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Synchronization of karthikai ( tamil month) month, Sapthami  thithi  and shravana nakshathram is a rare of rarity that signifies Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu together fulfilling man’s dyanam under  Amla tree. This rarity was at 5.30 pm on Saturday, the 9th November 2013.  This is nomenclatured as Koti Somavaram Pooja. Such a fortune was celebrated by  Mathaji  with her Sanjeevini peetam members in front of Amla tree in the premises of Prasanna Venkatesward Temple, Thoppa Pillai Strteet, Periamet, Chennai 600 003. Everyone has lighted Deepam and kept around Amla tree.Mathaji performed pooja to   Anjaneya and Shiva in front and adored them with flowers. All the members have brought prasadam for naivedhyam to God.

   Under the able leadership of Mathaji, everyone chanted Hanuman Chalisa, Lingastakam, Tulasi  Pradikshina song, Tulasi Govinda Namam, Bhajan and recitation of 12th Chapter from Bhagvath Gita . This cohesiveness brought great vibrations to all who have assembled there with the blessings of Prasanna Vankateswara Swamy.

   The significance and the divinity of this day was explicitly expressed by Mathaji. She highlighted that this prayer is equivalent to performance of prayer on one crore Mondays, which is humanly impossible even for an infinitive generations.

    How many generations and Yugas we need to perform such a prayer? This was equaled by our our assembalge under the Amla tree on this day. Mathaji’s inspiration and motivation has transcended us to the zenith of peace, calmness and contentment on a DAY of paradise that no one can dream in his life time.

     Heart of hearts, everyone of us express our gratitude to Mathaji. Pranam to Mathaji Kanyakumari, Founder, Sri Sanjeeevinipeetam.

    Hari hi Om!

Dr.P.Venkatesan,UGC Professor Emeritus in Zoology, Loyola College,Chennai.

Venue : Prasanna Venkateswara Perumal Koil
No: 2, Thoppai Pillai Street, periyamet, Chennai- 3.
Near Ellaiamman koil {Poonamalle high road} , Rippon Building 2nd left.

Things to bring: Amla fruits, Ghee, Dheeparadana items, Tulasi, Erukkam poo (Jilledu pushpam), Fruits and Bhojana prasadam.

KOTI SOMAVARA VRATHAM – In Karthika Masam before the fullmoon, Sravana Nakshtram comes on Sapthami day on (9-11-2013 Saturday) is an auspicious day which is called Koti Somavara Vratham.

If anybody does Abhishekam for Shiva and Parvathi on this day they will get eternity. Even though Somavara Vratham is performed every monday in Karthika Masam, the Vratham observed only on this day gives one the benefits of observing the vratham one crore times. Hence this day is called Koti Somavara Vratham. If you perform one Somavara Vratham all your sins and problems of past and present will subside. One will get liberation, divine radiance, and good health by doing Abhishekam with Vilvam, Tulasi and lotus to Lord Shiva. This is the greatest opportunity to observe silence, fasting on this day and doing Shiva puja. Sins from many lifetimes, all sorrows, all kinds of pains, and problems and fear will disappear if one does Koti Somavara Vratham, will attain Shiva Loka prapthi. All are Welcome –

Your’s Mathaji.

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