35th HANUMAN CHALISA PRATHISHTA 7-2-2016. 108 హనుమాన్ చాలీసా శిలాపలకముల ప్రతిష్ట – మాతాజీ సంకల్పము – హనుమాన్ ప్రేరణ.

By | February 8, 2016


Om Hanumanthaya Namaha, Om Narasimhaya Namaha
By the blessings of Lord Hanuman, installation of hanuman chalisa engraved stones is full swing at temples and other venues and  there is good responses from the devotees, our Hanuman Mathaji said during the 35th prathishta at Hanuman Sannidi, Arulmigu Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple, Mathur, Chennai (near Manali) which was  contributed by Manish. J. Vignesh and 36th Prathishta at Hanuman Sannidhi at Arulmigu Sundara Vinayaga Temple, Manali Pudhu Nagar, Chennai 103 by R. Narayana B. E. (TIIC) on Feb. 7.
Mathaji said that Hanuman was pracharaka of Lord Rama and Rama Nama, similarly my duty is also to spread ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ every where and though there was so many hurdles while organizing the program and it was successfully done with the divine of blessing of Lord Hanuman.
Everyone can be the pracharaka of Lord Hanuman and attain the lotus feet of almighty. The pracharam should be start from their houses, if any one dedicatedly chant hanuman chalisa in their house and it will be quite enough. Mathaji said that I am unable to express my relationship between me and hanuman to all but enjoying the every moment. So I want everyone to enjoy the divine moment and it is depends on your true chanting of Hanuman chalisa.
At age of 26, I got Hanuman Chalisa and see I already lost 26 years. So we should not waste our time unnecessarily, kindly  make use of Hanuman Chalisa and there is no other way for Lord Hanuman and he have to blesses us.
Mathaji said that our Lord Hanuman, never gave discourses or advices to others, he lived like a role model by his every action. Similarly instead of telling Hanuman devotee ourselves, we have to be in action to attain his divine feet. Right now I am praying to Lord Hanuman to bless every devotee to give darshan in their dreams.
Don’t bother about others, think and chant Lord Hanuman.