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                         The most important character of Mahabharatha was Bheeshma. Bheeshma Pithamaha had the boon that ,he could die at the moment he desired to die [ Ischa  maranam ]. Bheeshma even though lying on his bed of arrows, waits for Uttharayana Punyakaalam and on Ekadasi, with Sri Krishna’s divine blessings and in the presence of Sri Krishna, reveals the most sacred, holy ,religious, divine dharma to Dharmaraja.This is SRI VISHNU SAHASRANAMAM.
                           Bheeshma was known for his good administration, service-mindedness,  great and noble personality, firmness of mind and clear actions. These invaluable qualities made him a super hero in Mahabharatha. He, life long kept up to the 2 promises he had made. So, he is also called ”the terrible promise maker”. Bheeshma was the other name for Dharma. Even Devathas having doubts on dharma, came to Bheeshma for clarification.
                            Approximately 5000 years before, Bheeshma was chosen by Sri Krishna to reveal and recite Vishnu Sahasranamam. The fruits of his good deeds committed in his previous birth, led him to recite Vishnu Sahasranamam. VISHNU SAHASRANAMAM  BIRTHDAY  is famously called  BHEESHMA  EKADASI.
                      To express the qualities of Bheeshma is not possible, because his experiences were greater and mightier. Though on the adharma side, to keep up to his promises, he was compelled to fight the Dharma yuddham. In spite of facing many difficulties, he did not give up his dharma. Finally, he merged with Sri Krishna.
                         Even though today’s society is full of adharma, try to follow the path of dharma as said in Bhagavath Gita. Have Bheeshma Pithamaha as your role model and follow dharma without giving it up. Never take the side of adharma. Follow the path of dharma in one hand and see the instant result in the other hand.  INSTANT RESULTS CAN BE SEEN IN THIS KALIYUGAM , EVEN IF IT IS ADHARMA.
            At this time we should remember a beautiful message said by Lord Anjaneya-“JEEVAN   BHADHRANI PASHYANTHI”,  “meaning  only if you are alive, we can experience good things”. Follow dharma, think before you act, gain knowledge and we can see the over all difference in ourselves i.e changing for the good. After this difference, our every step will be a Yogam . That is KARMA YOGAM. Like Hanuman said, follow the above  procedure and enjoy the fruits of your good deeds when you are alive.
On the occasion of BHEESHMA EKADASI on 3 – 2 – 12, friday evening , Sri Vishnu Sahasranama parayanam , sathsangam and bhajan  will be conducted at Sanjeevini Peetam. All are welcome.
Translated by : Priya Suresh{Sanjeevini peetam Active Member}