40th HANUMAN CHALISA PRATHISHTA 11-3-2016. 108 హనుమాన్ చాలీసా శిలాపలకముల ప్రతిష్ట – మాతాజీ సంకల్పము – హనుమాన్ ప్రేరణ. Next Prathishta 18-3-2016

By | March 12, 2016

40th POMPLET copy

The Largest circulated Telugu Daily News Papers “SAKSHI” & “EENADU” -12-3-2016 (40 th Hanuman Chalisa Prathishta )

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Mathaji in her mission of installing 108 Hanuman Chalisa engraved marble stones in 108 different places, in this mission, Mathaji has so far has completed in installing in 39 different
locations in Chennai and Thirupathi. Mathaji in her endeavour to spread Spiritualism among children in order to develop a good
and a peaceful India, decided to install Hanuman Chalisa engraved stones in Educational Institutions. The 40th Hanuman Chalisa engraved marble stone was installed at Smt. Narbada Devi J. Agarwal Vivekananda Vidyalaya Junior College, Mahakavi Bharthi Nagar, Chennai on 11th March, 2016 in the midst of august gathering of Principal, School Teachers and the students. After the inauguration of the Hanuman Chalisa Stone, the entire gathering joined Mathaji in chanting the Hanuman Chalisa with dance, there was good vibration in the entire hall. The students recited the Hanuman Chalisa with devotion and in good rhythm. Mathaji gave an inspiring speech to the students informing the importance of Hanuman Chalisa. Mathaji informed the gathering that Hanuman is a living God and will protect us from all evils if we pray to him with devotion and faith and one way of reaching him is to chant Hanuman Chalisa at-least once daily with devotion and concentration on him. Mathaji further informed that Chalisa can be recited at any time and it has no restriction. Mathaji explained to the students in the way they could understand saying that to pass in the examination or to get degree we need to study well similarly to lead a good life we should practice Spiritualism. Further Mathaji informed that today in the computer world there is nobody to follow the teaching of Vivekananda, she requested the students to practice spiritualism and become double stronger like Vivekananda and take his message to your homes and friends which will enable to develop India into a peaceful Healthy and Wealthy nation. Further Mathaji also informed to the gathering that today you have all facilities to get latest information on any subject and advised the students to live a balanced life for health living i.e. you should have nutritious food, sufficient sleep and rest. You may face some problem, because life is with problems , to overcome this you have to pray to God to overcome the problem, this can be achieved by chanting Hanuman Chalisa with devotion and faith. In this connection Mathaji narrated a story about the faith between Guru
and Sishyan. Guru instructed his Sishyan to pour water to the plant over a plate which contained many holes, the Seshian was pouring water daily, the people around him discouraged him by saying that water is not going to the plant and so why are pouring water
and so stop pouring water, but the Sishyan did not stop pouring and he continued and one day Guru came to the Sishyan and said see today the [plate has come clean and now the water will go to the plants and similarly he informed the Sishyan that the first we should clean an then start using them by this Guru explained to the Sishyan that we first should first clean our body and soul from evil thoughts and deeds and then practice Spiritualism for a good and
healthy living. Here Mathji explained that Spiritualism is nothing but to lead a good, honest and pious life. To do this we need not do any thapas but chant Hanuman Chalisa with devotion and Faith.
Mathaji further informed the gathering that for the past 30 years she has been a faithful devotee of hanuman and Hanuman has given her a peaceful, healthy life with good children and devotees, in order to benefit my co citizens I am carrying this mission to reach the people in large numbers so that they can also get the benefits by worshiping Lord Hanumn the Living God.

Mathaji wished the Students a HAPPY HEALTHY WEALTHY PROSPEROUS life with good education and Mathaji also informed the Students that you all very lucky to study in this type of environment and with such good teachers.
Music teacher proposed vote of Thanks, thanked Mathaji for selecting this school for installing the Chalisa stone in their school and requested the students to make use of it.
V.P. Janakiram B.E., 098407 29752.
Sanjeevini Peetam.

Principal : Smt. R. Sethu Bai – 9940139466.
Smt.Narbada Devi J.Agarwal Vivekananda Vidyalaya Junior College.
III main road, Mahakavi Bharathi Nagar, Vyasarpad, Chennai – 6000039.
Land mark : Near MKB nagar police station.