21th Hanuman Chalisa Divya Desam – 21th HANUMAN CHALISA ENGRAVED STONES PRATHISHTA 18-10-2015

By | October 27, 2015


Om Hanumanthaya Namaha, Om Narasimhaya Namaha
Who are we? Why we are not listening or obeying to our mind? This two questions was asked by Our HanumanMathaji to the devotees gathered during the 21st Hanuman Chalisa Engraved Stone installation held at Arulmigu Sri Sakthi Vinayagar
Sri Srinivasa Perumal Aalayam, Srinivasapuram, Korattur, Chennai 600076 on Oct. 18 as part of 108 HanumanChalisa Engraved Stones Prathishta Yagnam.The 21st Hanuman chalisa engraved stone was contributed by Lord Hanuman devotee Suncoo.Srinivasulu as part of his birthday celebration. We pray for him and his family members to serve more to Lord Hanuman.
Who are we? We know the answer but unable to accept the truth that we are nothing. We are not born from the sun rays. We are born through the fluid of our parents. That fluid consists of good and bad thoughts of our parents and generations earlier.
We are fluid but we are fooled by others and ourselves that we are labelled as professionals, businessman, industrialist, journalist, specialist, educationalist, spiritualist, scientist, philanthropists and many more.Think how this fluid is grown with human parts placed in proper way to lead the life. If we start thinking about our humans and other creature’s uniqueness on the planet, we can easily go to near to the almighty and we have no time to think about
We don’t know who we are, but we are bothering about our children, relatives, friends and others and wasting our valuable time.Hanuman Mathaji says our label is unable to connect to our mind and which is only study material or guide to reach the almighty. If we think we are nothing inside and we will know everything from all the side.Our Hanuman knows everything, he is living god, and there is no need of CCTV camera for him to know about us. He will read our thoughts and so we have to caution
on our thoughts. So read or chant hanuman chalisa, he will purify our fluid by his blessing. Dedicate chanting ofHanuman Chalisa helps to realize us at one stage that we are nothing, but it takes time and surely we will attain it. Being nothing is our blessing.
Narasimha swamy Devotee
Harihi Om
Lots of thanks to our global friend Lord Hanuman and our Guru ( Amma) giving opportunity to us for participating 21st Hanuman Chalisa Prathista on the occasion of my husband’s birthday. As usual Amma installed hanuman Chalisa Prathista @ 10.am. After that we all chanted Hanuman Chalisa. Navarathri festival is going on and we all devotees done Gummi dance in front of Goddess Mahalakshmi with our Mathaji. Song was…( Vettivalupu). It was a different experience to us.
Jai bajarangabali
Jai Sriram….
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