Deepavali 2012 -Mathaji Talk (English)

By | November 5, 2012

Deepam Jyothi Param Bramha Deepam Sarva Thamopaham

Deepena Sadyathe Sarvam Karthika Deepa Namosthuthe:


The 3 colours in Deepa Jyothi Kanthi (Lamp Glow) signify the happiness, peace, self-control, Sowbhagyam & Sowseelyam. The light comprises of blue, yellow, white colours which refers to Human living with Sathva,Rajo,Thamo Gunas. These 3 colours stand for Vignanam (Knowledge), Vivekam, Vinayam when considered as Sathyam, Sivam, Sundaram, we directly worship Goddess Trijaganmatha.



  1. Our festivals reflect our Indian Culture.
  2. The brightness of lamps makes one’s caste pride to wake up.
  3. Deepavali is a festival to welcome the brightness & to eradicate the darkness.
  4. Deepavali signifies Dharma Prathistapana & to destroy Asura Gunas.


When a lamp is lighted in a room, it removes the darkness and fills with its brightness. Similarly when one’s Gnanam (Knowledge) is lit, it removes the inner darkness. The lamp glow has to be monitored regularly without blowing off. So Gnanam has to be developed – (Follow  BHAGAVATH  GITA). Once the Gnana Jyothi is developed, it will never blow off. Then everyday is Deepavali.


Firing artificial crackers and polluting the environment does not mean Narakasura was killed. Though the people are given enough awareness of Global Warming and not to burst crackers and pollute the environment, they still follow the same act. We have to give the greenery, unpolluted air & land to our next generation.

 By lighting the lamps and performing Homams, oxygen is released and it is good for Human health. There are no right for us to pollute environment and we must feel & enjoy our mother nature.

In our daily life we are doing so many sins with or without knowing. So we have to take an oath that we will not harm Panchabhootams (Mother Nature) and this is the real Deepavali.


  1. Take head bath with gingelly oil early in the morning  –  Poverty Goes.
  2. Do Surya Namaskarams  –  Feel the happiness.
  3. Leave water 3 times with your hands saying: “ Tharpayami” –  Receive ancestors blessings.
  4. Light the lamp in your house (main door) & Tulasi pot for one month –  Reaches Heaven.
  5. Do one good work and receive –  Best Human Birth.

Doing good work, Vrathams, & Danams in the month of Karthika, everyone receives Punyam & Happiness and I pray my beloved Lord Hanuman wholeheartedly to bless everyone.

With constant thinking about Hanuman
Yours Mathaji