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By | August 15, 2011
I feel extremely happy in thanking all the devotees who write about their true, original and wholehearted experiences during their visit to Sanjeevini Peetam , in the column “Devotee talks”.
       These are 100% true words, which one can experience as they start surrendering to Lord Hanuman, without any lies and  exaggeration . It is so encouraging for us to read all your various versions , how you  all are  trying hard to follow my guidance and slowly  trying to get  closer to Hanuman.      Surrender to him completely, utilise the one and only tool ”Hanuman Chalisa” and without your knowledge, you can see your feed back in ”Devotee talks”.   I too would like to thank Lord Hanuman, for making me  his true devotee, helping me out of my difficulties, making me set up this Peetam and bringing it up in a very successful way.
       With Lord Hanuman’s blessings to all of you.   Your’s MATHAJI


I will always cherish that moment when I’d first met Mathaji. It was more than 12 years back, when I sat in front of her, feeling completely worthless and unfit to live. I was so deep in sorrow. But Her counseling was so comforting, that very soon I felt that life was after all worth living. Compared to the challenges what Mathaj had faced, mine was nothing! She then imparted to me a ‘POKISHAM’ called ‘Hanuman Chalisa’. After I started chanting it 11 times everyday, my family soon became united. Slowly but steadily, sorrow was replaced by joy and laughter! I regularly attended all the Poojas conducted by Sanjeevini Peetam. Mathaji always explained every detail of the Poojas, why and how it is conducted. During one such pooja, She shared Her ‘treasure’ with the devotees. It was ‘The MOST POWERFUL MALAMANTRAM’. By chanting it 5 times everyday, Id experienced many miracles. But in spite of all this, I was very immature at that time. Rather than placing my trust on Lord Hanuman, I depended only on Mathaji for everything. Every time I faced a challenge, I would get disappointed immediately and call up Mathaji, expecting Her to solve it for me! 
But Sanjeevini Peetam’s discourses on Lord Hanuman enlightened me in many ways. Mathaji always says, 
“If you have to please Hanuman, you have to BECOME Hanuman!!”
It was then I started identifying and rectifying my flaws. I also realised that it was I who has to face my Karmas. Mathaji can only guide me 
After this realisation, I felt ashamed of myself for disturbing Mathaji unnecessarily.
I stopped whining about my problems to Her and surrendered to Lord Hanuman. I approached my obstacles with more clarity and patience! 
I also learnt to ‘light a candle than to curse the darkness !’ 
I was able to identify miracles.
Miracles never came gift wrapped to me! 
At first, they always appeared like disasters!
To quote one example was when my son, a general proficiency student, just scrapped through his 12th board exams. When my family members asked me, ” You did Homams, parayanams and fasted for so many days. What’s the use? Now who will give him an Engineering seat?”
I waited…
Then the miracle happened! 
Among his friends who scored very well, my son was the first one to get an Engineering seat without any hassels!
And that too inside the city itself!
I did not ask Hanuman to grant what I wanted for my son.
I simply accepted what He gave.
When we entered our house compound after my son’s admission…
there He was, a monkey out of the blues, sitting in our garden! It looked at us, then plucked a sapota fruit from our garden, ate it and went away.
Today, my son enjoys college life to the fullest! No stress and no outside food.
Last but not the least, now my family believe that Hanuman definitely has answered my prayers! 
I can quote many miracles like this.
I try my best to follow all what Mathaji has preached. Now, to me,
My home is ‘My Sanjeevini Peetam.’
Hanuman Chalisa is ‘My THAAYATHU’ 
And Hanuman Malamanthram is ‘My DIVINE YANTHRAM’
And I have placed Mathaji in my Heart! Whenever I want to be blessed, I just imagine Her Lotus Feet and bow down. 
Equipped with all these, I am a more confident person now. Today, I lead a successful life, a house for myself, a respectable profession and enough money for my needs. 
Hanuman keeps me so busy that time is the biggest challenge now. 
But I will never give it as an excuse and compromise my services to the Lord! 
Now I too perform Tuesday Poojas, chant all the mantras which Mathaji has shared on whatsapp and facebook.
…. because I believe in Miracles!
If I were to give excuses for time and doing service to God, then I would only stay where I’d started!!
Jai Jai Bajarangabali!!


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  1. Ram

    Interesting facts!
    Sharing Hanuman Chalisa lyrics for all hanuman devotees

  2. R.Sekar

    Dear Divine Self,

    Hari om

    At the outset I thank the T.Nagar talk Dec 20 – Dec 26,2015, informing about the “Bhagavad Geetha Jayanthi on 21st Dec2015 organized by Sanjeevni Peetam of West Mambalam.Otherwise I would have missed the great opportunity It was a great day to remember since it was coinciding with Vaikunda Ekadasi. The participants recited all the 18 chapters of Bhagavad Geetha. Hanuman Mathaji explained the meaning,significance of each chapter of the Divine Song.After recitation of all chapters,again Mathaji explained about the Mahatmya-Glory of the Geetha.

    The spiritual programme concluded with Maha mangala Arati with distribution of Mahaprasadam. once again I thank The Sanjeevani Peetam for organizing the celebration of Geeta Jayanthi in a true traditional way in West mambalam.

    Every spiritual adherent knows the Peetam is actively engaged in the propagation of Hanuman Chalisa in this country.May the Lord & Hanumanji shower their Divine Grace in all the endeavour of the Peetam.

    1. hanuma Post author

      +J. Garvin mam, it is a normal baby soap…. baby do not cry because it is miracle in her hands{Mathaji – who bathing the child}…..not only he….. all babies enjoy the bathing in mathaji’s hands…..its god gift to her -lavanya {Mathaji’s Daughter}

  3. Hari Narayana

    Hari Narayana has sent you a message
    You can reply to this message by visiting your messages.

    మీ చానలో వీడియోస్ చాల బగునఈ, “శ్రీ హనుమాన్ మల మంత్రం”, చాల చాల బాగుంది.

    మీకు సమయం ఉన్నపుడు ఈ క్రింద ఉన్న సోత్రని పడవలసింది కోరుచునము, మీ కంట స్వరం తో వినాలి అని ఉంది. దయతో ఈ క్రింది సోత్రని పడీ మీ చానల్ లో వీడియో ని అప్లోడ్ చేయాలి అని మా ఇంటిలిపడి కోరుచునం.

    సర్వ భయ నివారణ సర్వ జయ శ్రీ మారుతి స్తోత్రం !

    ( మొదటి అక్షరాలన్నీ కలిపితే” ఓం నమో భగవతే ఆంజనేయాయ మహా బాలయ స్వాహా ”అని రావటం ఇందులో ప్రత్యేకత .గమనించండి)
    ఓం నమో వాయుపుత్రాయ భీమ రూపాయ ధీమతే
    నమస్తే రామ దూతాయ కామ రూపాయ శ్రీమతే
    మోహ శోక వినాశాయ సీతా శోక వినాశినే
    భాగ్నాశోక వనాయాస్తు దగ్ధ లంకాయ వాజ్మినే
    గతి నిర్జిత వాతాయ లక్ష్మణ ప్రానదాయచ
    వనౌకసాం వరిష్టాయ వశినే వన వాసినే
    తత్త్వ జ్ఞాన సుదాసిందు నిమగ్నాయ మహీయసే
    ఆంజనేయాయ శూరాయ సుగ్రీవ సచివాయచ
    జన్మ మృత్యు భయఘ్నాయ సర్వ క్లేశ హరాయచ
    నే దిస్థాయ భూత ప్రేత పిశాచ భయ హారినే
    యా తానా నాశానాయాస్తు నమో మర్కట రూపిణే
    యక్ష రాక్షస శార్దూల సర్ప వృశ్చిక భీహృతే
    మహా బలాయ వీరాయ చిరంజీవి న వుద్ధ్రుతే
    హా రినే వజ్ర దేహాయ చోల్లంఘిత మహాబ్దయే
    బలినా మగ్ర గన్యాయ నమో నమః పాహి మారుతే
    లాభ దోషిత్వ మేవాశు హనుమాన్ రాక్షసాంతక
    యశో జయం చ మే దేహి శత్రూన్ నాశయ నాశయ
    స్వాశ్రితా నా భయదం య ఏవమ్ స్తౌతి మారుతిం
    హానిహి కుతో భవేత్తస్య సర్వత్ర విజయీ భవేత్ ..

  4. realish786

    Wow, it’s the first time I’ve heard the Hanuman Suprabhatham in Telugu and it is, of course, beautiful as God’s praise in any language in beautiful…But what I really adore about this particular one is how authentic it sounds – as though it’s early morning at the mandir right now somewhere in India and I’m hearing Mathaji Kanya Kumari singing it! The lack of instrumental accompaniment and the crisp sound of Mathaji’s voice singing makes this Anjaneya Swamy Suprabhatham awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us=)

  5. Indira Chebrolu

    Indira Chebrolu
    31 October at 23:24
    Hari hi Om I am introducing myself as Mrs. Indira personally blessed with all gurujis, blessing like Mrs. Jalandhara Chandra Mohan and who was my earlier days guruji and guide. After marriage with Mr. Lakshminarayana we had very lively and lovely married life with three children, we had very good trips to thirumala but after mathaji at my premises, who was a stanch believer of living god hanuman, we met her at sathyamahal nearly ten yrs back, after that our life changed, both had good turning points, she (mathaji) took us to japali situated at tirumala, before going to japali there was small pooja at hathiram mutt where there poojari asked us what is our sankalpa, we said that we want to do a chalisa prathista at hathiram mutt, But dream come true it has been done at earlier date with the blessing of mathaji and the sanjeevani peetam. We are carrying forward the chalisa prathista whcich has been done on the 29-10-2015 for the generation together which no one can dream at this place.. This is all because of the dream of the sanjeevini peetam mathajis sankalpam, given the opportunity we blessed and thanking the peetam. Once again thanks to all peetam committee and all supporters of mine.

  6. Venugopal Krishna

    Venugopal Krishna, Bangalore.

    Harihi om Mathaji,

    This is so nice to see the progress of Prathishtha’s regularly. What a coincidence is that even I was
    in Tirumala on 29th and 30th Oct for Balaji’s Darshan. Unfortunately we could not come across I look forward to meet You soon.
    Our family as visited Japaali for the first time. We got to know about this place only after your blogs and pictures.
    The place was so nice and peaceful and we enjoyed a lot while our visit to Japaali. It was very nice to see Hanuman there.
    I wish to visit Japaali whenever I visit Tirupati.
    Here are some pics our family.


  7. hanuma Post author

    Hello Mathaji,

    This is really nice sketch. I Pray to God that your Dream fulfilles and every Devotee get to see this statue Live soon.


  8. Suryanarayan Pradhan

    Thank you so much mataji, i am so lucky to see this pics of Lord Hanuman.
    Due to only you this has happened, thanks a lot.

  9. bhaskarasastry mvs

    respected mathaji]
    thanks for your valuable informations ,really I pray srirama spread health wealth happyness to you and your family and entire people in universe


  10. Surya Narayan Odisha (Angul)

    Thanks a lot for this message, really we are not understand for what we have came to this earth and what will we have take with us at last. As per your great advise I think this answer will be there in Shreemad Gita.

    Again thanks a lot for this great message.


    Surya Narayan
    Odisha (Angul)

  11. Mrs. Selvameenakshi

    Dear Mathaji,

    This is very excellent program, Please continue for all the schools, The children will get the positive vibration and blessings from

    SRI HANUMAN. They will lead their life in a good direction.

    Dear Devotee,

    Mrs. Selvameenakshi

  12. Sarla Sekar

    Hari On Mathaji,
    Today is the second year since we’ve come upstairs and had started all over again.
    Now when I turn back and see, I really wonder how we’ve come so far!
    We started with nothing in our hands.
    But today, You’re given me such a respectable profession! II always believed your words and I know that Hanuman won’t let us down.
    If today I’m able to still run this school with just one student in my hands now, it’s because of your counseling and Hanuman’s blessings!
    And as if to compensate that,
    If today my evening session is full of students who want special help, and I’m able to satisfy them, It is none other than Hanuman’s Praptham!.
    If today, I’m able to earn a decent income, pay my bills on time, support my family financially and earn good respect among parents,
    Its only Your support and guidance Mathaji!!
    Bless us Mathaji to progress further and to overcome all our obstacles.

  13. Bindu Srinivasulu

    Harihi Om
    15 th Hanuman chalisa engraved stones prathishta & Mathaji’s birthday celebration @ Japali, Tirumala, Tirupathi -10-8-2015

    Hathiramji Mutt in Tirumala.
    we visited Tirumala many times. But we don’t know about Hathiramji Matt. Our Guru(Amma) Mathaji explained
    about Matt and the sthala puranam of Saligrams situated there. We all followed Amma to Matt.
    Swamiji recieved us with honours. Venuji delightly explained to Swamiji about Amma’s Sankalpam
    of 108 Hanuman chalisa Engraved stones prathista. He felt very happy and performed Pooja to Our Amma with flowers
    and Abhishekam to lord Hanuman idol (which was brought by our Amma) with flowers and pure fragrance paneer water.
    And inside the Matt we have seen lot of Saligrams, Lord Krishna situated in Unjal. Dasavatharam Saligrams
    are also there. Dasaji Raghav Das poojari distributed Butter Prasadam to everyone. He narrated the details of that prasadam.
    Really we all shocked to hear because it was none other than Lord Balaji’s first Suprabatham Seva prasadam.
    Our Punya Phalam and through our Amma we are all lucky to have the prasadam. Mathaji adviced all to keep Rs. 1 near
    Lord Venu gopala swamy and to pray thier wishes. Through our Amma and our Global friend Lord Hanuman only we got the
    opportunity to visit such a divine place. Swamiji accepted to install Hanuman chalisa stones prathista
    in Hathiram Matt. A good and great experience for us.
    Jai bajarangabali
    Jai Sri ram.

    With regards
    Bindu Srinivasulu……

  14. lakshmi narayana

    I have been to Tirumala umpty number of times but this trip to Tirumala along with Mathaji was an exhilarating experience i was taken by surprise and in my life time i have not been to a place like this and i literally don’t know that there is a place like this existing in Tirumala , Japlali was an out of world experience i had a once in a lifetime experience but without mathaji i would not know this place i would express my sincere gratitude and the way she explained the every aspect there was excellent.

  15. Venugopal Krishna

    Dear Mathaji,

    Many More Happy Returns of the Day. May God give You Health and Happiness all through your life.

    We are really happy to see the Hanuman Chaalisa Prathistha happening continuously. Best of Luck for these. May God give long life so that we see You reach the Target for Prathishta and also for all Your good deeds


    1. Venugopal Krishna

      Hanumath Smarana poorvaka Aseervadamulu – Hanuman Mathaji

  16. Srinivasan Govindarajan

    My Respectful Pranams and Best Wishes to our Beloved Mathaji, on her Birthday.


  17. NK Rao

    Mathaji, I hope I am sending the translated material by right time. My Best Wishes and Pranams on this auspicious occasion of your Very Very Happy Birthday. I offer my sincere prayers to the Shakti behind you for a very long, fruitful and healthy life ahead for you in the service of Sri BAJRANGBALI that contributes to the spiritual glory and enriching enlightenment of those that consistently look up to you for this shower of divine blessings. With Pranams. NKRao, Canada.10th August 2015.

  18. Vatsala Prasad




  19. Bindu

    Harihi Om Amma
    Seen the excellent photos. Thanks Amma we are so happy to participate in 15th Hanuman chalisa Divya Desam prathista @ Japali near thirumala. We received lord Hanuman and our Guru (Amma)’s blessings. We visited many times Japali. But following our Guru(Amma) , carrying Engraved Hanuman chalisa stones chanting Srirama jayam, it was really great feeling. No words to express.
    Jai bajarangabali
    Jai Sri ram…….

  20. hanuma Post author

    Respected Mathaji,
    With profound respect and harmony on Hindu Dharma I was present in almost all the prathishtas I found an exhilarating spirit in my life after attending this ,I cannot express the emotion in words but true spirituality is there.many problems are coming on my way but it just melts like ice within minutes before my eyes.Really a great initiative taken for an noble cause .HARIOM

  21. J M Naidu

    Respected Mathaji.
    We pray nd wish u many more happy birthdays with good health. You have to celebrate 100years taking care of all of us. This is my prayer to God Regards.
    J M Naidu

  22. P Venkatesan


    Your penance is not only humbleness but also remembrance of devotee’s need. Your timely blessing for our function is the real asset than the asset we acquired by sand, stone and mud.


  23. Neelamraju Koteswara Rao

    Thanks to Anjaneya Anugrahm and Mathaji’s affectionate appreciation that I am reminded of my own involvement with this Divine activity at Dusi a few years back. Mind is filled with joy and nostalgic memories of those unforgettable moments at that time. Writing from Canada. Jai Hanumana Gnanagunasagara Jai Maruthi. NKRao, Calgary Canada

  24. Vijay Ramaswamy

    Pranam Mathaji, My name is Vijay Ramaswamy and I am from Bangalore, I have been reciting Hanuman Chalisa from my college days, Initially I use to make a point to recite everyday but off late I have reduced to only certain days. I am in need of your’s and Hanumanji’s Blessing. Through your’s and Hanumanji’s grace I would have all my wishes fulfilled. First and foremost I have an car , Santro which is an old car. It’s been 3 years and since then I have very sparsely driven the vehicle. I have some fears driving the car . I would need Hanumanji’s blessing to instill courage in me to drive the car and take it a long distance. Secondly I am looking for good job with good pay which would help me to take care of my Family and also my old age. I pray that my wishes gets fulfilled.

  25. venkata ramani

    Mataji , Its been like since from so many months that Iam following your blog Sanjeevini Peetam .
    When Iam searching for Hanuman related mantras , I came across your website.
    Your blog was so inspiring that a woman as Hanuman Devotee, so since then Iam following you on facebook and blog.
    Iam following your facebook , so whenever you post in facebook about Hanuman , like to chant Hanuman chalisa on some significant days 11 times in our apartment we gather
    and reciet Hanuman chalisa.
    Hanuman Devotee
    Detroit USA

    1. hanuma Post author

      Harihi om, Chala Santhosham, Kruthagnathalu,Hanuman Bless you – Hanuman Mathaji — Jai Jai Hanuman Chalisa

  26. radha raghavan

    Namaskaram ! I am Radha from Bangalore.I saw your website & was impressed by the amount of knowledge being imparted to all .I would like to receive the Hanuman chalisa poster.Kindly let me know the details.

  27. Thanjavur Raghavan

    Thanjavur Raghavan Mathaji pranam. Happy with your inspiring speech to save our nation and religion. Our lord already planned everythinh through you. My namaskaram to your padams. Jai hanuman
    Unlike · Reply · 2 · 24 February at 20:55

  28. Rprao Rao

    Harihi Om – Sanjeevini Peetam, Chennai

    Glad to inform you about Lord Hanuman Birth Star ( Poorvabadra )
    dates of this year 2015 in every month.
    13-5- 2015
    10 -6-2015
    7 -7-2015
    3 -8-2015. & 31 -8-2015
    27 -9-2015
    24 -10-2015
    21 -11-2015
    18 -12-2015……..

    Abhijit Lagnam 12.00 noon to 1.00 pm,
    Chant Hanuman Chalisa and Astothra pooja of Lord Hanuman.
    Procedure for Pooja – For more details visit our website – Hanuman Mathaji……

    1. hanuma Post author

      Bindu Sanjeevini Peetam Harihi om Rao sir, Mathaji always informs us that every day is good day to follow these activities like annadhanam,donation,plantation of trees etc and there is no relation between stars and for performing these tasks.

  29. Venugopal Krishna

    Dear Mathaji,
    Hope You are doing Great.
    Am a regular follower of Sanjeevini Peetham Facebook page. Many Thanks for keeping us informed for various Poojas and for always keeping us in Your Prayers.

    Am from Blore. I have spoken to You before also via mail. Me and my wife always worship Lord Hanuman and beleive a lot in Him.
    I need a help. I wanted to know these details
    1. Which Day is the Hanuman Janma Nakshathra Pooja performed during the Month? What is the Procedure to this Pooja? Also greatful if You can provide these dates for whole year 2015?.
    2. Am from Bangalore. What is the Process of taking Hanuman Deeksha and what is the Best time to it. As am from Bangalore, what is the best way to do it?

    I will await for Your reply.
    Om Sri Ramanjaneya Namaha

    Thanks and Regards,

  30. S.B.Ramacharya

    Jai Maathaji i am constructing Hanuman Temple, Vigrahaprathistapana is completed on 25th May, 2014 and the Temple is under construction, the amount is required to completion. Mathaji if any devotees interested to donate any amount, please donate any amount for completing the temple, please contact this email: or cell no.9963305980, SB Ramacharya,. I will send the temple construction photos or please visit the temple near Sangareddy highway Mumbai to Shiridi road. Please contact as you wish and donate to Our lord Hanumanji, Ramdootha.

  31. Jyothi

    Namasthe Amma,

    Sorry Amma, I am here today with my problems..I know all these are my poorva karmas..And having very valuable human life, i am suffering with my problems, not concentrating on God who gave me valuable human life..I am in my 30’s almost so many years,many days of my life wasted thinking about my mother,my father expired two years back and my brother elder than me not settled in life having very difficult stage in his life not married, not settled in job and he lost his peace of mind and always blaming other and parents for his unsuccessful in his life..He is facing very bad problems in his life along with my mother..And i am married and i have 8 year old son and my husband is very nice he is like God SRIRAMA to me..I respect him that much..we are living in USA.. and i am very very blessed by the God in this matter..And i am very thankful to God..

    But always thinking about my mother and brother and i am also not settled in any job,looking from so long..Not concentrating in anything..always going to temples and doing vratams and fastings.. always asking to solve my problems to God and not showing true bhakthi towards God who gave me human life.. this is happening in my life,not getting gurus and god blessings.

    how long i need to spend this kind of life, Did i really show gratitude towards God in my life?

    I always listen SRI RANAYANMA pravachanam in internet..I respect SRI Hanuman and SRi Sita Rama Lakshmana ..And i really want to see Sundara SRi Rama Chandra Prabhu with Sri Hanuman Garu blessings..Did this happens in this life?

    I donot know, always thinking these problems in my mind..wasting each and every minute of my life is this really possible to concentrate on SRI RAMA CHANDRA Prabhu..

    Kindly show me and tell me what to do to get SRI RAMA CHANDRA Prabhu darshanam..

    Thank You Amma.

  32. Jyothi Dumpala

    Namasthe Amma,

    I am Jyothi from USA..Could you please send me the auspicious days of lord Hanuman and poojas information.
    Please join me in Hanuman Chalisa Chanting Group ..Kindly send me the days and time to chant Hanuman Chalisa.

    Thank You,

  33. Anupama Shetty

    Namaskaram at Mathaji’s feet..

    I have finally got a very good job yesterday itself with a very good profile n a very good package after a long wait of almost 3 years. I am very thankful to all of them who have prayed for me. I am thankful to Hanumanji whose blessings always showers happiness on his devotees. I am thankful to Hanuman Mathaji whose blessings always fructifies. Koti Koti pranam at Mathaji’s feet and Hanumanji’s feet.

    Jai Bajrang Bali..

    Thankyou sooo very much Hanumanji!!!!!!!!!!!


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