Ksheerabdhi Dwadasi (Karthika Masam) – Tulasi Damodara Kalyanam 23-11-2015

By | August 30, 2015

Ksheerabdi Dwadasi,Tulasi Damodara Kalyanam2015 Part 1 @ Chennai

Ksheerabdi Dwadasi,Tulasi Damodara Kalyanam2015 Part 2 @ Chennai

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3. Tulasi Damodara Kalyanam (click Here)

4. Samuhika Tulasi Archana (Click Here)

5. Chiluka Danchuta ( Churn’ n Pound ) (Clink Here)

6. Gummi Pradakshina ( Gummi Thattuta ), Vetti Valapu song ( Click Here)

 Anjaneya Veera – Hanumantha Soora, Vayu kumara Vanara Veera- Sri Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram, Sita Ram Jaya Radhe Shyam (Click Here)


Tulasi Damodhara Kalyana Vaibhavam held on Monday, the 23rd November 2015 at INFOYS hall, R.K. Mutt School, Chennai 600 017


* Torrential rain and heavy downpour of 9 cm. in three hours, timely heavy thunder ( as Getty melam during Mangalya dharanam to Tulasi Matha) are taken as the choicest blessings of Lord Krishna and Hanuman for the announcement of new project by Mathaji – launch of Vaikunda Hanuman Temple at Doosi – Is it not the positive energy that Mathaji tells her devotees and committee members reportedly whenever and wherever they meet?

* Heavy rain would have shattered the roads in Chennai but never the willpower and anxiety of devotees who attended and witnessed the proceedings with great joy.

* Decorations and preparations were very pleasant that gave cheers from the devotees who were there.

* Mathaji brought Lord Hanuman statue as the invocation for the celebration. The moment she carried over her head and entered the mandapam, divinity and thejus added to Mathajis’ stature.

* Tulasi Damodhara Kalyana vaibhavam was extremely excellent with the total dedication by the devotees in the hall.

* Tulasi archana was performed by those who gathered in the hall in a solemn way, to the fullest satisfaction of everyone.

* “Chiluka Dhanchuta” program was fabulous with every devotee having received the sprinkles of the milk Prasad ( milk with jaggeri being churned with sugarcane base by Mathaji in a churning stone) during Mathaji’s performance of Dhanchuta.

* Height of heights was: Fantastic participation of everyone for the gummi Pradhakshana around Lord Krishna and Tulasi Matha. Mathaji singularly joined with everyone in the gummi dance for every pradakshana.

* For the new project- Vaikunda Hanuman Temple- taken over by Sanjeevini Peetam Trust- the founder, Mathaji donated her almost 10 grounds of land in Doosi in a symbolic way by handing over her document to the trustees on the stage witnessed by Lord Krishna, Tulasi Matha, Lord Hanuman in the presence of devotees.

* School children (though late but latest) danced in a classical way with Kolattam sticks the Gummi performance.

* Needless to say: Mathaji was overwhelmed with joy and happiness when every activity on this day went on well to the fullest satisfaction of Lord Hanuman.

* Rain? Torrential rain? Cyclone? Hurricane? Stagnated city? Flooded road? – Nothing can stop Mathaji from her determinations in her thought of human welfare through our Global friend- Lord Hanuman and despite these, committee members, devotees and fresh ones (such as Prof. Dr. Kasturi, Former Head of the Department, Ethiraj College, Chennai who joined the event with her sisters after reading the news item in Down town of “The Hindu”.

* Mathaji was very keen in seeing off everyone with utmost care and safety.

*S Undoubtedly and undisputably, this is Mathaji era.
P. Venkatesh


2Sakshi-25-11-2015 Eenadu-25-11-2015HARIHI  OM

Sanjeevini Peetam in connection with the “31st Ksheerabdhi Dwadasi Celebrations – 2015” is performing “THULASI DAMODHARA KALYANAM” on Monday, the 23rd November, 2015 at Infosys Hall, Ramakrishna Matriculation Higher Secondary School, No. 71 Buzullah Road, Chennai – 600 017. (Opp. to Joy Alukkas).
The Devotees are requested to participate in the function and get the Blessings of the Lord Krishna. (ENTRY FREE).
5.00 P.M.    Samuhika Tulasi Archana(To be performed by anyone, spot Registration only)
             To bring : Turmeric, Kumkuma, Flowers, Tamboolam,  Akshatha,Pancha pathra Set.
             * Tables are arranged for Aged Devotees.
5.45 P.M.    Tulasi Damodara Kalyanam
6.30 P.M.    Sanjeevini Peetam Trust Inauguaration
6.45 P.M.    Chiluka Danchuta (Churn’ n Pound)
7.00 P.M.    Gummi Pradhakshina (Song: Vetti Valapu)
             Special Performance by Teachers & Students of Manilal M Mehta Girls Higher Secondary School, Parrys
7.30 P.M.    Distribution of Divya Theertham & Prasadam
(Note: Tulasi Plants will be distributed to all Devotees)
Venuji P.R.O.,
Sanjeevini peetam
Volunteer-list-1Volunteer-list-2stmambalamtimessakshi-21-11-2015 Harihi Om
Mathaji of Sanjeevini Peetam proposes to conduct meeting with the Volunteers on 1/11/2015 at 6.00 p.m.
at Mathaji residence in connection with the Tulasi Kalyanam. All the Volunteers are requested to attend the meeting. Members who are interested to perform service and who have not  given their names earlier also can participate in the group meeting. Please confirm your participation. All are welcome.
With Regards. V.P. Janakiram Service Co-ordinator.. Jai Sree Ram, Jai Bhajaranga bali. 


Minutes of the Meeting for Tulasi Kalyana celebration. Meeting was held on Sunday, the 1st November 2015 wherein, Mathaji has formed a working committee for the performance of Tulasi Kalyana celebration on 23rd November 2015. Highlights are
1. Mathaji narrated the significance of the program. 2. She stressed that this vaibhavam is being performed by devargal and it is a golden opportunity for devotees to participate in this memorable celebration. 3. It is sacred for the members to do service for such a rarest event. 4. She pointed out a few deficiencies met with in such an event held in 2014. 5. She is very particular that there should not be any inconvenience to the devotees in the event to come in 2015. 6. She reminded all the committee members that everyone should do the service assigned to them and should not interfere in others’ work. 7. She concluded saying that another meeting will be held shortly to finalize the details of the celebrations.
Regards, Janakiram, Programme Coordinater, Tulasi Kalyanam Jai Bhajarangaa bali


Gummi (Pradakshina) paata 4-11-2014  English


veṭṭi valapu callaku viṣṇumūriti nātō | 
veṭṭidēra māṭāḍu viṣṇumūriti ||


vinayamu sēsēvu viṣhṇumūriti |  venakaṭi vāḍavega viṣṇumūriti | vinavayyā māmāṭa viṣṇumūriti mammu | venukoni paṭṭakumī viṣṇumūriti ||

verapugala vāḍavu viṣṇumūriti nēḍu | veragaiti ninnu jūci viṣṇumūriti | virivāye nīmāyalu viṣṇumūriti nāku | viruliccē vappaṭiki viṣṇumūriti ||

velase nī sētalella viṣṇumūriti mā- | velupalalōna nīve viṣṇumūriti | velalēni śrīvēṃkaṭa viṣṇumūriti kūḍi | vilasillitivi nātō viṣṇumūriti ||


Gummi (Pradakshina) paata 4-11-2014 Telugu 

ప|| వెట్టి వలపు చల్లకు విష్ణుమూరితి నాతో | వెట్టిదేర మాటాడు విష్ణుమూరితి ||

చ|| వినయము సేసేవు విష్ణుమూరితి | వెనకటి వాడవెగ విష్ణుమూరితి |
వినవయ్యా మామాట విష్ణుమూరితి మమ్ము | వెనుకొని పట్టకుమీ విష్ణుమూరితి ||

చ|| వెరపుగల వాడవు విష్ణుమూరితి నేడు | వెరగైతి నిన్ను జూచి విష్ణుమూరితి |
విరివాయె నీమాయలు విష్ణుమూరితి నాకు | విరులిచ్చే వప్పటికి విష్ణుమూరితి ||

చ|| వెలసె నీ సేతలెల్ల విష్ణుమూరితి మా- | వెలుపలలోన నీవె విష్ణుమూరితి |
వెలలేని శ్రీవేంకట విష్ణుమూరితి కూడి | విలసిల్లితివి నాతో విష్ణుమూరితి ||

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