Hanuman Chalisa Competitions 2013 Prizes distribution ceremony

By | August 16, 2013

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ramamurthy ravichandren says:
August 19, 2013 at 2:43 pm
Greetings !
We thank Mathaji, and all others who have taken efforts to organise the Hanuman Chalisa competition.Although it was made clear to us at the time of registration that the minimum age was 5 years, for participation, our daughter was included in the special category (below 5 years). Not only that, a prize was also given to her under special category.
A special thanks for this also. Prizes apart, the ultimate prize that such event confers is Bhakthi and Devotion to Sri Hanumanji, inculcated in the children. Mathaji and Sanjeeveni Peetam deserve praise for fostering this in children. In the present situation, where the pressure on children is ever increasing, it has been suggested that Hanumath Bhakthi be cultivated in children specially, for Budhir Bhalam and Dhairyam for facing the challenges and resolving them. Sanjeeveni Peetam and Mathaji have contributed to this fostering of Hanumath Bhakthi through the competition. Parents and schools deserve appreciation for motivating their children to participate in this event. With prayers to Sri Hanumanji for growth and success of Sanjeeveni Peetam for bringing more
and more children into is fold.
Parents of Brahmavidya



It gives me an immense pleasure to express my gratefulness to all those who made this function a grand success and a memorable day of the year 2013. I am very grateful to the committee members for their contribution financially and manually. I pray the lord to bless them with all the way success in their lives. Last but not the least a special thanks to my media friends.

 My salutations to all the parents of children who participated in the competition. Children are the citizens of the tomorrows nation.So we are concentrating on them. Now a days a lot of conversion into other religions is taking place.Therefore our Hindu tradition and culture is disappearing as time is passing.so as to bring awareness about this, I thought the only way to inculcate the awareness is this.
At least “ONCE” in a day, in any time, all the members in your family sit together and chant chalisa. so that no evil spirits or bad virtues, ill health, tragic situations will not be dare enough to enter your house. I promise you. All of you or atleast few of you if followed as said above. I feel very very happy and utter the words in front of my beloved Lord as ‘I AM PROUD OF MYSELF IN DOING SUCH AN EXCELLENT JOB’. Hence I wish whole heartedly to get absorbed by good thoughts in mind and lead a happy, success and prosperous life thro’out your span.
Thanking you once again with always Hanuman Smaranams


Devotees Talks :

A.V.KAMALA RAO says:August 15, 2013 at 6:29 pm

Hari Om Amma,
As soon as I entered peetam, my eyes attracted the special item on account of special day. that is nothing but the our National Flag. Great Mathaji, along with spirituality, I appreciate your patriotic nature that is love to our motherland. We have to initiate ourselves in that path by observing all these. Conducting chalisa competitions to the chiranjeevis and screening them, motivating, inculcating the spiritual awareness in the children from the root, rewarding them by giving prizes to encourage them to participate in such activities is commendable. The way the prize distribution has been organised is very systematic . I appreciate you and all the committee members who are behind in organising this great function. Apart from this classical dance performance given by chy.laksha is awesome. Encouragement given by you is also commendable. This type of functions that exhibits spirituality , patriotism,repect and love for our tradition and culture will be an eyeopener for everyone. And also the participation certificate is also given to the children those who had participated.It is good. That motivates the child to involve himself or herself in such activities in future. I am so lucky enough to be a part of our peetam activities. I try my level best to do the best for the peetam. Due to some responsibilities I am not able to involve 100% myself in the Peetam Activities. Hope in future TheLord gives me the opportunity to serve and to do the best.