About Hanuman

About Hanuman

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Hanuman, blissfully unaware of His own strengths and capabilities, expands and enlarges Himself when flattered and reminded of His inherent power, blesses His devotees who chant Hanuman Chalisa with wholehearted dedication. I go a little further and remind the devotees that Hanumath Upasana enables them to fathom the real meaning and purpose of life and attain the blessings of the Lord.

Hanuman, while leaping into the skies on Lord Rama’s errand at the command of Jambavantha was so self-confident, determined and strong-willed that He announces publicly with irrepressible optimism that He would return only after achieving the purpose for which He was undertaking the mission. True to His confidence and ecstatic over the accomplishment of the divine assignment, He returns with a sweet message to the Lord with renewed strength and vigour. I am therefore reassured to call upon all the devotees to take a leaf out of this confidence-building part of the episode and rest assured that by a total and absolute surrender at the feet of Lord Hanuman, they are assured of success and achievement without any doubt.   – Hanuman Mathaji

Hanuman vahanam

Sundarakanda, the illustrious and inspiring part of the epic Ramayan, shows us how Hanuman, when asked to simply trace the Sita and report to Lord Rama, eventually humbles the adversaries and reduces the magnificent city of Lanka to ashes and turns formidable tasks into achievable goals. A true and sincere devotee should learn a lesson from this real talent of Lord Hanuman as to how he can also overcome the hardships and obstacles and taste success at the end provided he undertakes his tasks with single-minded pursuit and determination.

1)    The birth star of Lord Hanuman is Poorvabhadra. On that day, Pushkarudu, the king of Vanaras attained fame and austerity by worshipping Him.
2)    The birth day of Lord Hanuman is Saturday. The King Bharath worshipped Lord Hanuman every Saturday, attained matchless power & strength.
3)    On every Vaidruthi Yogam , Durvaasa muni worshipped Lord Hanuman and attained self-mortification.

4)    On every Tuesday, Sita performed Lord Hanuman pooja and became a fortunate woman.

“Paramam Pavithram Hanuman Sindhooram
Paramam  Vichithram  Leela Sindhooram
Paramardha Ishthardha Moksha Pradatham
Hanuman Sindhooram Idhamashrayami
Hanuman Sindhooram Satatam Smarami
Hanuman Sindhooram Manasa Smarami.”


Hanumath Sevakuralu
Mathaji. Kanya Kumari
(Founder President)
Sri Sanjeevini Peetam, Chennai.


ఈ మూర్తి పేరు ఆద్యంత ప్రభు. తమిళనాడులో చైన్నై నగరం అడయార్ ప్రాంతంలో మధ్యకైలాశ్‌లో ఉన్న ఆనంద వినాయకుని ఆలయంలో ఈ మూర్తి ఉంది. ఇందులో సగం రూపం వినాయకుడు, సగం హనుమంతుడు. ఆదిలో వినాయకుడిని, ముగింపులో హనుమంతుడిని పూజిస్తారు. ఆద్యంతాలకు ప్రతీక అయిన ఈ స్వామిని ఆద్యంత ప్రభు అన్నారు. హనుమంతుడు, వినాయకుడు, వేర్వేరైనా, తత్త్వం ఒక్కటే. చంద్రోదయవేళ భక్తితో ఒకసారి స్వామిని స్మరిద్దాం.