Dhanur Masam – Margasira Masam(Margazhi) 2012 – English

By | December 14, 2012

Sri Krishna Bhagawan said, ” Masanam Margaseershoham” – meaning ” Of all months, I am Margasira Masam ”.So, there is so much of speciality and prominence for this month.

If so,” why are there no muhurthams in this month?”, is our Dharma sandeham (religious doubt). This is because there is so much of speciality for this month, where we cannot analyse and guess the reason.So, no muhurthams in this month.The opinion our ancestors had was that, apart from concentrating on our mind, 5 organs of action (5 Karmaendriyas),5 sense organs (5 Gnanaendriyas) – together 11 senses ( 11 indriyangal ) , our mind should not get diverted in any other way.For this purpose, this type of sampradayam (religious way) has been followed and shown by them.At least for this 1 month,by not having muhurthams, programmes and any other activities, and by concentrating only on God with complete Bhakthi and Shraddha, if we follow this Dhanur Masam,not only will we develop our culture and sampradayam, but we will remain with double the enthusiasm from the next month. This way we can be path bearers for the next generation.

Our ancient scriptures ( puranas ) tell us that head weight, want for more, anger, jealously, constant eating, laziness, sexual desire are all dangerous sins and diseases.This is all .Apart from this because there is no muhurtham, either knowingly or unknowingly never decide that this is an unwanted month.

In foreign countries, marriages do happen at this time and they do get married.Questions like ” are they all not allright, are they not happy”? does not arise.Adamantally we can go ahead.But, our ancestors with so much of prior thought created a sampradayam and followed it.In this Dhanur Masam, by following a proper diet for food and liquid, the ailments which have appeared since the last 11 months will go away.By worshipping and prostrating God the illness in our mind will go away.With so much of meaning and with the highest quality, our Hindu culture has been created by our Rishis. Apart from this, thinking that” since there are no muhurthams, we will arrange for special programmes and we shall enjoy”, then it is our fate.

By keeping our spinal cord straight and by pronouncing the Beejaksharam clearly, each and every part of our body becomes strong. The non-functional nerves too start developing sensation.If the Beejaksharam is said clearly and if one observes carefully,we can experience the way the nerves dance around our belly button.For example – recite the 12th sloka from the 8th chapter of Bhagavath Gita several times and get to know.

By having an early morning bath, by doing parayanam of Sahasranamam and Bhagavath Gita, by keeping lamp, by getting darshan of Vaikunta Dwaram, the amount of high benefits one gets can be found out , out of experience. Teach your children too.With what ever intention they had followed these types of Sampradayams by understanding, only by following the traditional ways during this month, its highest value can be found out by everyone. For all those who follow this Dhanur Masam, physically and mentally they should and will live with health and happiness. With this wish I ask my Aradhya Deivam Anjaneya Swamy —-


Mathaji Kanya Kumari