Miracles of Hanuman – My Awesome Experience – Hanuman Mathaji.

By | June 16, 2017
This is a picture taken@ Lavanya’s (Mathaji’s daughter) wedding which had taken place in Kabaleeshwarar Temple, Mylapore. As soon as the wedding got over,  a Person pushed through the crowd saying,  ” Move..give me way..I’m from Hanuman Ghat, Rishikesh!! I want to bless the couple!      Mathaji was in deep meditation at that time.  So, some of them shook her awake saying, ” There’s so much of commotion going on Please come and see what’s happening, Mathaji!!”.    Then Mathaji came just as that person was blessing the couple. He was tall, such a pinkish complexion and had large ears. He then took from his pocket , currencies of all  denominations and just stuffed it in Lavanya’s hand. As hurriedly as He came , He quickly left just like that without giving time to click a photo!! No one could trace him again!!  It was only after that did Mathaji realize that it could be none other than Hanuman!!   He’d worn the dark glasses just to hide his identity.     This picture is actually a still from the video taken during the wedding.- Sarala Mahalaxmi…

⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠Harihi Om…. Really we are blessed. Thank you so much for your memory power . Once again you are remembered the blessed moment ….. 2008. Jai Hanuman. Love you Amma.- Lavanya……..


Miracles of Hanuman – My Awesome Experience – Please observe circle symbol photos – Hanuman is Every Where – Thank you – Jai Sri Ram – Jai Bhajaranga bali – Hanuman Mathaji (Photos Taken by My Beloved Son Hanuma Chaithanya)
31th Year Hanumath Vratham Celebrations,Margasira Suddha Thrayodasi 23-12-2015 @ Kancheepuram
Mathaji took us to Erikatha Anjaneyar temple, where the statue got almost immersed in Palar river due to torrential rain that happened a week before. Deepam was lighted and Mathaji kept the deepam on a plantain stem piece and released on the water near the bund. A great wonder has happened. The Deepam slowly moved against the water current and reached close to the statue and stayed for more than 10 minutes which symbolically represents that Lord Hanuman has
accepted her offerings with happiness, though Mathaji could not reach Lord’s place due to 5 feet water in the mantapam. All devotees repeated this procedure but shockingly all of them stayed back. Vibrations in Mathaji have certainly felt by Lord and this incidence took place to the great surprise to all the public who have gathered there. After observing this, a school boy prepared himself to float a deepam and Mathaji told him to say JAI SRIRAM and with a smile he recited and the deepam moved in front of LORD. The reflection is: A Anyone who accepts him wholeheartedly is protected by Lord Hanuman. This pilgrimage will remain as a fond memory to every devotee who accompanied Mathaji on this day.
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