OATH (Promise) Our Motto : Hanuman Consciousness & Bhagavath Geetha Awareness 22-03-2012

By | March 19, 2012

OATH (Promise) Our Motto : Hanuman Consciousness & Bhagavath Geetha Awareness

  1.  Read, understand and practise Bhagavath Gita in our daily life.
  2. Always eat balanced food.
  3. Make it a habit to either practise yoga or exercises daily.
  4. Learn only good things from the society, avoid bad things .
  5. Save our environment, animals, birds and grow more plants. Cultivate these good habits.
  6. We should change our ways according to global warming .
  7. Perform namaskaram 5 times to our daily live Sun God. It is good to know about our Hindu culture.
  8. Know about all our festivals in detail.
  9. Use less of cell phone.
  10. Time is precious. Time once lost never comes back again. Use it correctly.
  11. Choose friends who are good like us. Bad company is dangerous.
  12.  Try having sathsang atleast weekly once.
  13. Bhagavan has given the 6th sense only to Man. Utilise this correctly.
  14. As far as possible discuss the entire days happenings with your family and then go to bed.
  15. My vision is to utilize the growing technology for goodness of mankind. This enthralls the present Yuga than Threthayuga. Let us join collectively and make it focused. My aspiration is Global prosperity and peace in universe.
  16. “Nee Paada Kamala Sevayu,
    Nee Paadaarchakula todi Neyyamunu
    Nitantaapaara Bhuta Dayayu,
    Thaapasa mandara Naaku daya seyagade”

(Meaning. Worship at the lotus feet of the Lord. b. Friendship with worshipers of the Lord’s feet and c. Eternal and boundless love for all living beings Could there be riches greater than these three blessings? )

– I take this oath to cultivate few or atleast one of these good habits.

Yours Hanuman Mathaji