27th HANUMAN CHALISA ENGRAVED STONES PRATHISHTA 20-12-2015 @ Bhavya Avenue, Surapet CH- 66 ( 3 Prathishtas on same day )

By | December 22, 2015


Harihi Om
We feel immense pleasure to share our experiences of 25th, 27th & 28th Prathistas which were installed in 2 Hanuman temples and one in an apartment with the grace of Lord Hanuman and our Guru Mathaji. As usual 3 Prathistas were installed on time by our Guru (Amma). Prathistas went in grand manner.

25th prathista in Sri Padmavathi Thayar Sametha Sri Srinivasa Perumal Sannidi,  Maduramettur, Surapet, Chennai-66 contributed by Ravva.V.Nagalakshmi (60th birthday) where we can see a 12 feet Hanuman.
This temple is taken care by a husband and wife in their own land and performing poojas to Lord Hanuman past 30 years. They surrendered themselves to Hanuman when they lost their daughter 30 years back with someone’s advice to worship Hanuman to get over their depression.

27th prathista in an apartment Bhavya Avenue,Sri Ranga main road, Srinivasa Nagar, Surapet, Chennai-66, contributed by Suncoo Vishanth. This one is so special to our heart as this is contributed by us for our son’s birthday. We spend much money on our enjoyment on these days for temporary happiness. I thought why cant we spend that money for permanent happiness by installing the stones in our son’s name.
The vice – president of the apartment shared his feeling that he is quite happy to be a part of this good deed and appreciated our Mathaji’s initiative of prathistas also informed about another Hanuman temple where stones can be installed.

28th Prathista was at Sri Rama Bhaktha Anjaneya Swamy koil, Sengundrum Salai, Vinayaga Puram, Chennai-99 we can see 27 feet Hanuman. The temple purohit honoured our Mathaji prestigiously.
A devotee raised a question to Mathaji that for reading Sundarakandam are there any restrictions? Mathaji replied that there are no restrictions. It can be chanted or read in 2 ways.
1) If decided to read it only once then we need to set a time frame of a week or forthnightly and compete the parayanam
2) If decided to read it for lifetime then each day or when time permits 2 or 3 or many slokas can be read at a time

Also shared that there are no restrictions to chant and recite Hanuman Chalisa, it can be read from anywhere and any place and at any time. Once we make this as a practice to chant daily atleast once we will face all the obstacles and challenges in our day to day life with ease. Surrendering to Lord Hanuman and chanting Hanuman Chalisa is equal to worshipping all the Gods.
Mathaji advised everyone to read Hanuman Chalisa at least once with their children to nurture the spirituality in them to take it further generations.
Jai bajarangabali
Bindu srinivasulu…
Om Hanumanthaya Namaha, Om Narasimhaya Namaha
How to contact our Lord Hanuman and what is the password to receive his blessings? Our Mathaji asked the devotees who gathered during the 27th Hanuman Chalisa engraved stone installation in Bhavya Avenue, Sri Ranga Main Road, Srinivasa Nagar, Surapet. Contributed by Mhadhumithaa Naresh (U.S.A) as part of her birthday celebration on Dec. 20
There was three installation on the same day it includes 25th installation at Sri Padmavathi Thaayar Samedha Sri Srinivasa Perumal Sannidhi, Maduramettur, Surapet and 28th at Sri Rama Bhaktha Anjaneya Swamy Temple, Sengundram Salai, Vinayaga Puram (contributed by Suncco. Vishanth as part of his birthday)
Mathaji said that during the flood, power shutdown in our areas and there is no mobile phone network connection to contact our family members, friends and neighbours.
I also feared very much what to happen to Lavanaya’s family and her new born baby, though they were nearby my residence, but I unable to contact her due to failure of mobile phone network and other technologies on that day.
But I contacted our global friend Lord Hanuman with my true faith to safeguard all our members and his true devotees from the disaster. Yes he replied me and saved all our members from the disaster.
I sat and began chanting of Hanuman Chalisa (there is no need of power supply and other technology to contact him) at that time and he know about us.
Mathaji said that we are not contacting or consulting our Hanuman about our thinking or action to him, we just informing about what we like to do something and pray him to bless us.
First we have to talk him as friendly approach, hi hanuman how are you, what rama and sita are doing, do you met Lord Narasimhar, Lord Krishna, Lord Siva, Siddhar’s, Maharishi’s, saints and your true devotees. (how are they). Thanks for responding me with your busy schedule by saving, blessing, rescuing, guiding and other things to your true devotees. Hear after I will never trouble you for my silly things, I am very happy with your blessing and kindly talk to me whenever you got time.
See soon our Hanuman attend our call.
Hanuman’s contact number and password is ‘Good faith on him’.

Bala Chandar, Adviser, Sanjeevini Peetam.