15th Hanuman Chalisa Divya Desam – 15th HANUMAN CHALISA ENGRAVED STONES PRATHISHTA & 57th Year Hanuman Mathaji Birthday Celebrations 10-8-2015 – Venue: Hanuman Birth Place, Japali Theertham,Tirumala, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, Bharatha Desamu.

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Mathaji Birthday Talk – English – 2015

MATHAJI’s 57th BIRTHDAY REFLEXES – Mathaji Talk – English

Time is an infinite cosmic reality with no form nor any limit. The greatest and the noblest that lived among us who have led us on the garden path towards the eternal bliss of enjoying the beauty and fragrance of the harsh realities of human life with a beginning and the end, have also taught us how to remain cool and calm amidst the turbulence and uncertainties of this transient existence. Many souls have left from our midst not entirely because of lack of therapeutic remedies but because of the limits of the longevity. Even if one does not acknowledge the existence of God, one can’t resist the inevitable. That the moment of eternal rest is waiting in the lurch in our immediate backyard is what normally the mortals choose to ignore, not caring to pause even for ten minutes to pay a thought for the same. I am consistently using every minute of my existence in doing good with a pure heart and thus gaining the bliss of eternal happiness. For me time is God. Sometimes I wonder this is the lingo of all those who follow the epic Bhagavath Geetha. That is the power and influence of Geetha. I sincerely believe the day is not far off when Geetha is prescribed as a text for study in School curriculum. Gone are the days when doing an evil was the hardest but behold the metamorphosis, hold your breath, nowadays doing good has become the hardest. Why this unfortunate transformation, why this ugly turn to adversarial attitudes. But my disposition towards doing only good is uncompromisingly inflexible whatever the odds. The reason being,that has become a part of life. The experience of the fullness of immeasurable happiness associated with doing good things is an inseparable part of my life as that of many others who have experienced the same. This is true of all those who have an appetite for this palate. Being an ardent believer in the philosophy of Aham Brahma, my thoughts and deeds focus always on the righteous as those of many others with similar disposition.
To indoctrinate and envenom one’s mind could be the easiest thing to do but to fill one’s thoughts with the nectar of right intents and purposes is proving to be the hardest. For me there is no substitute for the right attitudes and actions. There is no looking back from the path of positive energy. That is my Hanuman Shakti.
1. Make optimum use of the advances in technological field.
2. No harm if you could not do right things in life but never think of evil or bad to others.
3. Universally applicable Bhagavath Geetha is a torchbearer for people of all faiths.
4. Follow Geetha and observe the cardinal principles of strict work culture, limited sleep and frugal food habits.
5. Health is the most precious of all, be alert and practice Yoga.
I convey the Hanumathsmarana Blessings and Greetings to all my well wishers who have sent their Best Wishes to me on the occasion of my Birthday. I sincerely offer my prayers to Lord Anjaneya that He bestow eternal bliss and everlasting peace and happiness among all my Well Wishers.

 Translated by  NK Rao garu

Programme :-

Step by Step Pradakshina – (Adugula Pradakshina, Adi pradakshina)
Sannayi swagatham, Salagrama darshana, Special venna prasadam,
Hathiramji mutt swamiji Aseervadam,
Japali Hanuman Steps Pooja (Padi pooja- Metla pooja)
Continuously   ‘Sree Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram”  Nama smarana Carrying by stones

Stones Carried by – Venuji, Sathyanarayana, Lakshminarayana, Gunasekharan


I have been to Tirumala umpty number of times but this trip to Tirumala along with Mathaji was an exhilarating experience i was taken by surprise and in my life time i have not been to a place like this and i literally don’t know that there is a place like this existing in Tirumala , Japlali was an out of world experience i had a once in a lifetime experience but without mathaji i would not know this place i would express my sincere gratitude and the way she explained the every aspect there was excellent.


Harihi Om!
Several years ago Matha Srimathi Kanyakumari an widest devotee of Lord Hanuman established “ Sanjeevini Peetam “ in order to receive everyone used to perform poojas and discourses of Hanuman and celebrate “  Hanuman Jayanthi” every year.
Further recently Mathaji started installing Engraved Hanuman Chalisa on the surface of the granite stone in  places like temples, premises of educational institutes. Mathaji determined to install the same in 108 shrines. On behalf of Sanjeevini Peetam, so far installed 14 Chalisa Stones in temples, educational institutions in and around Chennai.
The 57th Birthday has fallen on 10th August 2015 and Mathaji decided to install Chalisa Stone in the Janma Bhoomi of Lord Hanuman in Japali temple situated in Tirumala Tirupathi. I was also given an opportunity to accompany them to Japali. On 9th August we reached Tirupathi. On the same day evening Mathaji showed several shrines unknown to us and described the Sthala Puranas. Also Mathaji encourage us to do Adi Pradakshanam with  devotees in the shrine of Lord Balaji by following HER.
The next day 10th August we all reached Japali. There are 200 steps to reach the Sannidhi of Hanuman. The downsteps were cleaned and drawn kolams also. Then Mathaji placed Hanuman Statue with devotion and performed Pooja. After that the divine Hanuman ( which was decorated by Mathaji ) took his place on Mathaji’s head. Mathaji started climbing from the first step towards the Hanuman Sannidhi. All the devotees followed HER  by singing Bhajans.
The Chalisa Stones were carried by Venuji, Hanuma and two more devotees with Bhakthi Sraddha. We all reached Japali Shrine and had the Darshan of Lord Hanuman. Then Mathaji started regular Pooja before installation of the Chalisa Stone. Mrs. Indira Lakshmi Narayana (devotee) brought Nivedham (Anna Prasadam) and she dedicated to Lord Hanuman. “Agal Vilakku were arranged in the shape of 57 there, to mark the 57th Birthday of our Mathaji.
The things narrated above are those devotees so experienced. But I felt my experience was unique with Mathaji. I am a classical singer and used to sing Bhajans during such occasions. But one particular song I tried to sing such occasions but in vain due to time factor or some other devotee started singing some other song. So my desire to sing that particular song have not fulfilled so far and as such as I prayed to Hanuman if the blessings of Hanuman is with me the particular song would be sung in the Shrine where Hanuman got his Avatar. Alas! What a surprise!
Mathaji suddenly turned towards me and said, “Prema, sing Maruthiraya song  immediately. Till now I don’t know how Mathaji studied my mind. My joy knew no bounds. But I did not show them and sang the song Maruthiraya  with immense devotion. Thus my long last desire has got fulfilled through Mathaji by the blessings of Japali
The miracle that I wanted to sing happened by my prayer. I am certain towards Lord Hanuman who heard that  even Mathaji has not known that till now.
Jai Hanuman!
Samastha Lokha Sukhino Bhavanthu
G. Prema Shekaran,
Chennai – 600024
Cell : 9790765265


Harihi Om
15 th Hanuman chalisa engraved stones prathishta & Mathaji’s birthday celebration @ Japali, Tirumala, Tirupathi -10-8-2015

Hathiramji Mutt in Tirumala.
we visited Tirumala many times. But we don’t know about Hathiramji Matt. Our Guru(Amma) Mathaji explained
about Matt and the sthala puranam of Saligrams situated there. We all followed Amma to Matt.
Swamiji recieved us with honours. Venuji delightly explained to Swamiji about Amma’s Sankalpam
of 108 Hanuman chalisa Engraved stones prathista. He felt very happy and performed Pooja to Our Amma with flowers
and Abhishekam to lord Hanuman idol (which was brought by our Amma) with flowers and pure fragrance paneer water.
And inside the Matt we have seen lot of Saligrams, Lord Krishna situated in Unjal. Dasavatharam Saligrams
are also there. Dasaji Raghav Das poojari distributed Butter Prasadam to everyone. He narrated the details of that prasadam.
Really we all shocked to hear because it was none other than Lord Balaji’s first Suprabatham Seva prasadam.
Our Punya Phalam and through our Amma we are all lucky to have the prasadam. Mathaji adviced all to keep Rs. 1 near
Lord Venu gopala swamy and to pray thier wishes. Through our Amma and our Global friend Lord Hanuman only we got the
opportunity to visit such a divine place. Swamiji accepted to install Hanuman chalisa stones prathista
in Hathiram Matt. A good and great experience for us.
Jai bajarangabali
Jai Sri ram.

With regards
Bindu Srinivasulu……


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