Mother’s day & Devotees Talks & Valuable Comments

By | May 29, 2017

Mother’s day 2017….

Pandarinathan Venkatesan Mutual acceptance and exchange of your Bakthi as Prasadam and blessings to you by LORD are the ever-green memories you bring to your devotees like us. I remember your words ” Do what RAMA did” PRANAM 🙏

௨ண்மைதான் சார் ஒரு துளி கூட கீழே 🙏🏼🙏🏼சிந்தாமல் குழந்தைபோல் பருகிய காட்சி நேரில் பார்த்தது எங்கள் பாக்கியம் ஆனால் நீங்கள் போட்டோவை பார்த்தே முழுமையாக உணர்ந்து எழுதியது மிகவும் அருமை 🙏🏼Jaisriram – venuji


jai hanumaan. AMMA mee manovakku nishkalmasanga undi. Tama badhalato, korikalato mimmulani cherina vaariki sanjeevaraayuni aasrayinchamanatam chaalaa goppaga undi. Geetalo Bhahavaanudu- karmanye vaadhikaaraste antoo cheppina slokamunu patincha manatam samayochita margadarsanam. Anduke meeru nijamaina AMMA. shubham. SVASTI.

Hanumath Jayanthi 2017
Mathaji’s Perception & Reply to Felicitation
Hari hi Om.
After seeing our photographs of the Vaibhav, devotees are sending their opinions, messages and felicitations on Whats-app, Facebook, and E-mail to me. In that they are mentioning their personal sufferings and problems that they face in their life. Really, I don’t know anything about such aspects. Even I am not aware of anything that will happen in the next minute. If it is so…. How can I save you from your problems?
I have also experienced very hard distressed situations in my life and I have pleaded to Lord Hanuman and with his bleesings as my Savior, I have overcome such problems. Whenever I face any sorrowful conditions, I have read passionately Hanuman Chalisa. I presume that Lord Hanuman is in front of me to whom I do Pooja with devotion and dedication. I gained this Gnana through my GURU who is none other than Bhagavath Geetha.
That experience is really marvellous and I enjoyed it heart of hearts when I get relieved of any problem that I come across. I am sharing such experiences with all of you now. You too should have such strong belief and get rewarded. Be happy in the rest of your life through such dedication. Your belief on me alone cannot be the solution. Really, I am ignorant.
Reply to felicitation: I extend my sincere thanks to everyonewho have supported me directly and/or indirectly otherwise. I pray to Lord Hanuman that HE will shower his choicest blessings on all of you.
My special mention is to Shri Suncoo Srinivasulu and his spouse Suncoo Bindu Srinivasulu who gave me whole-hearted support n all sense in addition to my family members. I extend my best wishes to this dedicated couple.
Hanuman Mathaji

Vprasad Prasad Hanuman Kalyanam was celebrated very grandly and superbly by our Lord Hanuman Mathaji. As our panditji explanation was excellent in telugu. Panditji s glaring voice and d tone of d mantra was lingering to our ears. Our mind and body was very attantive to listen his bakthi words on explaining about Suvarchala and how she came to this world and whose daughter she was. His Kalyana bhajan song was too good. I thank Mathaji and d credit goes to Mathaji for bringing to d world and propaganding Hanuman Kalyanam with Suvarchala. Great going Amma. My Pranams to the lotus feet of Mathaji and I also beg blessings from u Amma. Jai Anjaneya Veera.

Durga Bavani Seva Samithi Ramayana Mahamala Rathnamyna Hanumanthudu Neswardha Sevaku, Bhakthiki,ShakthiKi Nammakaniki Prathika. Vayudhevuni Amshatho Anjana Dheviki Puttina Hanumathudu Karma Yogiki Oka Tharkanamu. Sri Anjaneyam Prasannjaneyam..Vayu Putra! Namaste! Namo Namaha!” Ane Dhandakam Chadhivethe Sarvapapalu Nashistaie. E Peetham Dhwara Entha Goppa Karyam Chestunna Mathaji Ki Mariyu Hanumanu Swamulandhari Ki “DURGABHAVANI SEVASAMITHI NUNDI” Hanuman Jayanthi Shubhakankshalu.HARI OM TATSAT