DATTATREYA JAYANTI 27-12-2012 (Telugu & English)

By | December 27, 2012

 Sri Dattatreya Jayanthi (English)


1. To the couple Anasuyadevi and sage Atri was born Sri Dattatreya, who was an incarnation of the Trimurtis – Bramha, Vishnu and Maheshwara.

2. Sri Dattatreya was the one who saw Paramathma and Guru in all things present in Nature.

3. A dog for what reason has taken this birth, informing everybody regarding its life, how a human being should live to secure a more superior human birth in his next birth – the way for all this was shown by Sri Dattatreya.

4. Sri Dattatreya was the one who showed that even in a dog there is Paramathma. Sri Dattatreya showed us the way to understand how much of importance is given to animals, birds, trees in our Hindu culture.

5. On this day – 27-12-2012, giving food to a dog by us is enough. We will receive Sri Dattatreya Swami’s blessings and Anugraham. We will utilise this opportunity.

With constant thinking about Hanuman
Your’s Mathaji.