By | January 6, 2012
Devotees who are interested in starting this TUESDAY POOJA may follow the following procedure.  I, out of  my own experience since many years,have been and is still  following this procedure.  I have gained tremendous happiness and is sure this happiness will reach you also once this pooja is done with perfection ,devotion and  dedication.

1. This pooja can be done for either 11,40,108,1008 weeks depending on your capability, strength and determination.

2. On a Tuesday,definitely take head bath,clean the entire house,dress up like a typical sumangali-hair plaited [no loose hair ]  with flowers ,keep kumkum ,wear bangles ,apply turmeric for your feet   [ decently covered]. This pooja can be performed by  all people.Place either 108 fruits ,108 betel leaves, 108 flowers ,108 Akshatha and perform Ashtotharam. For Naivedyam- 5  bananas.Hanuman chalisa to be recited.Perform Harathi for the Lord and give Thamboolam. A lady has to give Thamboolam to a lady and men to men.

3. The most important rule to be followed- to your level best do not tell lies,do not quarrel with anybody,speak good words,participate  in or organise a satsang.Following these rules in this present society is quite difficult,so keep aloof as far as possible.

4. Have limited sathvika Aharam [easily digestible food ], 3 times.

5.The most important point-at least tell one person the greatness of Lord Hanuman and give him assurance that you will be there to guide him correctly at any circumstance.


I have been following all the above mentioned instructions perfectly for all these years.Try following this for atleast 5 weeks and you will automatically gain confidence to proceed.
My heart filled blessings for the devotees who have made a beginning and who are going to begin.