Hanuman Deeksha (English)

By | March 16, 2012

Hanuman Deeksha 2017

Deeksha Starting  date :  11-4-2017 @ Sanjeevini Peetam…Chennai
Viramana date : 21-5-2017 (Hanuman Jayanthi ) @ Yerikatha Hanuman Sannidi, Kancheepuram

Lord Hanuman is Chiranjeevi, meaning He is very much living on this earth even today, constantly watching us, always with us and beside us. We are indeed lucky ( bhaghyasali). Even though many of us know this fact, we still don’t know exactly how i.e. we still don’t know the way to search for the Lord and locate His presence. So,a 40 day ( mandalam ) DEEKSHA will help us to constantly remember Him every minute, there by getting us more affectionate and closer to Him, making it definitely possible for us to locate His presence.

Only for devotees who follow this DEEKSHA, their samskaram ( character ) will improve doubly . We will become big hearted, broad minded, mentally mature and get clarity in differentiating between do’s and don’ts, good and bad. This is said because, when we undertake Deeksha, Lord Hanuman is always next to us, guiding us in the correct way. When we follow Deeksha with this intention, committing mistakes is impossible. Wearing saffron dress or applying sindooram is not Deeksha. We should not dislike anybody. We should not give others an opportunity to blame or abuse us in any way. This is Deeksha. Observe Lord Prasanna Anjaneya Swamy everyday for 10 minutes from head to toe and toe to head. This is Deeksha. Share the vibrations, feelings and experience you get after observing the Lord with others. This is Pooja. Following this type of Deeksha is more than enough. Definitely the Lord will be happy, delighted and give us darshan. We too can identify Him. We get enlightened ( gnanam ) by following this type of Deeksha, which has some meaning.

The oath ( promise ) undertaken by all of us to follow this Deeksha, will definitely be helpful for the society. Character and Deeksha go hand in hand. Character plays a very important role for a person wanting to take up Deeksha. Before taking Deeksha, there should be some amount of samskar ( good character ) in a person. Only then he is eligible to take up Deeksha. Changes in one’s character can be introduced by themselves at least a few days before undertaking up Deeksha and should definitely continue life long even after the Deeksha period is over. Disciplined life for 40 days and fear for God will 100% bring about changes in a person’s character wanting to take up Deeksha, without allowing him to commit any furthur mistakes lifelong. Any person wanting to wear Deeksha mala should have his character restructured, if necessary, thereby not giving others a chance to pinpoint at him.

Is it not ?

If changes for the good are not introduced, all these rules and regulations for Deeksha and taking up repeated yearly mandala Deeksha are of no use. It has no value. Like it is said” only a pure cloth will accept any colour dye when added to it”. Identifing Hanuman devotees is difficult. Seeing anybody with Hanuman Deeksha is more difficult. I say this because, Hanuman is an embodiment of divine qualities like uniqueness, goodness, skillful speaking, humbleness, politeness, knowledge, understanding, genius. On the whole He is known for His sterling character.
The above said qualities can be observed in a person who takes up Deeksha, making him eligible for Deeksha. Hanuman Himself looks for all these characters in a person who undertakes Deeksha. There are not too many people with all these characters. Hanuman waits to give anugraham to such people.

We would have committed a number of mistakes which is considered our Poorva Janma Karma phalam. The day we get closer or nearer to Hanuman, from that minute itself we feel slightly relaxed. After we have experienced our Prarabhdha karma, never start committing papams again. Start accumilating more of punyam. We can observe changes in us once our papams decreases and punyam increases. Once this stage is reached, we start thinking more intelligently. Wait for this minute and you will be considered eligible for Deeksha.

On the whole this is what i want to say –”In Bhagavath Gita, 12th chapter, like Sri Krishna says –start developing Adhveshta qualities i.e develop qualities where atleast 10 people will start appreciating you”. THIS IS DEEKSHA. This type of Adhveshta Deeksha though difficult, if practised for 1 mandalam is enough and very much appreciable. Our janma becomes fulfilled and more superior.
This type of Deeksha will surely continue lifelong, making you a role model, a real Hanuman devotee and appreciated by many .
Hanuman is a God who comes to you when you call Him. Call Him during this Deeksha period, He will 100% come to your house directly. Believe me i promise you. This is possible. He is watching everything ( including what i am writing ). Definitely He will give Anugraham. Try calling Him .


At Sanjeevini Peetam , on 6.4.2012, on pournami ,Deeksha begins .

1. Deeksha kankanam
2. Deeksha mala
3. Deeksha vastram
4. Deeksha mantram
5. Deeksha Aashirvadam

All these 5 will be given to persons taking Deeksha. After mandala deeksha ( 40 days ), on Hanuman Jayanthi day Pushpa Yagam will be conducted at Sanjeevini Peetam and special pooja for Deeksha persons will be performed and important items liked by Swami– coconut, bananas, cow ghee, sindooram, harathi karpooram, Thulasi dhalam– all these items will be tied in a orange cloth ( kashaya vastram ) into an irumudi and placed on the head. All of us together will leave for Tirumala, have darshan of Lord Govinda and then go to Hanuman’s birth place Jabali Hanumath kshetram and conclude our Deeksha.

1. People wanting to take up Deeksha, contact previously.
2. Interested people who live in distant places, contact us for details.
3. Full details regarding Deeksha programme will be given shortly.

2017  Hanuman  Deeksha Praramba date  11-4-2017 @ Peetam

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