Sanjeevini Peetam -29th Year Hanumath Vratham Celebrations,Margasira Suddha Thrayodasi 15-12-2013 (Sunday)

By | December 5, 2013



History of Sri Hanumath Vratham.

In order to seek the Divine Grace and Blessings of Sri Hanumanji, a sacred Vratham is observed and performed on the auspicious day of Margasira Sudda Trayodasi which falls on the 15-12-2013 (as per English Calendar)


After destroying the Demon King Ravana in the battle, Sri Ramachandramoorthy was engulfed with a dosha for having killed Ravana who was a Brahmin Scholar and hence the Lord felt totally depressed and sad. In order to wash away his sin and to seek dosha pariharam, Sri Ramachandramoorthy sought the advice of Sri Jambhavantha, a learned scholar. Sri Jambhavantha suggested that in order to get complete dosha pariharam, it was necessary that Sri Ramachandramoorthy together with Matha Sita Devi should perform a special pooja at Hanumath Kundam near Rameshwaram, Tamilnadu, on the auspicious day of Margasira Sudda Trayodasi day so that the dosha is completely wiped off and that Sri Ramachandramoorthy is relieved from the sin .

Significance and Grace :

Our Respected Mathaji have been observing and performing this Vratham and Pooja for the past 29 years continuously with the Divine Grace of Sri Hanumanji. This year Hanumath Vratham and Pooja will be held on the 15-12-2013 from 12 noon. to 6.00 p.m. Earikaatha Anjaneyar Sannidhi, Dusi Village near Kancheepuram, Tamilnadu.

Hanumath Vratham and Pooja certainly helps to attain the Divine Grace and Blessings of Sri Ramachandramoorthy, Matha Sita Devi and Sri Hanumanji and along with good health, fearless life with living free from psychological and day to day stress and tension. Students observing this Vratham are certain to perform well in their academics for a successful career.

Please join this Vratham and Pooja by contacting Sanjeevinipeetam to certainly attain the Grace and Divine Blessings of Sri Ramachandramoorthy, Matha Sita Devi and Sri Hanumanji.

EARIKAATHA ANJANEYA SWAMY Sannidhi / Programme : 15-12-2013  (Sunday)– Special Sindhoora Lepana Pooja.

1. People coming by car or van,On their own,can come to Earikatha Anjaneya Swami Sannidhi directly.

2. From Kancheepuram Bus stand, there are buses coming to Dusi every 10 minutes.

3. For people Coming by these buses to Dusi,auto will be arranged by us from Dusi to swamy sannidhi.

All are welcome. More details :

Mamandur lake,
Nathakolla village,
Dusi mandalam,

More Details – Venuji : 9840364567

Hanumath Vratham Photos Link :