By | August 21, 2013

In this sacred birth as human being, my prosperous life span has completed 55 years. I don’t know how long this will continue. We cannot figure out from where we started, where to end, where to go , what is there. There is no answer for certain hidden truths of life. I am not in a illusion that I know everything. The game continues till we have this body.
I have enacted all roles in my life and experienced all the joys and sorrows to a maximum extent. During that period of time I procured the valuable spiritual wealth. This wealth cannot be grabbed from me. I feel proud to say that this treasure belongs to me only.This gives me an immense self-confidence and self-satisfaction. Until my last breath, I will strive for “TREASURE OF PUNYAM’(credit of good virtues). As far as possible, I will try to share this valuable treasure. Because,
According to Bhagwadgita words (uvacha) ; ‘ WEALTH GROWS- IF CONCEALED — PUNYA RISES- IF DISTRIBUTED’
I always recite one Mantra. I performed this Mantra as Vratam (pooja) for few days. After that for several years , I decided it as yagnam. This yagnam has turned out as Yaagam. Ultimately I believe that Yaagam will be transformed as YOGAM.
Therefore, ‘The Mantra I Recite’ = “ GOOD WORD”