TELUGU UGADI CELEBRATIONS 22-03-2012, 11-4-2013, 30-3-2014. || TAMIL UGADI CELEBRATIONS (Tamil Puthandu) 14-4-2016.

By | March 23, 2012

TAMIL UGADI  CELEBRATIONS  (Tamil Puthandu) 14-4-2016.
(tamil puthandu vazthukal – Hanuman Mathaji)

Thakkar Bapa Vidyalaya Samithi.58, Venkatanarayana Road, T. Nagar, Chennai-17.






Ugadi (Yugadhi) – Mathaji Talk {English}

                                                      Yugadi The beginning of a new era is celebrated as Yugadi which is followed by our Ancestors. We must also make our children to know the importance of this day. In Hindu Culture, Shadruchi(6 types of tastes) named pachadi (pickle) is made with these ingredients’ 1. Neem (bitter) – signifies  Thinking 2. Jaggery (sweet) – signifies  Happiness 3. Chillies (spicy) – signifies  Anger 4. Salt (salty) – signifies  Fear 5. Tamarind (sour) – signifies  Irritation /Disgusting 6. Raw Mango (sour) – signifies  Anxiety The main reason behind having this shadruchi  pachadi (pickle)  – Life comprises of sadness, happiness, anger, fear, disgust, & surprise which has to be treated with equanimity. A question rises,”Why cannot we eat only the sweet and lead our life with happiness?” If we think like this, it is completely wrong because we must treat the ups & downs in our life equally. This pachadi (pickle) is made with above ingredients in equal proportions; it does not taste good if  there is  too much of spice, sour & salt.   Experiencing   life in a  systematic way is the main essence of this pachadi. After well thinking, if we assume that by eating sweetness always & feel we are happy, “How can we know the  happiness?”

  • Value of Happiness is not felt till we suffer pain.
  • Value of sweetness is not known till we taste the spicy things.
  • Value of brightness is not known till we get the darkness.
  • Value of life is known if death is there.

This shadruchi is offered to Lord, before having it. In Bhagavath Geeta, it says that if we ourselves surrender to Lord, He accepts us.There are many scientific reasons behind this pachadi. The pachadi is prepared with all shadruchi ingredients.  In the same way we must prepare our daily food with these ingredients equally. The health gets affected when our intake becomes  less or more in proportions. Balanced food is necessary & everyone should follow because our future health depends on this food. The era started, we came to the world & we do not know our lifespan. So to lead happy life, we must welcome our future with sufficient work, food & sleep. We must understand the true essence of this Yugadi festival.

“Sathayur  Vajradhehaya Sarva Sampath  Karayacha Sarvarista  Vinaasaya Nimbakam  Dhala  Bhakshanam”

We must recite this sloka when we are having this  pachadi.  The shadruchi signifies of 100 years of health & wealth, vajradheham, happiness & all obstacles will be washed away in our life. This pachadi with shadruchi & balanced diet will automatically enrich our life.

In this Nandana Nama Samvastcharam, Yugadi celebrations will be on 22/3/2012 in Sanjeevini Peetam at 6pm.

Programme: 1) Importance of Yugadi 2) Discussions of Gunatraya Vibhaga Yogam (Bhagavath Geeta -14th chapter) 3) Oath for Future plans Yugadi  Subhakankshalu – Hanuman Mathaji

Ugadi (Yugadhi) – Mathaji Talk {Telugu}


Ugadi (Yugadhi) – Mathaji Talk {Tamil}



April Nakshatra Pooja &  Ugadhi celebrations -Telugu New Year  {11-4-2013}


Yugadi-Programme: 11-4-2013, 11am to 12 noon –Baby Raw Mangoes Samuhika Ashthothra pooja,Srimath Bhagvath Gita -12th chapter (Bhakthi Yogam) Study and Discussion,Hanuman Chalisa Parayanam and Nama Sankeerthanam. Prasadam -Yugadhi Pachadi will be distributed.

With constant thinking about Hanuman Your’s Mathaji.


March Nakshatra Pooja & Nandana Nama Samvatsara Yugadhi celebrations (Telugu New Year)22-3-2012


Hanuman Janma Nakshathra Pooja (poorvabadra) Honey Abhishekam, 108 Ash gourd or pumpkin Ashtothra pooja, done 22-03-2012 {Thursday} Evening 5 to 6pm at Sanjeevini Peetam.Offerings: Ash gourd or pumpkin (Tamil: poosanikai, Telugu: gummadikaya),Honey.
*Amavasya fall on the same day,it has been decided to conduct Kandristi Poosanikai Pooja on this day.
This month “Hanuman janma nakshathra pooja Thaamboolam” is given to Mr. S.Satya Narayana  & Mrs Rukmini Satya Narayana by Mathaji.Pooja done by their Names and Nakshathrams.
*Yugadi-Programme: 22-03-2012, 6 to 7pm – Importance of Yugadi, Discussions of Gunatraya Vibhaga Yogam (Bhagavath Geeta -14th chapter), Oath for Future plans.– YUGADI SUBHAKANKSHALU – Mathaji

English                           Tamil                                Telugu

OATH 22-03-2012 (Promise)
  1. Read, understand and practise Bhagavath Gita in our daily life.
  2. Always eat balanced food.
  3. Make it a habit to either practise yoga or exercises daily.
  4. Learn only good things from the society, avoid bad things .
  5. Save our environment, animals, birds and  grow more plants. Cultivate these good habits.
  6. We should change our ways according to global warming .
  7. Perform namaskaram 5 times to our daily live Sun God .
  8. It is good to know about our Hindu culture.
  9. Know about all our festivals in detail .
  10. Use less of cell phone.
  11. Time is precious . Time once lost never comes back again.Use it correctly.
  12. Choose friends who are good like us. Bad company is dangerous.
  13. Try having satsang atleast weekly once.
  14. Bhagavan has given the 6th sense only to Man. Utilise this correctly.
  15. As far as possible discuss the entire days happenings with your family and then go to bed.
  16.   “Nee Paada Kamala Sevayu,
    Nee Paadaarchakula todi Neyyamunu
    Nitantaapaara Bhuta Dayayu,
    Thaapasa mandara Naaku daya seyagade”
( a. Worship at the lotus feet of the Lord.
b. Friendship with worshipers of the Lord’s feet and
c. Eternal and boundless love for all living beings
Could there be riches greater than these three blessings? )
–  I take this oath to cultivate few or atleast one of these good habits.