Diwali celebrations – Mythological Fancy Dress competition for Sanjeevini Peetam Members – 27.10.2013

By | November 1, 2013


November 4, 2013 at 5:39 am (Edit)

A. V. KAMALA RAO —Hari Om Amma,
excellent, marvellous, superb, awesome, etc…. I am not finding further words to describe our peetam event, i.e. this competition. First let me congratulate all the members of the peetam for their enthu and zeal to participate in such events. Their interest, creativity should be appreciated a lot. Hats Off to everybody whosoever are the part in that event.Exclusively, your appearance as the lord gives me the vision as though the lord himself has come in the form of you giving darshan to all. excellent. no words to describe you amma. The photo which shows the lord in your heart is mind blowing like anything. I agree 100% that you r blessed by hanuman and he is always with you. venuji”s appearance as Guru Raghavendra and hanuma, Suvarchala,maruthi’s posture is also awesome. Last but not the least everyone’s costume was remarkable. once again excellent, amma. Such events and thoughts will never be successful until the gods grace is on you all. I wish the Lord to downpour his blessings on you all forever. Ifeel sincerely that b’coz of your previous birth punyam (poorva janma sukrutham), you are all able to get such a great opportunity.



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