Hanuman Chalisa (English)

By | January 22, 2013

Harihi Om

Hanuman is the only disciple of Lord Rama and got the boon of Hug of Rama. In Ekadasa Rudrasa, Lord Hanuman is Ajaikapada Rudra. Hanuman is the one who has tremendous Buddhi Balam (power of Intellectual) and Bahu Balam (power of courage). He is the only one who helps the real sevakas. He becomes wild when any harm is done to his sevakas. In Shri Rama Rahasyopanishath, Lord Hanuman has taken an oath that his devotees will be always be safeguarded by from all the troubles faced by them. Even Lord Shri Rama also said that whosoever worships his priyasishyas Hanuman will also be blessed by him. The great epic SundaraKanda says that, during the bad period of Sita matha in Lanka,when she was in a Dharma Sankata, Lord Hanuman consoled her with a lot of moral support. So Sita matha booned Lord Hanuman with AshtaSiddhas &NavaNidhis. The Upasakas of Lord Hanuman, The Great Emperor of RamaBhakta Kingdom will also be under the Anugraha of Sita Matha.These words are written in the epic Parasara Samhita. Rudramsa Sambhuta,Lord Hanuman`s shakti can`t be predicted by the evils or any enemies. The word fear is also fear to utter the name of Lord Hanuman.
In Hanuman Chalisa & Hanuman Bahuk, Saint Tulasi Das said that:
Those who perform the Hanuman Seva will be showered with the blessings of swamy very easily. He accompanies his devotees always to boon them with all good images in their life. Rendering the qualities of Hanuman will strengthen us to drive away all the hurdles faced in our life. Also when surrendered ourselves to the almighty and doing the Rama Nama Japam in all the ways of our life will enables us to be under the showers of the Lord and he will be the AbhayaVara Pradhata.
The above wonderful and enlightening words were given out by the Great Saint Tulasi Das must be blindly believed by every one without any hesitation. So I feel that wholeheartedly and immediately inculcate virtue of worshipping our Great Global God and find the solution for all sorts of problems and make your life as “ JanmaSarthakatha”, the eternal goal.
Aradhana Phalam(fruitfulness of worshipping)
. Bhagwan has given the words, so it is Bhagawath Gita. Bhagavan heard the words, so it is Shri Vishnu Sahasranamam. They are very powerful. Similarly, Saint Tulasi Das`s Hanuman Chalisa was also heard and blessed by our Great RamaBhakta Hanuman. Hence it is also equally
powerful and also has great Shakti to enlighten us in the right path. Though there may be many correction in our Bhakti but in Hanuman Shakti there are no other words to spell out. In Universe, there is no other god, than our Lord Hanuman. Hanuman Upasakas , if they utter any words (good) the situations emerge true. So Hanuman Upasana & Hanuman Pooja & Hanuman Seva has a lot of vibrations and shakti. In Kaliyuga, there is no seva other than Hanumanth Seva for the people to transit themselves , realize and possess the sacred heart. Rendering Hanuman Manthra in the all the time(365 days) will helps us to benefit ourselves with 7 crores Maha Manthras and also truely we get Hanuman Sakshathkaram. There is no doubt in it.


Surrendering at the feet of Lord Pavana Kumara, Samprokshana of mind to be like a mirror, awareness of our body which is full of all Gunas, rendering and describing the sacred and glory of Great Shri Ram,
We can be freed from all the calamities in our life.
Lord Hanuman`s quality of knowledge is like a MahaSamudra (ocean). He enlightens the universe in all yugas.He is embided with wealth of courage and strong body. He drives the bad virtues in us and helps the people who have good virtues and attitudes. He is a great Vidwamsa and also the origin to create the good path. He has a great power in him. He is always the first to serve every RamaKaryams(tasks of Lord Rama). In SukshmaRupa, he saw Sita Matha, In VikataRupa, he lit the island Lanka & In AtiBhayanakaraRupa, he killed Asuras and fulfilled the whol e RamaKaryam. He brought the medicinal tree Sanjeevini and gave life to Lakshmana. He is lovely acclaimed as equivalent to Lord Rama`s brother Bharatha by Rama and was blessed by him that in future Hanuman`s glory will be admired by thousands of people. These words are truly given by Lord Rama. Even Bramha and other Adi Devatas can`t reach him to describe his glory. Hanuman`s helping nature was proved in helping Sugriva. Lord Hanuman made Vibhishana, the King of Lanka. He is the great BahuBala Sampanna who flew high in the sky to swallow the sun as soon as he was born.”In the world, if we have your blessings there is nothing possible to do’. To prove this he has shown by crossing over the Satha Yojana Samudra (ocean). As far as Lord is blessing us, we need not fear of anything or anyone. He is the only one who has the power to control all the Shakti.
Hanuman Nama Japa will also help us to keep away from all kinds of ill health and drives the shadow of evil spirits. Hanuman is a great courageous Lord . In four yugas, always he is a sevaka of all RamaKaryams, canvasses the Mahima of RamaNama, performs all impossible things possible with RamaShabdam.
I wish you all to learn the Artha (meaning) of Hanuman Chalisa, during the parayana feel the eternal presence of Hanuman and acquire his blessings. If it is done with fullfledged Bhakti and Belief, we can visualize the image of Shri Sita Rama Lakshmana sahita Anjaneya in our hearts for ever. In this I attribute that there is absolutely no doubt.
I feel the immense pleasure and happy to inform to you all that I completed one lakh times of parayana of Hanuman Chalisa. I went through a great feelings . Still a great great flow of happiest experiences are flown in me. The ultimate goal of mine is to do seva of the Lord in every moment of my life. So I feel that I am still a learner for every moment.
In Kaliyuga, Hanuman is the Kalpavriksha.Hanuman is Kamadhenu for me. To fulfill all my desire, Hanuman is Chintamani. So I have no sorrows- no fears. So I wish you also do worship Lord Hanuman and drench yourselves in the shower of his blessings.

Hanuman Smaranams

NOTE: The words of truth mentioned above are only for those who have good attitudes. Those who have bad attitudes cannot reach the Lord and get the blessings of him even if they do 108 times parayana of Hanuman Chalisa or perform any poojas with strict rules and regulations.The result will be SOONYAM.
Taking The Oath on Bhagavath-Gita, inculcating Sath Sankalpa, inspiring yourselves towards Bhakti and Belief on words given by all Shastras (epics), uttering the word ‘RAMA’ once, doing the parayana of ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ once in a day will make Lord Hanuman to give his Darshan with an affectionate hands. This is my once for all a great belief.
JAI SRIRAM. 5-1-2013

“Real Flowers for Hanuman.”

Ahimsa prathamam pushpam  Pushpam Indriya Nigraham
Sarva Bhootha Daya Pushpam Kshama Pushpam Visheshataha
Shanthi Pushpam Tapah Pushpam Dhyana Pushpam  tadaivacha
Sathyam Ashta Vidha Pushpam Hanuman Preethi karam bhaveth.


Flowers That Please Lord  Hanuman :-

1. Ahimsa prathamam pushpam : Non-violence is the First Flower

2. Pushpam Indriya Nigraham : Control of the senses is the Second Flower

3. Sarva Bhootha Daya Pushpam : Being Kind towards all the living beings is the Third Flower

4. Kshama Pushpam Visheshataha : Forgiving is the real special Flower – the Fourth Offering

5. Shanthi Pushpam : Peace is the Fifth Flower

6. Tapah Pushpam : Penance is the Sixth Flower

7. Dhyana Pushpam  : Meditation is the Seventh Flower

8. Sathyam Ashta Vidha Pushpam :Truth is the Eigth Flower. –

Jai Rama Lakshmana Janaki Jai bolo Hanumanki. Jai Sree Ram . Jai Bhajaranga bali – Mathaji