KADHALI VANARCHANA 8-12-2011 (27th Year)

By | November 30, 2011
HANUMATH   VRATHAM    will  be  celebrated   by   Sanjeevini Peetam  on   8-12-2011  in Sundara Vanam, Dusi, Kanceepuram at Earikatha Anjaneyar Sannidhi.  108 Banana plants are growing in Sundara Vanam since last 5 months for the above auspicious day.   Couples or single person will be allowed to perform Vratham under each Banana Plant.
Devotees interested in attending the Vratham have to bring the following items:-
Pancha patra set,  flowers, fruits, betel leaves,  Harathi set and etc.,
Mode of Transfort either self or by van arranged by Sanjeevini Peetam. Those interested can inform us on 4 – 12 – 2011.    Van charge Rs. 400/-
Anna Prasadam will be distributed.
PH  :044-2471 2231,98403 64567, 90435 68941.