Yerikaatha Anjaneyar

Sougandhika Pushpa Hanuman (Earikaatha Anjaneyar) సౌగంధిక  పుష్ప  హనుమాన్  ( ఏరికాత   హనుమాన్  ) 



after-before-eari-kaatharEarikaatha Anjaneyar yathra 2011  (సౌగంధిక  పుష్ప  హనుమాన్  ( ఏరికాత   హనుమాన్  ) )

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JAI SRI RAM                            HARIHI OM                JAI  BAJARANGA BALI


            About five years back (2007) when I acquired an acre of land in the midst of pleasant and tranquil surroundings near Kancheepuram, so  excited I was to spot, very near there, a six feet tall, grand and imposing idol of Lord Abhaya Veeranjaneya, believed to have been placed there about six hundred years ago. We were pleasantly surprised and extremely happy for a moment that it was the Lord Himself that willed and ordered that I shall go over there and acquire that piece of land situated very near the idol. It pained me a lot to learn a little thereafter that the routine daily rituals in the form of Pooja and Neivedyam and decorate the idol with the betel leaves and fruits that were dear to him, were totally absent since no devotee dedicated to make these offerings was living anywhere nearby. The idol, located on the banks of Mamandur lake stands with the right hand erect, as though ordering the gushing seasonal waters not to surge beyond that point thus saving the lives and properties of the people living in the nearby village of Dusi. It was thus that the idol acquired  the name Earikaatha Anjaneya Swamy. From then onwards we have been tirelessly making all efforts to conduct special poojas monthly once and offer the homams,  floral decorations, oil, vibhoothi, chandanam,panneer, Abhishekams and butterpresentation to the Lord.

The significance and importance of this idol is:-

  • (1)   Here all sevas to the Lord can be performed by the devotee himself with his own hands,
  • (2)   The idol gets more and more resplendent, shining and gorgeous in view of the uninterrupted polishing it undergoes due to regular and continuous full treatment that the same is subjected to by the devotees  – Hanuman Mathaji
  • Note :- People coming by Car or Van, On their own, can come to Earikatha Sowgandhika Pushpa Hanuman Sannidi directly. From Kancheepuram Bus stand, there are buses coming to Dusi, every 10 minutes. For people coming by these buses to Dusi, Vehicle will be arranged by us From Dusi to Swamy Sannidi (2 km).

Draupadi’s wish
Draupadi is the wife of Pandavas. She had a desire to do pooja with sougandhika flowers. She knew her husbands are brave. But she also knew that the news may seem ridiculous to them. She knew out of her 5 husbands, only Bhima can help her in fulfilling her wish. She came near Bhima and told her wish. Bhima could not say no to his wife’s wish. He tracked down the direction of smell of flower that Draupadi had got. He went on that direction. He travelled a lot. But could not find the flower. While he was on his way, he saw an aged monkey sleeping in middle of the way. He came near and told monkey to vacate the way.
But monkey acted that it didnt listen.Bhima thought that he will lift the tail of the monkey which is an obstacle in path. He thought if he just use his sword, he could lift the tail. But he could not. Then he used one of his hands.
But no use. Then he used both his hands to lift the tail. He could not move it an inch also. Bhima thought that he is one of mightiest man in world. But now he could not lift a tail also. Bhima realised monkey must be a person in disguise. When he asked , Monkey replied he is Hanuman. Since both are born because of boon of Vaayu Deva ,now thay have become brothers. Hanuman came to know from Bhima that he is after a flower which is beautiful and also having nice smell.
Hanuman realised that the flower must be from garden from Kubera.
Hanuman said so to Bhima. He also told the way to go to Kubera’s garden.
Bhima thanked Hanuman and went near Kubera. Kubera gave the flower to Bhima when he asked for it.Bhima came near Draupadi and gave the flower thus completing her wish.

( సౌగంధిక  పుష్ప  హనుమాన్  – ఏరికాత   హనుమాన్  ) 
Mamandur lake,
Nathakolla village,
Dusi  post, Vembakkam Taluk,
Tiruvannamalai District – 631702
(8 KMS FROM KANCHEEPURAM TOWN)                                                          


  Hanumath Sevakulu
Mathaji. Kanya Kumari
(Founder President)
Sri Sanjeevini Peetam, Chennai.



28th Year Hanumath Vratham – Margasira Suddha Trayodasi-25-12-2012 (Telugu & English)

On completion of 1 lakh Hanuman Chalisa Parayanam by Mathaji, July Nakshathra pooja celebrated with 1Lakh Kanakambram flowers


Yerikaatha Anjaneyar Poojas Photos  సౌగంధిక  పుష్ప  హనుమాన్  ( ఏరికాత   హనుమాన్  )

INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY (21 JUNE) Celebrations, Devotee Kiran Irumudi 40 days Mandala Deeksha Ceremony – Panchami Pooja, Plants.@ Sougandika Pushpa Hanuman Sannidi, Anjanamma Land, Kancheepuram, Tamilnadu

Flag Inauguration & Silver Jubilee Santhi Pooja at Anjanamma land on 15-8-2014

HANUMAN CHALISA MANDAPAM at Anjanamma Land 6-4-2014

* Auspicious day for Hanuman at Earikaatha Anjaneyar Sannidi 9-3-2014

* Sanjeevini Peetam Sankranthi 2014 Celebrations

Sanjeevini Peetam -29th Year Hanumath Vratham Celebrations,Margasira Suddha Thrayodasi 15-12-2013 (Sund

) 8-12-2011, 27th Year. Photos

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