New Year 2013 – Mathaji Talk (English)

By | December 31, 2012

Harihi Om,

The year 2013 is  starting  on an auspicious day i.e. Mangalavaram ( Tuesday). This is the day liked by the Lord Hanuman and is the most preferred day for worshipping the Lord Hanuman. So on this auspicious day (Mangalavaram) performing good tasks, good thoughts,and good preaches may lead us to a bright path  inthe year 2013. When we surrender ourselves to  our Global God  Lord Hanuman, any difficulties or calamities

occurred  on this planet or in our life will definitely be flown away . This I believe in Manasa,Vaacha and Karmana. I am going to perform a special Santhi pooja to Lord Hanuman in the  peetam on 1-1-2013 to bless all the good people in the society. The pooja phalam is dedicated  to the good people (Lord Hanuman knows who are good, ok)  and those who believe in the divine powers of the almighty .

For the good people, all the days (today/tomorrow/yesterday) and all the years (present/past) will always be, must be and also is Mangalakaram(good).

But you may have a question who are good people? What is good? You have to question and answer  to self. This cannot be guided or taught by anyone.This should be figured out in ones Antharatma  alone  and to be decided by you and have a change in attitude to express your sincerity and honest behaviour. Then your good attitudes will be recognized by the world and the whole world will be at your foot steps. “Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu” means all the people (good) should lead a happy and well versed  life. But not the bad attitude people.So we have to retrospect ourselves about our attitude and enlighten ourselves towards the good tasks. So let us take an oath  to inculcate the good attitude in us(it is difficult to achieve in the present society) and welcome the New Year 2013.

 As far as possible, celebrate the New Year Eve with

A good word (satsangh)
A good task (daanam)
A good food (balance diet)

I wish you all a Very Happy New Year. Celebrate the new year happily. Then every moment will be a Happy New Year Day.

With Lots Of Hanuman Blessings