By | March 23, 2012
         Deeksha should be observed in a relaxed way. There are  no restrictions . Keep your mind free and observe deeksha. Never count the number of days for the deeksha to finish or never think ” when will this deeksha get over ?”. Hanuman will never punish us. We are observing deeksha for our sake and not for Swami’s sake .Don’t take everything for granted and observe deeksha according to your own convenience. ” oh ! why  is this deeksha going to finish so fast ? ” — only when you get this feeling, you will be able to do more. Mentally and physically we should feel the happiness and observe deeksha. Only then, we get more closer to Hanuman. During deeksha time, the problems we might face gets scared seeing our Hanuman Deeksha  and just goes away. That means, the problem should be scared to see us. This deeksha will make us feel that we should continue this lifelong. I say this because, I have felt it and experienced it .This will definitely be enjoyable.
Happiness will be there, will continue, will be there.
1. Deeksha can be observed for 5, 11, 21 or 41 days . Deeksha will be given on 6-4-2012.
2. Two sets of orange dress , flowers , fruits , coconut , sindooram , cow ghee — to be brought on that day .
3. Even though there are no restrictions,basic rules have to be followed.
4. a) Bramhachariam
    b) Balanced food
    c) Daily   head bath ( Gents )
       Head bath on Tuesdays and Saturdays ( Ladies )
    d) Daily 2 times Deeparadhanai, 108 times upadesha mantra parayanam
    e) Daily 5 times Hanuman Chalisa parayanam.
5. Everybody are aware of what all has to be avoided.
People who take up Deeksha will be given Deeksha kankanam, Thulasi mala, Hanuman dollar, Deeksha mantram, Valagra Hanuman photo on Deeksha day – 6-4-2012.

2017  Hanuman  Deeksha Praramba date  11-4-2017 @ Peetam