Ksheerabdhi Dwadasi Vratham (Chiluka Dwadasi) Chiluka Danchuta – 14-11-2013

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Ksheerabdhi Dwadasi is a day of divinity when MahaVishnu looks at the universe after his deep Dhyanam ( From Ashada Suddha Ekadasi to Karthigai Suddha Ekadasi). It is quite fortunate to have his vision on us when pooja is performed to him in the banana garden. Incidentally, this uniqueness falls in the month of Karthigai, as everyone offers the prayer to Lord Shiva under Amla and mango trees.
This concept was brought to our limelight by Mathaji of Sanjeevini Peetam. Mr. V.Surendra ( Advocate) F/o Suncoo Vasundara Sanjay Kumar extended his premises wholeheartedly for conducting this memorable occasion and the pooja – under the steward (Mathaji) with all her committee members – was held on thursday, the 14th November 2013 between 5 and 7 pm. Mathaji guided all to light the deepam under the Amla tree amidst the Gummi song with Gummi dance around the Amla tree.
Thereafter all gathered in the Banana garden, where all have sung Tulasi song, Tulasamma Gummi song, by going around the tree to attain the blessing of Lord Krishna and Lord Anjaneya .Mathaji briefed the significance that on this day, Tulasi Matha appeared when Devas and Asuras have churned the Thiruparkadal for Amritham to emerge with the appearance of Betal leaf (the prasadam of Lord Anjaneya). Metaphorically, Mathaji churned jaggary with milk in a grinding stone using sugarcane stem and blessed everyone by sprinkling the essence of this prasadam.
Amalgamation of many such brillient events – planned and passionately executed by the Mathaji – is her exemplary act, which is beyond any comparison.
All have extended their delightful thanks to Mrs & Mr. V. Surendra for their premises. Such tremendous activities are anchored in our mind and heart by the Prodigy – Mathaji. We request her to continue providing us such events in the days hereafter and ever. Pranam.
– Dr.P.Venkatesan,UGC Professor

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