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By | January 16, 2012

1008 Mangala vara Pooja (English)

1008 Chevvai Kizhamai Pooja (English)


God Hanuman crossed the vast ocean taking a long great leap and met Sri Sita Ji and gave her the message of Sri Ram at Ashoka vanam on a TUESDAY.From then onwards every Tuesday Sita Ji performed Puja for Hanuman   {Avathar of Lord Shiva) after his dharshan at Ashokavanam.

Hanumanji after burning Lanka and killing one of the sons of Ravan, Akshaya Kumar, returned to Ram, crossing over the sea again and gave the message of Sita to Sri Ram on a TUESDAY.After killing Ravan, and giving the throne of Lanka, to Vibhishan, Ram returned to Ayodhya on a TUESDAY.

As is blessed by the Gods, Hanumanji is to remain alive till this universe will remain. Such was the boon of Sri Sitaji also, when Hanumanji met her on a TUESDAY, in Ashok vatika, where Ravan kept her out of his palace.

He is a living god on this earth. If he is worshipped, every desire of the devotee is fulfilled.Like this all auspicious events happened on Tuesdays.  Lord Rama asked Seetha to perform Puja to Hanuman that would eventually reach Rama himself and Lord Shiva.

  1.  Lord Rama blesses Hanuman Devotees who perform Sindhura Lepam Abishekam all over the body of Hanuman Idol.
  2. Sita Devi’s Blessings are showered on all devotees who perform Pooja with Naivedyam made of Bananas.
  3.  Devotees who perform Pooja on Tuesdays to God Hanuman shall be blessed with Long Life & Happiness, Health & Wealth and Name & Fame.  (ref: Parasara Samhitha).

Mathaji’s auto Biography & Essence of Tuesday Puja {Tuesday & Its Importanace in my life}

I have taken those Golden Words as Hanuman’s guidance to me when I was suffering hardship in life.  When I heard about the above sayings , i never questioned whether Hanumanji is omnipresent ! whether Sita Devi will be pleased with pooja !  My only aim was to start the Tuesday Pooja immediately.During 1985, amid the hardships I faced,  I started the Tuesday Pooja with more determination.  Many Hanuman Devotees joined me in performing the pooja with 108 Bananas and Ashtotram.  Thamboolam (Betel leaves & Supari) was given to one couple every Tuesday with Hanumanji’s blessings.  ELEVEN YEARS this Pooja was performed by me continuously without break with devotees’ participation.  Later on I continued this Tuesday Pooja individually at home without any hindrance. I am happy to declare that more than 1008 Tuesday poojas have been performed by me and I continue to do throughout my life with the BLESSINGS OF MY GURU (BHAGWAT GITA). When I started this Pooja, I never thought how I will perform 1008 Tuesdays continuously.  At that time my single goal was to come up in life and spread the GLORY AND GREATNESS OF HANUMANJI.  Some petty obstacles came across while performing this Pooja but my determination could not spoil this but ultimately I succeeded.TUESDAY is also called JAYAVARAM.  Truly speaking, all good things in life happened to me on Tuesdays.  Therefore, with all enthusiasm I perform this Pooja every Tuesday.Even though I started this pooja long back, I feel that I started this event recently and I completed much more than 1008 Tuesdays pooja. The ultimate result of this is :


This is called ANJANEYA VAIBHAVAM. With Hanumanji on my side, I never looked back and always had strength to face all obstacles in life with courage. My BELOVED HANUMAN saved me from all my hardships  and I am the real life proof in front of you. Many of you have seen me perform this pooja in the past and I continue to do this throughout my life.  When you perform Tuesday Pooja with full devotion definitely God Hanuman protects you from difficulties or obstacles in life and success follows in your life. I have written this article and put in front of all Hanuman Devotees for their benefit.  In this stressful life it is very necessary for our youngsters to realize the importance of Tuesday Pooja to God Hanuman regularly with full devotion to get Health, Wealth and Success in their Life. I wish all parents inculcate the habit of chanting HANUMAN CHALISA in their children to increase Honor, Strength, Courage and Success. Sri Hanuman is eternal. He is an epitome of selfless devotion. He is virtuous and saviour of the virtuous. He continues to guide and protect His devotees.


All Devotees are invited to attend the Santhi Pooja on 15th January 2012,  Sunday – that is auspicious in many ways.   Hastha Nakshatram falls on Sunday and also Makara Sankranthi day.  This happens very rarely once in 4 or 5 years.  We are performing 1008 Tuesday Santhi Pooja to God Hanuman on this most precious day.  All devotees are invited to attend the pooja and get blessed by Hanumanji.


I am in immense happiness to announce that I completed chanting more than ONE LAKH  HANUMAN CHALISA and SANTHI POOJA will be performed very soon.  Details will be published soon.



–  Mathaji



Devotees who are interested in starting this TUESDAY POOJA may follow the following procedure.  I, out of  my own experience since many years,have been and is still  following this procedure.  I have gained tremendous happiness and is sure this happiness will reach you also once this pooja is done with perfection ,devotion and  dedication.

1. This pooja can be done for either 11,40,108,1008 weeks depending on your capability, strength and determination.

2. On a Tuesday,definitely take head bath,clean the entire house,dress up like a typical sumangali-hair plaited [no loose hair ]  with flowers ,keep kumkum ,wear bangles ,apply turmeric for your feet   [ decently covered]. This pooja can be performed by  all people.Place either 108 fruits ,108 betel leaves, 108 flowers ,108 Akshatha and perform Ashtotharam. For Naivedyam- 5  bananas.Hanuman chalisa to be recited.Perform Harathi for the Lord and give Thamboolam. A lady has to give Thamboolam to a lady and men to men.

3. The most important rule to be followed- to your level best do not tell lies,do not quarrel with anybody,speak good words,participate  in or organise a satsang.Following these rules in this present society is quite difficult,so keep aloof as far as possible.

4. Have limited sathvika Aharam [easily digestible food ], 3 times.

5.The most important point-at least tell one person the greatness of Lord Hanuman and give him assurance that you will be there to guide him correctly at any circumstance.


I have been following all the above mentioned instructions perfectly for all these years.Try following this for atleast 5 weeks and you will automatically gain confidence to proceed.
My heart filled blessings for the devotees who have made a beginning and who are going to begin.


IMPORTANCE OF 15.1.2012, sunday-6.pm.

  • 15.1.2012 is an Auspicious day for LORD HANUMAN.
  • Makara Sankranthi.
  • Uttarayana punyakalam Aarambham.
  • Sabarimala Jyothi darisanam.

**   Since, all the above 4 Auspicious events fall on the same day,it has been decided to conduct SANTI POOJA on this day.


  • 1 LAKH value CURRENCIES ALANKARAM for Lord Hanuman.

Devotees can contribute money up  to any amount for the Alankaram.
Re 1/- will be added to their contributed amount and returned to them.
This returned amount should be spent or utilised for a good purpose.
Devotees interested in contributing should inform Sanjeevini Peetam previously through e-mail.


Gingely oil mixed with Sindhooram is used for the Abhishekam of Lord Hanuman.Seeing this Abhishekam  itself is not only good,but a lot of good things are destined to happen.

  • Ashtothara pooja

Because of the completion of 1008 Tuesday’s, Ashtothara pooja with 1008 bananas is going to be performed.Opportunity will be given for 10 people to participate in  this pooja.Interested people can contact us previously.

All are welcome.  With best wishes   by  Mathaji.