Special Hayagreeva Raksha

Special Hayagreeva Raksha and Hanuman dollar along with effective counselling was given to all students appearing for their exams. These Rakshas are available daily at Sanjeevini Peetam between 8 to 9 a.m . Lord Hanuman is Five Faced ( Pancha Mukha ) . One of the faces is of Lord Hayagreeva ( horse faced ) . Lord Hayagreeva is mainly worshipped for good Health and Education . Lord Anjaneya was given a face-lift like Lord Hayagreeva and worshipped on that day , particularly for the welfare of students .

Hayagreeva Sthothram {Chant 5 times – before Exam}

Gnaana nandha mayam dhevam , Nirmala Spatikaa kruthim ,
 Aadhaaram Sarva vidyaanaam , Hayagreeva mupaasmahe II
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