By | January 9, 2013


The SUN is the Prathyaksha Daivam. The movement of the Sun from one zodiac sign into another Zodiac sign is called “SANKRAMANAM”. The Transition during Uttarayanam days is very auspicious especially when the Sun moves to Makara Rasi from Dhanu Rasi, this Transition is known as Makara Sankranti. Makara Sankranti – From that day onwards i.e. during Uttarayanam days the Holy Entrance (Swarga Dwaram) is kept open. The MakraSankranti is celebrated in a grand manner for Four days .

 First Day Bhogi Festival (13-1-2013):

On this day we should see the moon by 4.00 A.M., and then we should lit the Bhogi fire only with old and unwanted things which is a symbol of getting rid of all negativities and beginning of an era of righteous living. During this occasion we should realize that all our bad deeds and thoughts are leaving us, then only we will realize the importance of this celebration and enjoy this festival.

After seeing the Moon in the Evening, the CHILDREN should be made to sit in the middle of the house and Bhogi showered on the children head with fruit called “Regi Pandlu”, that is the Indian jujube fruit. The colour, shape and name of the Sun is known as jujube. The jujube fruits, coins, flowers and Akshinthalu should be showered on the head of the children and they should be blessed by elders for a Healthy and a Prosperous life. It is believed that by doing this we would protect the children from evil eye and the children will get the blessings of Sun God. Thambulam should be given to at least ten members and Satsangam should be done.

Second Day –Sankranti (14-1-2013):

The Transition of SUN to Makara Rasi takes place at 12.09 in the afternoon and this is known as “SANKRAMANAMU” time and the same has been handed over to us by our ancestors. During this occasion we should recall or remember our elders and get their blessings and begin our celebrations as per our family tradition. I am not sure whether you have any belief or believe conducting these festivals. Belief or Believe may keep changing but DHARMAM alone will not change. Celebrating the function as said above is the HINDU tradition. Auspicious Time i.e. “Sankramana punya Kaalam” or the Sacred Time is between 11.30 A.M. and 6.00 P.M. During this time all the members of the Family should sit together and discuss about spiritual matters. By doing this it we will attain Good Thoughts and thereby we will be doing Good Deeds. The spiritual discussion will help us to achieve our goals.

The people who do not believe in spirituality their mind itself will be their enemy. To over come this we should keep our mind as our friend and convince and give good guidance to the mind. By performing the celebrations with our family members it will enhance our Prosperity.

Third Day – Kanuma Festival (15-1-2013):

During this day the GOMATHA (Cow) should be worshipped. According to the individuals Rasi, Dhanayam i.e. Nava Dhanyam should be kept in water on the previous day and it should be fed to the GOMATHA (COW) during the day. This will help definitely help us to attain  NAKSHTHRA  SANTHI and the blessings of GOMATHA.

 Fourth Day – Mukkanuma (KITE FESTIVAL) (16-1-2013):

During this day all people will fly kites. This is symbol that our life is like a Flying Kite, which is controlled by the SUTHRADARI. The flying kite may cut at any time, similarly our life may also come to an end at any time which we do not know. Therefore we should lead a NOBLE  and Good life. On this occasion, we should celebrate it with friends and relatives and maintain good environment.  At this occasion shall all of us take a motto “Doing good Deeds”.  I am constantly doing Good Deeds.

Your’s Mathaji