Mathaji’s Guidance

By | December 14, 2011


Hanuman Jayanthi Clarification

                 There have been lots of doubts in the minds of people regarding the exact date of Hanuman Jayanthi.I would like to clear their doubts with this information–Tamilians celebrate Hanuman Jayanthi on dec 24th and 25th[on amavasya] and they say Hanumans star is Moolam,where as North Indians celebrate in the month of april [on pournami] .But, I in particular take reference from Parasara Samhitha-Sri Anjaneya Charitra and celebrate Hanuman Jayanthi on Vaisaka Bahula Dasami-Poorvabhadra Nakshatra.
                 In my view,everyday is Hanuman Jayanthi.I say this because,i lead my life in a disciplined way,enjoying each day without any difference.This is the way my life is.
                 Human life is very short.It has to be an enjoyable and fruitful life without giving room for any kind of doubts.Because doubts start overpowering our lives.So,utilise life in the correct way,maintain a balanced diet and stay healthy.
                 Lord Hanuman is my Aaradhya Deivam.Meditate on him every minute,lead your life like he likes,practise whatever he has said and enjoy life.Then,everyday will be Hanuman Jayanthi.