Akshaya Trithiya 2012 (English)

By | April 13, 2012
The word Akshaya means immortal, inexhaustible & imperishable. There are many special reasons for this day. On this day it is believed by the people that whatever they donate to needy ,will never be diminished and the donor’s lives will become prosperous and undiminished with God’s blessings. These blessings does not end till this janmam(rebirth) and also continues to the next janmam. We must perform the good deeds on this day to receive these blessings.

Importance of Akshaya Trithiya

  1. Veda Vyasa started writing Maha Bharatam epic on this day.
                  * Therefore we must also start a good work which doesnot affect the society.
  1. Parasurama Jayanthi is on this day:
*Parasurama is an incarnation of Sri Maha Vishnu, so pooja has to be performed with Tulasi leaves.
  1. Kuchelan was a great Brahmin with good character and cultured person. He got fortunated on this day by visiting Lord Krishna from severe poverty.
* Therefore we must also get blessings from the God like Kuchelan by having good character and bhakthi.
  1. Ganga Devi came to Earth from Heaven on this day.
* Therefore we must show our thanks to Ganga Devi by showering with different types of flowers.
  1. Pandavas did many good deeds and attained virtue which did not diminish and imperish, got the Akshaya Patra from Lord Krishna.
* Therefore there is no other go, we must perform good deeds and spread the goodness.
Our Shastras and Puranas define us about this day very clearly but we people are changing the meaning of this day.
In my perspective, Akshaya Trithiya means
“It’s not buying or getting something but donating others what we have”


On Akshaya Trithiya [24-4-2012, Tuesday],
* At 7am Sahasranamarchana to Sri Maha Vishnu with Tulasi leaves.
* Astothara pooja to Mahalakshmi with different types of flowers.
* Bhagawath  Gita Parayanam of 15th chapter [Purushothama Prapthiyogam].
* Betal leaves archana to my beloved God .
* Prasadam (Avul Payasam) at 9am.

– Mathaji.