VOTE OF THANKS 16-8-2013

By | August 21, 2013

It gives me an immense pleasure to express my gratefulness to all those who made this function a grand success and a memorable day of the year 2013. I am very grateful to the committee members for their contribution financially and manually. I pray the lord to bless them with all the way success in their lives. Last but not the least a special thanks to my media friends.

My salutations to all the parents of children who participated in the competition. Children are the citizens of the tomorrows nation.So we are concentrating on them. Now a days a lot of conversion into other religions is taking place.Therefore our Hindu tradition and culture is disappearing as time is as to bring awareness about this, I thought the only way to inculcate the awareness is this.
At least “ONCE” in a day, in any time, all the members in your family sit together and chant chalisa. so that no evil spirits or bad virtues, ill health, tragic situations will not be dare enough to enter your house. I promise you. All of you or atleast few of you if followed as said above. I feel very very happy and utter the words in front of my beloved Lord as ‘I AM PROUD OF MYSELF IN DOING SUCH AN EXCELLENT JOB’. Hence I wish whole heartedly to get absorbed by good thoughts in mind and lead a happy, success and prosperous life thro’out your span.
Thanking you once again with always Hanuman Smaranams

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