Kartheeka Masam – Significance

By | October 28, 2011

Lot of significance and prominence is given during Kartheeka
masam for taking bath in sacred rivers before sunrise,
lighting of lamps (Deepaaraadhana), fasting, visiting of
Shiva and Vishnu temples, giving charity especially
Deepa Dana, Salagrama Pooja, and Vana Bhojana.
Actually Kartheeka Snana Vratha begins from Aaswayuja Sukla
Pournami and is held for a period of one month up to
Kartheeka Pournami.  On the full moon day, Kartheeka
Pournami we find people especially women floating
lighted lamps in rivers and lakes after sunset.
In some parts of South India, we find people
performing the festival of Naga Chaturthi on
the 4th day of bright fortnight in Kartheeka Masam.

There is no month equal to Kartheeka masam,
there is no God equivalent to Lord Kesava (Sri Hari),
there is no script equal to Veda, and there is no
theertha (pilgrimage) equal to sacred river Ganges.