felt by everyone forever even in our absence (i.e. after our death). Many new devotees (after reading in Mambalam times) entered the premises and were benefited. The flag, a bag full of jasmine were offered by Mathaji to every devotee as the gift of Hanumath Jayanthi. In this 29th year of jayanthi celebrated by Mathaji, she started to read the slokas from Ramayan so that she will complete it before 30th year of such celebration in the peetam.
    In short, devotees left the Peetam with gifts gifted by Lord Hanuman as belly full of prasadam, heart full of contention and life full of his blessings through our guide- Mathaji Kanyakumari.

    Entharo Mahanubavalu andhariki vandhanamulu by the devotee-Venkatesan and family.

  39. P Venkatesan says:

    Hanuman Suvarchala Devi Kalyana Vaibhavam 2014

    On this eve on Sunday, the 8th June 2014, Mathaji performed pooja in the peetam between 6 and 9 p.m. . She has made extraordinary decoration of our Global friend and Suvarchala Devi. The wedding rituals performed by Mathaji were quite amazing and awesome. Every devotee was offered the prasadam bejeweled with the blessings of Lord Hanuman.

    It was a very healthy interaction on this spiritual aspect. Her speech with her green memory of receiving the deity of Lord Hanuman and Suvarchala Devi from her dedicated devotees in Nellore two decades before reflects upon the total surrender of Mathaji to our global friend that resulted in benefits from Lord to her devotees. These words touched the inner conscience of everyone and made us to feel the importance of total SARNAGATHI to god that one should remember to make one’s life a meaningful one. This was because of magnificent thoughts and in-depth concentration of Mathaji on the slogas of Bhagavat Gita. Finally she also summarized the development of Hanuman Chalisa Mandap that is getting ready at Thoosi due to Mathaji’s stupendous singular efforts for the same. Mathaji has also expressed her long term willingness to build the Mandir for Eri Kaatha Lord Hanuman in Thoosi village as that of Sholingar, which will definitely materialize in the near future.
    Heavenly coincidence is the wedding day of her son that fell on this day. It was also celebrated with par excellence. Our best wishes are to the most affectionate son of Mathaji – Mr. Hanuman and his humble wife- Mrs. Suvarchala Hanuman. Many many happy returns of the day are due to them.
    We pray to Lord that Mathaji will enlighten us with such exemplary discourses ever in future forever for the purification of mankind.
    Yours sincerely
    Dr.P.Venkatesan,UGC Professor Emeritus in Zoology,(Room No: JS 05) Zoology block II floor, Loyola College,Chennai

  40. Sarla Sekar says:

    Hari Om,
    For a boy who had secured 58.3% in his main suhjects (MPC) in the 12th State Bo Exams, one can imagine the challenges we would have faced in trying to secure a decent Engg. college for my son. While everyone felt that my son did not deserve these marks, I saw Hanuman in those marks and I strongly believed that there was a reason.

    Only when we started looking out for Engg. Colleges did we realise that in most of the colleges, no matter how high your marks are, they still demanded a huge capitation fees. Inspite of the distance and outside food, parents were still willing to join their children into these colleges! For days together, my father kept trying to secure an Engg. seat in Loyola using the highest influence and he was confident too.

    On Friday, the 23rd night (Hanuman Jayanthi), we fixed the Dwaja on our front door. The very next day morning (Sat), our mediator was snubbed by the college Principal. He had said, “Asking me to give an Engg. seat for such marks is like asking us to pass a student who had failed in his exams! Let the student write a re-exam and prove himself. Then I will consider”

    Although my son had always been a Gen.Proficiency student, I still did not take this as a snub. To me, it was as if Hanuman was trying to say that this college did not deserve a student like my son!!

    Monday morning, my husband along with my son, who were to enquire about an Engg. college 42kms away, as if guided by some instinct, ended up in a college in KK Nagar. They even got to meet the Chairman who listened very patiently to what had happened. Finally, he looked up at my son for a long time and said, “Don’t worry. I will solve your problem. Just bring your Marksheet and I will give you admission!” My husband could’nt believe it! Many thoughts like ” Was it really this simple? Did I hear it right? Who knows..maybe they will demand a huge capitation fees!” crossed our minds. But the next day when we all went, we were simply asked to pay the fees and an amount of 1.5 lakhs towards the charitable trust which runs the college. Only later we came to know that this college (Meenakshi College of Engg.) has very good merits and still stands in par with many city colleges!

    Now, my son would not only be going to a decent college which is in the heart of the city, still enjoy home-cooked food, travel by college bus, HE WOULD BE THE MOST PRIVILAGED BOY TO GO TO A COLLEGE WHICH IS CHOSEN BY LORD HANUMAN HIMSELF!! (I’m sure there is a reason behind this too!).

    JAI HANUMAN. – Sarla Sekar

  41. Bindu Srinivasulu says:

    Harihi om Amma,
    Maaku chaala santhoshamuga unnadi. Mee roopamulo hanumanthudu mammalini aseervadham chesthunnaru, inthakuminchi bhagyam maaku ekkada dorukuthundi. Maa janma dhanyamaindi.- Bindu Srinivasulu

  42. P.MARUTHI DEVI says:

    After very long time i visited peetam yester day . Seeing hanuman i felt so happy because in our office we celebrates kumbabhishekam in the morning to hanumanji at that time i remember malli abhishekam which one done by mathaji in ethiraja marriage hall 2 years back .I want to request mathaji to do once again .Hanumanji given me gift .Ican not express my feelings ,Thank u mathaji

  43. Divit Ujjwal says:

    All i’ll just say is, m happy dat d lord visited me in my dream. i m highly privileged & obliged. “aum shri hanumate namah” “jai siya rama”

  44. A V Kamala Rao says:

    Sanjeevini Peetam, Chennai..Akshaya Trithiya Celebrations – 2-5-2014

    On this day of Akshaya Thrithiya , dated 2-05-2014, one of the great auspicious days, Sri Vishnu Ashtotram Pooja was performed to the Lord Krishna with 1 lakhs jasmine flowers by Mathaji in our sacred peetam. Amma gave the opportunity to all the devotees to offer flowers to the Lord.
    In her words, Mathaji signified the values of offering jasmine flowers to the super power. She said that it enables to empower the gurubalam(for education), chandrabalam ( for health).I personally feel that the offering fragrant flowers like jasmine,roses makes our mind pure and drives out the bad aroma of all negative attitudes in our chakras.
    We had a nice darshan of handsome Lord Hanuman and Lord Krishna beautifully decorated with red flowers,beetel leaves and tulasi. I wholeheatedly appreciate the dedicated task of alankaram to the Lord by Mathaji and her family. Last but not the least the devotion and dedication shown by Mrs.Bindu and her family in helping Mathaji in all the ways is always appreciable. God bless them in all walks of their life.
    As per my request, Mathaji spoke a few words about prominence of performing Homams in residences or in such peetams. She emunerated that such homams will help to face and overcome certain hurdles occur in our chakras due to bad planetary motion. Hope we all should strictly follow this and get the required benefit.
    Let god drench all those who are present on this great day with his blessings,

  45. Sarala Mahalakshmi says:

    To start a project like Hanuman Chalisa Mandapam, ….. To execute it SINGLE HANDEDLY, by just trusting only Hanuman and by the guidance of Your Guru- Bagavadh Gita …. To strive relentlessly to achieve that goal and yet not to deter from the path of RIGHTEOUSNESS AND SIMPLICITY……Mathaji, What an INSPIRATION You are and ought to be to all of us! We wish You ALL THE VERY BEST for such a pious project – Sarala Mahalakshmi

  46. A V Kamala Rao says:

    A V Kamala Rao jai hanuman. I am able to visualise the lord in the homam. He is omnipresence alsong with u whatever u do and whenever u do amma. u r all blessed greatly by his presence on such auspicious day. jai bajrang bali. hari om.

  47. T.R.Yegnaraman says:

    profounds namaskarams to mathaji.

    seeking asirwahams



    SRI RAMA NAVAMI – 8-4- 2014……..

    AWESOME alankaram done to the Lord Hanuman. As soon as we entered in we had a darshan of SUNDARA HANUMAN, Automatically our eyes will stop blinking also.I felt it because it is due to RAMANAMAM’S pasted as alankaram to the lord which is written by a devotee. It has taken a prominent place in the appearance of the lord and had given an awesome attractionand glow to the idol. GOD BLESS THAT DEVOTEE IN ALL WALKS OF HIS LIFE. A great and excellent experience to every devotee who gathered in the sanjeevini peetam on 8-4-2014 between 6.00 p.m to 8.00 p.m as mathaji performed pooja with rare and auspicious flower called as SRIPUSHPAM to the Lord during her pilgrimage to Tirupathi and Japali.
    Along with abhishekam with Sacred Ganga water to the Lord, in her words she signified that Sri Rama Navami is celebrated on the occasion of the emanation of the word ‘RAMA’ on this day.
    Chanting of Sri Rama RakshaStotram, Hanuman Chalisaduring the abishekam to the Lord led the devotees to feel the eternal presence of the lord.
    A great boon to the peetam and to our mathaji was given in the form of 1 crore RAMA NAMAM written by an devotee of 82 years old on this auspicious day which shows that hanuma has cleared all the hurdles in the path of our mathaji’s vision programme in future.It is a memorable incident on this great day. Let all of us pray the lord to bless the devotee who has gifted with this to our peetam. I feel that this is agreement given by the lord to our mathaji to fulfil her vision programme.
    All those who ever were present there rendered Rama bhajans and Mathaji offered the SRIPUSHPAM toall the devotees. It is a great blessing to have that auspicious flower. Jaggery syrup mixed with elaichi, pepper and vadapappu ( soaked moong dal with spices) was distributed to all and was very yummy.
    I feel from my heart that sakala loka kalyanardham, what Mathaji is doing is highly commendable and appreciable. I find no words to spell out on these activities done by mathaji. I pray to the lord to give strength, time and opportunity to participate fulfledgedly in all the activities of our peetam and get blessed by the lord.I also request you to do the same. ADDANKI. V. KAMALA DEVI RAO


    Hari Om Amma,
    here are the words as required by you. hope it will give u a pleasure in reading these sentences. They are as follows.

    1.) The project of constructing Hanuman Chalisa Mandapam is only to lift myself but not to restore others.Due to omnipotence of Lord Hanuma or to be fortunate enough to have Bhagawadgita as my Guru, to make my human birth as holy and sacred,with the support of my family members, we have started this project.
    2.) Mainly, NO DONATIONS ARE ACCEPTED. We are unable to figure out whose earnings are fair and who are gentlemen. Now selfishness is ruling in people.Very few know that earlier many times this project was planned but not worked out. Hence it was started without informing anyone. I apologize for that.
    3.) As per my capacity, this year with two lakh rupees (20×10) for a small Hanuman Chalisa Mandapam, next year another deed, the very next year one more task and so on,we are planning to start. As soon as I am into 60th year, I want to spend my rest of the life in swamy’s sannidhi by making minimum required amenities for my stay there in that village.At present there are no minimum facilities to make my stay comfortable over there. Not only that I have to fulfill some physical responsibilities.
    4.) Since 8 years, I am in a good relation with villagers. They became very near and dear to me. And also they have great faith in the lord and also in me.I feel that i should safeguard the trust and faith what those villagers have in me. I will strive hard to my level best to inculcate spiritual awareness in the villagers,canvass for the imperishable National unity and to guide our traditional doctrines.
    5.) To cease the propaganda of the other religions, first of all we should know the meaning of the word ” RELIGION” and what is Indian Religion. This can be done only by following certain things.For that I started this trial of a small project. Hence I request your wholehearted support and blessings. I feel that Lord Hanuma has appointed me as representative to fulfill this great responsibility.

  50. Anupama says:

    I wish to be a part of Sanjeevani peetham. I am a Radha krishna bhakt and Hanumanji as well. I consider Hanumanji as my guru who will help me to reach Radha Krishna. I want to cultivate immense bhakti in Radha Krishna as well as Hanumanji. Please guide me on how to worship Hanumanji daily. Please mail me on my email id regarding this. I also have experiences of hanumanji. 3 years back i had a dream where i was in a nearby Maruti temple which is used to regularly visit. I dreamt that suddenly a monkey appeared and gave me a coconut and blessed me and there was a Lakshman Ram and Sita statue kept behind and after giving me the coconut and blessing me the monkey proceeds towards The Ram Sita statue and dissapears. What does this indicate? Does it indicate Hanuman ji or is it only my mind creating such dreams coz i regularly visit the temple?

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