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హనుమత్ జయంతి Hanuman Jayanthi 17-5-2020

Hanumath Kalyanam 35th Year HANUMAN JAYANTHI ~ ( Vaisaka Bahula Dasami ) హనుమత్ జయంతి 17-5-2020…. పరాశర మహర్షి – పరాశర సంహిత – శ్రీ ఆంజనేయ చరిత్ర : వైశాఖ మాసం , బహుళ పక్షం, దశమి తిది , శనివారం, పూర్వాబాద్ర నక్షత్రం , వైధృతి యోగం , కర్కాటక లగ్నం , మధ్యాహ్న సమయం, కౌండిన్య గోత్రం హనుమత్ జననం .More details :

Anjanachala Pournami Deepam @ Sayana Giri

We are pleased to inform to all our friends that Hanuman Mathaji has started Anjanachala Pournami Deepam at Sayana giri, which is situated at the back of the ashramam – Sanjeevini Peetam. This is held on every month on an auspicious day of Pournami. Mathaji has initiated this event from past 2 years and we… Read More »

Anti Carona Virus Gayatri Mantra Homam

25th Mar 2020: Today Auspicious time onwards, P M Modi sir, suggested 21 days Lock Down, against Karona Virus. So, (21 days) Ardha Mandala Yagnam – I am doing Isolated Viswa Santhi Yagnam, starting from Telugu Yugadi day to Tamil Yugadi for speed Recovery from Corona and eradicate this pandemic – Hanuman Mathaji. First Pooja… Read More »

Bhagavath Geetha Mandir Grand Opening Ceremony & Mathaji’s 59th birthday celebrations 10-8-2017

Sakshi  10-8-2017 Praogramme GRAND OPENING CEREMONY OF BHAGAVATH GEETHA MANDIR, DUSI ON 10 TH AUGUST 2017 Gho Pooja: Angurarpanam of the inaugural function was “Gho” Pooja in front of the Mandir. ‘Gho’ blessed the occasion by dropping the dung twice, taken as a positive sign from Lakshmi Devi. After the rituals of Gho Pooja were done, Mathaji has… Read More »

Miracles of Hanuman – My Awesome Experience – Hanuman Mathaji.

This is a picture taken@ Lavanya’s (Mathaji’s daughter) wedding which had taken place in Kabaleeshwarar Temple, Mylapore. As soon as the wedding got over,  a Person pushed through the crowd saying,  ” Move..give me way..I’m from Hanuman Ghat, Rishikesh!! I want to bless the couple!      Mathaji was in deep meditation at that time.… Read More »