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31th Year Hanumath Vratham Celebrations,Margasira Suddha Thrayodasi 23-12-2015 @ Kancheepuram
Mathaji  took  us  to  Erikatha  Anjaneyar  temple,  where  the  statue  got  almost  immersed in Palar river due to torrential rain that happened a week before. Deepam was lighted and  Mathaji kept the deepam on a plantain stem piece and released on the water near the bund. A great  wonder has happened. The Deepam slowly moved against the water current and reached close to the  statue and stayed for more than 10 minutes which symbolically represents that Lord Hanuman has
accepted her offerings with happiness, though Mathaji could not reach Lord’s place due to 5 feet water  in  the  mantapam.  All  devotees  repeated  this  procedure  but  shockingly  all  of  them  stayed  back.  Vibrations in Mathaji have certainly felt by Lord and this incidence took place to the great surprise to all  the public who have gathered there.
After observing this, a school boy prepared himself to float a deepam and Mathaji told him to  say JAI SRIRAM and with a smile he recited and the deepam moved in front of LORD. The reflection is: A Anyone who accepts him wholeheartedly is protected by Lord Hanuman.
This pilgrimage  will remain as a fond memory to every devotee who accompanied  Mathaji on this day.
P. Venkatesan (Retd) UGC Professor  – 94441 03752,  Master of Ceremony, Sanjeevini Peetam.



The appearance of Lord Dasa Hanuman was visible in the burning flames in mathajis
House Gruhapravesa Homam (Malles Anugraha Apts, Chennai) on 13-11-2011.

Harihi om,

My new office opening function on 2-5-2017 Tuesday at auspicious time between 12 to 1pm. we took many photos but this pic found Lord Hanuman’s presence and blessed us through our Mother(Hanuman Mathaji). I am very happy to share this with everyone.

Jai sri ram
Hanuma Chaitanya

Harihi om. I am very happy to share with you – hanuman presence – once again thanks to prasad sir & venu ji – hanuman mathaji  (I took this image yesterday. Just enlarge and see – Prasad ) ( Miracle @ 21-5-2017 Hanuman Jayanthi – Mangalyam look like Mathaji’s eyes – Venuji)

E A S photosearikaatha-anjaneya-swamy-3

Agnihothram {15.8.2014}
at Erikatha Anjaneyar Sannidhi, Dusi,Kancheepuram.

Mathaji is Following Agnihothram {Homam} past 25 years{Silvera Jubilee Year}.


Agnihothram or Homam is an ancient science given in Sanskrit language at the time of creation. Sanskrit was never anyone’s mother tongue; it is a language of vibration. We can make changes in the atmosphere with Sanskrit mantras and fire prepared with specific organic substances, timed to the sunrise/sunset biorhythm. The fire is prepared in a small copper pyramid of specific size and shape.Dried Thulasi Sticks, Brown rice, dried cow
dung (manure) and ghee (clarified unsalted butter) are the substances burned. Exactly at sunrise or sunset the mantras are spoken and a small amount of rice and ghee is given to the fire. There is not just energy from the fire; subtle energies are created by the rhythms and mantras. Atharvana veda also deals with sound therapy aspects of Mantras for the treatment of the ailing human system at the physical, psychological and spiritual
levels. The Samaveda focuses on the musical chanting patterns of the Mantras and the subtle form of Yagna by defining the latter as the process of mental oblation on the surface of internal emotions through the cosmic radiation of the omnipresent subtle energy of sound. The Yajurveda contains the knowledge of principles and methods of performing Yagnas as Spiritual and Scientific experiments for global welfare.

Effects Of Agnihotra

Experimental studies show that the incidence of physical ailments, sickness and disease are reduced in the houses, where the Yajna (Agnihotra) is regularly performed because it creates a pure, nutritional and medicinal atmosphere. It renews the brain cells, revitalizes the skin, purifies blood and prevents growth of pathogenic organisms. Agnihotra is basically a healing process. ‘Heal the atmosphere and the healed atmosphere will heal you’- is the Modus Operandi. Purification of environment through the constituent
electrons of the substances fumigated in the Yajna is an obvious effect of this process. The observation of some distinguished scientists is note worthy in this regard. Sugars present in Havishya have great power to purify the atmosphere. It kills the germs of T.B., measles, smallpox and cow-pox, remarks.
Effect on Microorganisms

A preliminary experiment carried out to study the effect of Agnihotra on the bacterial population in a room showed 91.4% reduction in bacterial count where Agnihotra was performed.The Brahmavarchas Shodha Sansthan (a scientific research centre in Hardwar, India) has taken up research on this aspect of Yajna. In Yajna, medicines and herbs are vaporized by offering them into the sacrificial fire, and they enter the human body in a gaseous form through the nose, lungs and the pores of the skin .Yagnopathy may come
into being sooner than expected, and it may rank a unique achievement of the modern age.

Based on the research of the authors, and the scientific evidences found during experimental field studies conducted at Sri Devi Veda Vidyalayamu, Srisailam, during Chandi Homam, the following conclusions can be drawn

• Homa was found to be one of the most economical means of purifying environmental pollution.
• Global effects such as patching up of ozone hole, removal of harmful radiation and radioactivity are
proved by scientists round the world.
• The experimental studies conducted at Sridevi Veda Vidyalayamu clearly showed that the emissions
during homam are not only non toxic but are beneficial to the environment.
• The ash collected from the bottom showed manorial value and therefore agnihotra farms were
developed in some countries.
• The ash has also exhibited medicinal values.
• Zinc Oxide present in the particulate emissions in our experiments has a curative effect on skin
diseases. Zinc oxide offers excellent protection against Ultra Violet Radiations (A and B).
• While Lead (Pb) is found to be within permissible limits, Manganese (Mn) is found to be slightly in excess of permissible limits prescribed by Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). This is good
because of the health benefits of Mn.
• Manganese ensures healthy bone structure, bone metabolism, helping in building essential enzymes for building bones. It acts as a coenzyme to assist metabolic progression in the human body. Apart from these, there are other health benefits of manganese actively involved in forming connective tissues, absorption of calcium, proper functioning of thyroid, sex hormones, regulating blood sugar level, and metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. Manganese is very important for normal functioning of the brain and nerve areas of our body.
Sastra Vakyalu(Spritual Words)

1) Agni Deva is an inter-mediator between God and Human Being.
2) It is Agni Deva’s curse to appear immediately when a match stick is lit.
3) Goddess Swaha is Agni Deva’s wife.
4) Our dosham and karmas will be washed away when performing Homam and pouring ghee by uttering the word Swaha.
5) Agni Deva directly passes our wishes to God, when we wash our karmas by performing Homam whole-heartedly.
So to get rid from our sins, we must perform Homam at every house.

1) Doing a sin knowingly and performing Homam for remedy is not the correct way. Do Homam with pure in thought, word and deed.
2) Agni Deva should be satisfied with our Homam and should not think He can’t carry any more sins of ours. If He gets angry we know what will happen. Practice, Practice, Practice. – Bhagavath Geetha says.

Silver Jubilee Santhi Homam 15-8-2014 (20 Photos )


Panchamukha Hanuman Shanthi Homam 1-1-2013

||Om Harimarkata Markataya Swaha||

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29th HANUMAN CHALISA ENGRAVED STONES PRATHISHTA 27-12-2015 @ Sri Yoga Anjaneya Swamy Temple, Sholinghur 

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