28th Year Hanumath Vratham – Margasira Suddha Trayodasi-25-12-2012 (Telugu & English) Aaku Pooja @ Banana Garden

By | December 19, 2012

                               Vimshathibhuja Anjaneya Swamy

1. Anjaneya Swami got a chance to become Bhavishyath Bramha in this Vimshathibhuja Avataram ( 20 hands ).

2. Performing vratham by keeping Vimshathibhuja Anjaneya Swami in the banana garden ( kadali vanam ) gives extraordinary benefits.

3. On Margasira Suddha Trayodasi, that too on a tuesday, that too during sunset time, our life is truly blessed ( janma dhanyam ) after performing this vratham


Mathaji Celebrated  Hanumath Vratham  at   Sundara vanam
Mamandur lake,
Nathakolla village,
Dusi mandalam,

1. HANUMATH VRATHAM (KADHALI VANARCHANA) 8-12-2011, 27th Year. Photos
2. Hanumath vratam 2010 ( 1 Lakh Betel leaves Archana ) Photos

3.Hanumath vratam 2008-09



28th Hanumath Vratham – Margasira Suddha Trayodasi-25-12-2012 (English)

               Trayodasi means 13. Trayodasakshari Mantram at this particular point of time is very special. A mahamantram containing 13 letters is only Trayodasakshari Maha  Mantram. ” Om Namo Bhagavathae Vayunandanaya.” This Maha Mantram, if chanted 108 times yields special benefits where in success is ensured in our endeavour. Hanuman has a diamond body capable of cruching a hill to mere powder. Hanuman is the one who helps us cross over an ocean called “problems.” Believers have not been losers. If you surrender with total belief, He gives you everything .For those who worship Him with concentration, bhakthi and call Him aloud, Hanuman is an inspiration for bhakthi and concentration.Definitely do parayanam of Trayodasakshari mantram 108 times.

Hanumath Vratham too is just like Sri SathyaNarayana swamy  Vratham and Sri Varalakshmi Vratham. Decorate Anjaneya Swami by keeping banana saplings and flowers. Keep Kalasam and do parayanam of Shodasopachara pooja, Athanga, Ashtothara pooja, Hanuman Chalisa.How much ever you know, you do.Not beyond your capacity. But in bhakthi, there should not be any defect. Even if there are any mistakes in the
pooja, ask for pardon.

Tie a thoram ( sacred yellow thread ) which has 13 knots, to your right hand. 13 flowers, 13 fruits, 13 vada, 13 bananas, 13 betel leaves, 13 laddu – naivedyams like these can be offered to your capacity.Do it well. Tambulam can be given to 13 people. Tell this to all those who are present there. See to it that they too follow this. With 13 wicks give harathi, do 13 pradakshinams (circumambulations), tell your wishes, pray that 2013 whould be a year of happiness to you.This way if performed for 13 years continously, Anjaneya Swami will be there in their house. But, for me this is the 28th vratham.Then see how big a temple there is in my heart for Hanuman.

On the occasion of  this Dhanur masam I am doing Pancha Mukha Hanuman  Manthra parayanam.The benefits of this parayanam will reach all those who have captured a place in my heart. So, this the reason for not meeting anybody. You would have observed.

All human beings  should have a goal and live to achieve it. Or atleast a plan should be there. If this too is not there, then this birth will go waste. Do plan, to your level best do the vratham, see the benefits. Live with a long life, health and happiness.Welcome 2013 along with Hanuman Vratham.

Questions :

A vratham means it should have 5 stories ?- a person called up and asked this question.

Answer :Just like all other vrathams, Hanuman vratham too has a 5 stories. But, all these are mere stories, will you believe them ? What ever happens live in front of our eyes can be believed. Look into the devotees talks of Sanjeevini Peetam. You will come to know regarding Swami’s greatness. You will come to know how much He adores those who worship Him wholeheartedly. Whatever happens in front of our eyes, we should identify. How ever after some days all these will be converted into stories. You too understand practically.  With great difficulty, by yawning and dozing off it is not necessary to listen to a story.

  1. How those in difficulty performed this vratham and how they were benefited.
  2. After eating this vratham prasadam, how many good things happen.
  3. That, if this vratham is criticized, their next birth will be a pitiable birth.
  4. That, if this vratha thoram is not tied, how many bad things happen.
  5.  That, if this vratham’s greatness is read ,how the haunting ofghosts and spirits go away.

             Like this there are 5 stories. But, all these are stories. Why do we require stories, we will  look into practicality.

Instead of performing a vratham in a grand manner, following a proper procedure, pronouncing the mantram clearly, along with mantram continously performing vratham, you know what is superior;

                                                        ” A small Experience.”

Think that Swami is sitting before you and with that feeling, expression, love and with good experience do it. This experience should be followed. Tell all of us about this experience in the form of a story. This only is the true greatness of the vratham.

Note : This entire story is my Experience.



History of Sri Hanumath Vratham

In order to seek the Divine Grace and Blessings of Sri Hanumanji, a sacred Vratham is observed and performed on the auspicious day of Margasira Sudda Trayodasi which falls on the 8-12-2011 (as per English Calendar)
After destroying the Demon King Ravana in the battle, Sri Ramachandramoorthy was engulfed with a dosha for having killed Ravana who was a Brahmin Scholar and hence the Lord felt totally depressed and sad. In order to wash away his sin and to seek dosha pariharam, Sri Ramachandramoorthy sought the advice of Sri Jambhavantha, a learned scholar. Sri Jambhavantha suggested that in order to get complete dosha pariharam, it was necessary that Sri Ramachandramoorthy together with Matha Sita Devi should perform a special pooja at Hanumath Kundam near Rameshwaram, Tamilnadu, on the auspicious day of Margasira Sudda Trayodasi day so that the dosha is completely wiped off and that Sri Ramachandramoorthy is relieved from the sin .
Significance and Grace
Our respected Mathaji have been observing and performing this Vratham and Pooja for the past 26 years continuously with the Divine Grace of Sri Hanumanji. This year Hanumath Vratham and Pooja will be held on the 8-12-2011 from 8.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. Earikaatha Anjaneyar Sannidhi, Dusi Village near Kancheepuram, Tamilnadu.
Hanumath Vratham and Pooja certainly helps to attain the Divine Grace and Blessings of Sri Ramachandramoorthy, Matha Sita Devi and Sri Hanumanji and along with good health, fearless life with living free from psychological and day to day stress and tension. Students observing this Vratham are certain to perform well in their academics for a successful career.
Please join this Vratham and Pooja by contacting Sanjeevinipeetam to certainly attain the Grace and Divine Blessings of Sri Ramachandramoorthy, Matha Sita Devi and Sri Hanumanji.