About Hanuman – (English)

By | June 29, 2016
Makardhwaja Temple Porbandar, Gujarat
When Hanuman took a dip in the waters of sea, after burning whole of Lanka with the fire burning on his tail, a drop of his perspiration fell in to mouth of a mighty fish. Out of this the Makardhwaja was born.
According to another, slightly different version, when Hanuman took a dip in sea, for cooling himself after burning Lanka; a drop of his seed got discharged, due to extreme heat generated in his body and labor by him, which fell in to mouth of a giant fish-cum-reptile like creature, whose name was Makardhwaja, thus making it pregnant.
The fish was caught by people of Ahiravana,who ruled Patala, the nether-world. The Markardhwaja, was discovered, when stomach of fish was cut open and named after it. Ahiravana, seeing his strength & virility gave him job of guarding, the gates of his Kingdom.
So Lord Hanuman had a child without his own knowledge and that doesn’t make him non-bachelor.

Suvarchala Sahitha Hanuman
Surya requested him for a Guru Dakshinathat to marry her daughter Suvarchala. ‘Parasara Samhita’ states the legend of Hanuman’s marriage. Here it is given in brief paragraphs:
“Oh Haunaman! Suvarchala is Ayonija and Surya Varchas Putrika (who born from Varchas of Surya). The world is unable to bear her. Husband is the one who is to bear her, you need to marry her.You are also the Agniputra (Son of Agni).Only you can bear her. This would not disturb your Brahmacharya (celibacy). Along with my daughter, I will give you a boon that you would still be a Brahmachari even after marriage. You are a born Brahmachari and you would continue to be a Prajapatya Brahmachari even marrying my Suvarchala”, said Surya Bhagavan.
He continued, “This marriage is only for Vishwa Kalyanam (welfare of the world). You can continue your eternal celibacy”.
Lord Hanuman convinced with the words of Surya Bhagavan and accepted to offer him Guru Dakshina by marrying Suvarchala. On Jyeshta Shukla Dasami day (10thday in bright half of Jyeshta month), Hanuman married Suvarchala.