Sindhoora Lepana pooja for Hanuman – White Shwetarka Tree – Mathaji Talk

By | October 17, 2011

White Shwetarka Tree – Mathaji Talk

Harihi om,
White Shwetarka Tree Lord Hanuman is known to be omnipresent in every white Swetharka tree.When we perform Pooja to Lord Hanuman idol which is made with the root of this tree andby keeping in its tree’s shadow. We recieve good fortune and fame. All must worship as per their wishes.

I am performing this Pooja since 30 years occasionally. Anyone can do perform this Pooja on Tuesdays for 5,11,18,40, and 108 weeks as per their wish. In the shadow of the tree keep the Hanuman and do Alankaram and chant Hanuman Astothram. Any fault in performing Pooja procedure is accepted but not in Bhakthi. Bhakthi means faith.I am blessed by Lord to perform all the celebrations happily. The result is God’s Daya. So I feel that I am the happiest person. Everyone will receive Swamy’s blessings if they do pooja with full faith and confidence.

Note : For world peace, I will perform 11 weeks Tuesday Pooja to Global Friend Lord Hanuman White Shwetarka Tree successfully and nurture that plant at Anjanamma Land. I will provide concrete slab for the tree and devotees can perform Pooja to it. My Sath Sankalpam is to nurture this tree to make everyone get opportunity to perform pooja and receive Swamy’s blessings – Hanuman Mathaji

Mathaji conducted special Sindhoora Lepana pooja (100 years old White Calotropis gigantea root to made  the Hanuman idol )  on the auspicious day of Lord Hanuman 16-10-2011 sunday afternoon 12 o’clock at its premises.

special pooja done by Mr. Suncoo. Srinivasulu on his name and nakshathram on his Birthday.

White Calotropis  gigantea  root   name  in  Telugu    Tella  Jilledu  veru (తెల్ల  జిల్లేడు  వేరు )

White Calotropis  gigantea  root   name in  Tamil   Erukkum chedi  veru