Mathaji’s Birthday Talk {10-8-2012} (English)

By | August 6, 2012
Previously they said, ladies are not supposed to worship Anjaneya . Later they said, it is because of this that Mathaji had to undergo lot of difficulties . After this they said, spending lots of money and undergoing lots of difficulty, why are they doing this ? A few days before they said, their children too were troubled and made to involve spiritually.But it is only now that they are saying, we too  will join Sanjeevini Peetam and definitely get peace of mind.
Never conduct yourself in a way, where you have to bow your head in front of the entire world . Bowing your head will definitely bend you down. It will destroy your growth . But as a lady , if your actions have to be good, lots of difficulties have to be faced. Many sleepless nights had to be crossed over . Only if you have patience and tolerance, you can swim against the tide in your life. I learnt all this from my Guru — Bhagavat Gita.
In my lone battle, my Guru was my only support. After that, my Aradhya Deivam – Anjaneya Swamy. Sri Ram Jai Ram   Jai Jai Ram Sita Ram   Jaya Radhae Shyam ! – after calling Him this way , Swamy sits in front of me. I do parayanam of Hanuman Chalisa which is like a Bramhasthram and tie Him up with love and affection.
Understanding the meaning and singing Hanuman Chalisa, makes Hanuman extremely happy. When i have recited Hanuman Chalisa this way,  1 lakh times, will He not give me whatever i ask for ?  Whatever i  say will it not happen ?
Self centered pooja is disliked by Swamy, generosity is extremely liked by Swamy. It is this boldness which pushed me forward and helped me keep my step. I do what ever i can do to my capacity. I would like to say one important thing ………
Anjaneya Swamy has been there before my birth itself. Even if i will not be there, He will be there. Swamy is only a proof. He will always help the good and the pure souls. There is no doubt about this. Till now, i have completed 54 years. Furthur, how many more years, i do not know. This unknown number of years, in my view is God. The remaining years is God. These nectar like years have to be carefully utilised. What is remaining has to be used correctly.
We should prove ourselves to be good guides for the next generation. We should earn lots of punyam for our next birth. This earned punyam has to be saved and carefully preserved. Never waste it. Commiting sins will reduce our saved punyam . So, don’t waste time.
Manthram is a good topic. Talking about such similar good topics is Vratham. Thinking of doing similar vrathams life long is a yagnam, a yagam and a yogam. What we are doing is the same thing. For this, my Ishta Deivam Anjaneya Swamy is there to support us. My Guru, Bhagavat Gita’s blessings will always be a strong support.
All devotees coming to Sanjeevini Peetam with complete faith and belief will definitely get peace of mind. You will receive Hanuman’s blessings and grace.All of you recite Hanuman Chalisa knowing the correct meaning, implementing its way, utilising time and life usefully. With this hope —-
Your’s Mathaji.
PROGRAMME :  SRI  KRISHNA JAYANTHI   AND Mathaji Birthday celebrations  10-8-2012
Santhi pooja for the past years.
Mathaji on her completion of 54 years on 10.8.2012, will distribute sarees to 54 ladies.
Saree distribution at 10a.m at Sanjeevini Peetam,  BHAGAVATH GEETHA  Parayana , Rama bhajans, Hanuman Chalisa parayanam and discussions on spiritual topics with devotees will take place. Prasadam distribution after this.
All are welcome.