December month Nakshatra Pooja – 19th or 20th

By | December 16, 2012

Due to some reasons, Nakshatra Pooja at Sanjeevini Peetam will not be done grandly.Since many people come and ask for explanation, I will tell .Celebrate at your houses either on 19th or 20th.If possible on 21st which is rumoured as the dooms ( pralayam ) day, isn’t it, at least celebrate on that day.Your doing is important for me.More than when it is going to be done, how it is going to be done is only important. ” When will Nakshatra Pooja be performed, do not stop, by any means definitely do this – we will all help ” they say this way. I feel very happy.But,” if I keep on doing, if you keep on seeing, for how many days , you too should do”. In a house a lamp’s glitter should be there.In every body’s house again and again Chalisa should echo.The drishti dosham in the house will go, things will happen just like you wish giving complete peace of mind. I pray to our Swami that all of you should live with long  and healthy life.

Suggestion : During Margazhi Masam, Swamy likes water in a new  mud pot very much. Similarly He likes groundnuts too very much.