Auspicious days for HANUMAN (Thrayodasi and Moola Nakshatram Pradosha Pooja) – Mathaji’s Valuable Counselling

Auspicious day for Hanuman – 18-1-2015, 6 pm
{Lord Hanuman’s Adhishtana Nakshathram -Moola} (Thrayodasi and moola nakshatram ) Pradosha Pooja.In Ekadasa Rudrasa, Lord Hanuman is Ajaikapada Rudra.

The auspicious 3 hour period, 1.5 hours before and after the sunset is one of the optimum time for worship of Lord Shiva. The fast or vow performed during the period is called “Pradosha vratam. A devotee should wear rudraksha, Vibhuti and worship Lord Shiva by Abisheka, Sandal paste, Vilva leaves, Fragrance, Deepa & Naivaedyaas. – Hanuman Mathaji

The nakshatra Moola is represented by the tail of the Scorpion

Moola Nakshathram day – 4-9-2014

{Lord Hanuman’s Adhishtana Nakshathram -Moola}

Hanuman Langoolashtram – Sathrunjaya Sthothram {English & Telugu}

moola1 moola-2

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